And welcome to the first Solar Eclipse of 2015! This one is a MASSIVE MOVEMENT forward BECAUSE it is in the very last degree of Pisces, which is the culmination point of what Pisces is all about. This is also known as an Aries Point, which ushers us into the Spring Equinox, and brings even more attention to this Solar Eclipse.  Everything about March 20th is 1000 times more powerful than most days of this year.

Now I wanted you all to know that a few days ago I delved a little into some fear based and shadowy messages about this time in history through some videos on youtube. What I saw put such a fearful weight into my gut, even though I know it was not reality and not what is really going on at this point in time.  It was the false interpretation of what the Earth Changes and uprising of violence coming to our awareness really means. It was the fear based interpretation and the one that is based on the old paradigm of how the world runs.

What we need to realize is that we are currently JUST taking our first steps into the New Earth Ways. It is JUST HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. And what this means is that the Old is still here and functioning as the majority, but NOW people, and mostly women, are coming forward to ground down the path that millions of others will be following in the next few years.

And I could go on and explain why things feel so extreme and frightening and violent, and will at a later time, but right now what you all need to know is that it is a huge responsibility to be a leader in this energy.  It is going to take everything from us, the ones who are signing up to hold the New Vibrations.  BUT you are THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE in this new unfoldment. We are coming together and focusing our energy into the HOPE VIBE and into things that see that, yes, we are in times that feel like winter and where things are ending, but this is clearing the slate for the NEW to take root. We MUST face all the nasty and dark expressions of what it is like to be human in order to then create a new vision.

Symptoms of this energy:

  • Feeling VERY emotional and fragile.  Wanting to just cry, cry, cry at how scary it is and how not safe things feel.


  • Stepping out of the VICTIM MENTALITY. This one is leaving us fully, which means many people will really dig into things like POOR ME and how hard things have always been for ME!  We are waking to the power that we have FULL CONTROL of our lives and with what we manifest into them. If you are in this hot seat right now, try to find a way to see yourself as a survivor, a warrior, and someone who is ready to rise above a life of misfortune and sad situations.  Try to not keep looking into your past and blaming others for how your life has unfolded.  Try to take responsibility for what you have done, said and put out there and create a new story in your mind. Yes, maybe you have made tons of wrong moves, but decide right now to learn from them and to do it differently from here on out.  Nothing changes until YOU CHANGE.


  • You may want to go into the lower vibrating aspects of Pisces and want to run and hide from what you really need to see. Open your eyes! Hiding or running from reality does nothing good for us. You may have old habits that have you escaping through alcohol, sex, drugs, cigarettes or merely just putting up blinders and saying that everything is just way too painful to look at. We NEED you to look at things! We need you to empathize so as to bring understanding and healing to this planet.

I promise you all that WE WILL BE OKAY!  We have the full power to heal this planet and its peoples and it all starts with US, with each one of us making the changes so that we can be more present with our energy and with our thoughts!

We must hold the hope and we must trust that the end of this story has not been told yet.  We are changing the world, each one of us, when we choose to face things and hold the LOVE in our hearts. When we fight and shut down or run away, we add to the old paradigm energy.

The strong warriors of the New Age move forward, eagerly facing all lessons on the path.  And these strong warriors must come together to multiply the energy. If this means you must separate from those who are holding the old fear based energy, then do it now.  You are not doing anyone a service by diminishing your light and power by being around those that put you down or question you or have you holding back the truth of what you know to be true.

Now OF COURSE I had the MOST PERFECT MOVIE drop into my path 2 days ago and I want you all to watch this! Hey, I take 10 hours to write these readings for you, so I want you all to take the time to watch this amazing, life-changing movie!

This is how we heal this planet of ours and we MUST ENGAGE because we are toe to toe with the fear and it is threatened by how beautiful and full of light and hope WE ARE. We are threatening to people of fear but that doesn’t mean we pull back and give up, right? FUCK NO!  We fucking move forward and we do everything in our power to HOLD STEADY with the love.

We are so much more powerful than people who are old paradigm rigid, judgmental, and fear based. And we are to smother them with the love vibe because they can know love too! Its just that they are too attached to the fear and do not know that there is another way.

SO move forward, way showers. It is about to get heavy duty, but also magical beyond belief. The ones who are holding the love, through and through, are about to have the most magical manifestations drop into their lives. LIKE DREAM COME TRUE.

So move forward in that direction! DO NOT GIVE UP! We are in this together and we are the Aquarius Nation TRIBE of love.  We are badass to the core, and more powerful than any other humans on this planet. OWN IT.  Look into the mirror and say:  “I am powerful and strong. I am perfect just as I am. I am making a difference. I commit to my Souls Purpose to be a pioneer bringing in the New Earth”


And now for the reading that is in the Cosmic Collective Calendar that is the collaboration project with myself, KV, Jo Klima of The Darling Tree and Sarah Wilder of The Fifth Element Life.

Solar Eclipse in Pisces: You are experiencing a heart opening through leaving the space of ONLY ME as you are really thinking about how your actions are affecting others. This energy will pull you back into your past with seeing what you would like to change in order to create a NEW PATH that is more in alignment with your Souls Purpose Work. Forgiveness and Patience are the KEYS!  Forgive them for not being as perfect as you needed them to be.

How about that right! If you had the Cosmic Collective Calendar you would have been in the KNOW of this hotbed energy since the New Year. Reason to get our next Calendar next year, right?

Okay my sweet loves! I have so much more to say and really need to put out a couple big articles on this new energy but for now that is your bite size piece of wisdom!  Please pass this along to anyone you know who may benefit. We must spread this energy! We must spread this hope!

Watch the Solar Eclipse in Pisces Video

KV and the aquarius nation collective
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Pisces Horoscope Image

This time is calling for a healing! You will be transforming and letting go of something that is UBER heavy duty.  And you will be needing to come forward and share something that deals with you having to stand up and be seen, or to make it clear that THIS IS WHO I AM.  This may be something that was held back, or that was unclear, or where you couldn’t come up with the words to really express what you were feeling. And now something erupts and BURSTS forward that forces you to raise your voice or say something that breaks through the darkness. Now, I do feel a bit of a storm from this, but there is also light on the horizon that comes soon after. All the energies are saying BE TRUE TO YOU and no more of the hiding or escaping or denying what is clearly there.  There may have been the normal habit to bury your head in the sand, and that is not what you are supposed to do! You are actually SUPPOSED to make a stink! You are supposed to be like the Aries right now and to think of YOU first. And by that I mean, that YOU have a right to be heard and YOU have a right to share your opinion and YOU have a right to draw boundaries or to say when something just doesn’t feel okay.  You can expect that the next 6 months will be offering you many an opportunity to SHOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE. You are not allowed to hide or try to pretend you are something that others want you to be. You do what feels good for YOU. And that is that. Also there will be many communications with others that may either be very tangled and polarized, but there will also be ones that are like meeting something who is the love of your life.  There are some that are in total harmony and magically connected, and others that feel like oil and water. Since we are in such a time of going to the gut to feel our way through life, know that you are only to go towards the connections that are as sweet as honey. The ones that are like spicy hot sauce or bitters can be let go of at this time.  Go towards what makes the space for you to be who you really are. No more games. No more faking. No more living for others first.  We need you to shine. We need to you feel comfortable in your skin. We need you to be the TRUE BEAUTIFUL MERMAID, YOU, because we have some work to do to heal this planet and its peoples and it is YOUR vibration of compassion for all that is the basic cord of what others will be learning too.  Time to lead the way.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

You are being called to state your values in some way that may be causing some friction or discomfort.  It feels that for most people there will be the clashing of wills with others, with two opposing forces smashing together in the middle and this may even be inside your mind!  But I see this as flashing white light, so there is also something to it that is actually opening you to valuing yourself more, through the actual standing up and stating of your boundaries.  This may not be something that ends in understanding and harmony, but that is not actually the point right now. You instead are being asked to state what you will or will not accept, or do or do not really need to do.  You are just being asked to be clear on where you stand and not to cave or give in to others pressure.  Through some sort of learning lesson with partners, or family, or someone that knows you well, you will start to hold yourself higher because you bravely came forward and spoke clearly about how this made you feel or how this affected you. It may have been clearing the air from something childhood related.  It may have also been about forgiving someone and realizing that we are all just doing the best that we can. The good news is that when you can move through that drama, you are going to come to a pretty sweet space of heightened creativity. Its almost like you have been traveling on this journey with this huge backpack of bricks, and you standing up and clearing the air in regards to honoring yourself, is taking this big heavy karmic weight off your shoulders. Before you were more focused on the extra weight and how you could feel it was slowing you down, but with it off, you will think more about creative ideas and your energy will be freed up to imagine more bountiful ways to enjoy life and share what you love to do.  The next 6 months are going to be very much about IDEAS and NEW CREATIONS where your mind is going to be FERTILE. You may even be coming out of a hermit space where you are more open to being around others and something about that renews you and gives you a new passion to get out there and show the world what you are made of, which is solid gold, so you know.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

Oh baby!  What do you say you make the space to dream not a little dream but a HUGE dream!  I feel this reading as a sigh of relief where something shifts from the ground up… almost like you were sitting on the edge of a bench and it had you partially feeling safe and secure, but still a bit uncomfortable because you were only sitting half on the seat.  And something has shifted. Something has happened. And now you have the whole bench to yourself where you are feeling safe and secure and this is making such a difference in how you are freeing up your energy to DREAM of big things to come, instead of focusing on the discomfort of sitting on the edge of a bench. Its like you were focused on something in this moment and it really did keep you from looking up to the big picture and opening to what is really possible OUT THERE.  But now your eyes are UP!  And this almost feels like a dream or something from long held ago that is finally clicking together and it is also something creative based or it is something that builds your confidence in showing that you ARE doing important work. This chart is showing that you are being seen and that you will actually feel quite at home with that!  The next 6 months are focused on sharing messages or creations and also making changes within the home that just ultimately have you feeling so much more safe in this world and in the grand scene of things. Although things are expanding out in the world for you, it feels like you are grounding more down in at home. I fully see that you are growing into the tree!  And the more you relax into feeling comfortable on that bench that now is ALL YOURS, the more you will open your energy to really welcoming in some attention and big time miracles out in the world!  I totally feel “eeeeeeeee!!” for you!

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

So much seems to be changing on the home front and with the basic core of your roots and this can have you seriously feeling out of sorts and starting to question when this all changed! What happened?  When did everything get so serious and feel so heavy duty, right?  Well, first off remember that when Saturn visits our sign, everything changes for us. And this only happens every 28 years, but it tends to bring a heaviness to our lives and the feeling of wanting to go back to the old days when things were more carefree and lighthearted. This is a schooling time for you where you will be tested every step of the way. Just know that we all go through these transits and it is a part of the work we do in order to move up to higher steps in life.  The older we are, the more potential to really grow in leaps and bounds from this transit. So if you are in your 40’s and beyond, this time can end up feeling like a dream come true. So just know that boot camp in your life for a while.  There are many more responsibilities that are coming into your life that will demand more of your spare time.  Now what is great is that you may be working on a creative project that takes a lot of time to put together and this will be sort of a meditative space for you right now. This will help you escape, in a way, and to focus on bigger picture things.  You may even be doing something that is like traveling or stepping out of your comfortable home space and this will rejuvenate you and inspire you to create something new.  This also feels like you are working on something that is part of a long schooling, or at least is using the gifts that you have learned over the past 10 or so years of your life.  This feels like you are stepping into a new expression that is based on what you already know and may have had an interest in for as long as you can remember.  Your recent past may have been a path of great joy, but it is something BEFORE THAT where clues to what you are now creating can be found.  This also feels like your GIFT and not just something that is an interest or an idea you have to make money.  This feels like it is from long ago and now is making more sense as a path that is something that you have always loved to do.  This may be something too that is about offering something that makes others lives more comfortable.  It is almost organizational and helps to create a more solid foundation in life.  Use the next 6 months to create and develop something. This is not a quick, get it out there now sort of thing. This is like a slow cooking stew that becomes more valuable as the months pass. This is like organizing a community garden and doing all the work from finding the space to actually growing the vegetables.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

Do not worry, love! There are mounting details that seem to have mysterious endings or ways that they can play out, but you are just being called to BE IN THIS MOMENT NOW and trust that the best thing is always coming your way WHEN you hold that love vibe in your heart. Over the next 6 months you are being asked to LEAVE the judgmental space where you want to hurt others or put them down or put them in their place. You are to transform all thoughts to love and forgiveness and compassion for all. You are in a powerful space where your words will bring healing to all that surround you. And honestly you can manifest a life that feels like it would be the envy of all, if only you can trust every single situation that drops into your lap. Look at the next 6 months as a relay race, where you just have to face whatever lessons come up, but where you are so in the moment and doing whatever you can so that you can get to the next level.  Do not focus on labeling anything as bad or negative and instead go into that mind space that is just doing whatever work comes your way. If you are called to move through a tunnel, then move through it. If next you are called to climb a foot rope to get over this bar to the other side, then get to climbing. If next, you have to walk over hot coals, then position your thoughts on KNOWING you can do this and walk forward. Look at everything as a crucial test to move you ahead and interpret it as  nothing more or nothing less. Don’t be fearsome. Don’t think you will get anything wrong. Don’t thing that you will make a wrong move.  Expect that your work environment will change over the next 6 months in some way but that it is all about uniting you with people who are YOUR peoples. This feels like family and hardcore connecting.  There also seems to be the element of magick, so it may be that you only need to think about how you want something to expand and change and it just DOES as the universe guides you to these perfect peoples.  When you are in this new space that has these people around who are very much on your same vibration and working for the same goals, then you may be one of the leaders who really comes up with the ways to expand and grow even larger. I feel you know all this information, but it is when you join with YOUR TRIBE that you really hook up to spirit and bring through some ingenious ways to grow out in the world.  Your future looks bright, sweet love, and all of it is determined by your thoughts RIGHT NOW.  Worrying is not allowed! Hopefulness of good things to come is the only way for you to be.  I am peaking into your future and I see rainbows and waterfalls… so trust me on this and dream a little dream for however long it takes to catch up to you.

Libra Horoscope Image

You may be noticing that you are coming out of your comfort zone and really expressing yourself in ways that before you would tend to keep on the down low. There is a NEW YOU coming forward and honestly this beautiful new creation is based on how you are changing within your mind.  You may have had tendencies to doubt yourself or to worry too much about how life should be unfolding, and now there is a sort of freedom blowing through there and you will feel more patient and accepting of whatever life seems to throw your way. There may also have been opportunities for you to need to forgive others where you may have felt very judgmental and frustrated by their actions.  Something is actually washing over you where you just sort of surrender and trust that it will work itself out in its own good time.  You also are more allowing others to be who they need to be and not to try to convince them or mold them into what you believe is what they should be doing.   Being with friends or joining in any groups will always be very grounding at this time!  You are just in a really long cycle of understanding more of who you are through the people in your life and since there is such high probability of things SHOCKING you into seeing things about yourself, it is wise to have a solid support group of people who anchor you down when you start to feel like it is all too much to handle.  The next 6 months will for sure provide you with many an opportunity to learn more about who you are so that you can rise with more of  a powerful backbone out in the world. This is also like a separation time where you are stepping out of the WE factor and feeling more independent within the couple element. This may also be that you are needing to let go of the situations others are going through in order to allow them to figure their own way out of the tunnel. This feels like you will be moving to more of a supportive and encouraging role, instead of trying to save or take on the pressures of others.  Focus on what YOU NEED TO DO and make that the priority. The rest will all fall into place in such a beautiful way when you do!

Virgo Horoscope Image

You are on to something!! This is a time in your life when you have really passed some tests with others.  There has been much going on in the arena of you sharing space with others and what has come forth is that you have had to use your voice to speak your truth and state your boundaries and clearly state your needs.  Yes, it is true that maybe you have been a bit irrational and out the blue and shocking with what has come out of you, but you needed it to be this way.  Expect that the angst can lesson now. You just have held on to playing nice or abiding by the rules or laying low for too long and this had you bursting at the seams when this energy came through!  You now can snap back into shape and be a bit more level headed!  You are also on the cusp of entering into a hugely healing space that was birthed FROM the experiences or frustrations you were feeling with others.  That all was surface level material and now you will plunge more deeply into patterns from your past that possibly created the way you see the world now or with what you allow into your life.  There is a new strength building in the Virgo and this will grow even more powerful over the next 6 months.  Things are lining up in your life in ways that are showcasing your worth.   Money is to be made through things that relate to your natural gifts.  There is a creative flavor to this where you are doing work that almost feels like déjà vu, where when you are in the act of creation, you may have these etheric feelings that have you feeling like you have done this before or you were BORN to be doing this work.  This feels almost like puzzle pieces finally finding their way home. Ah-ha! It is this!  This is MY THING!  This also feels like oasis land, as in you have been walking in the desert for quite some time and hoping for something magical to arrive, yet only seeing miles of tan land for quite some time. But now! There is something up ahead! And you are not officially there yet, so you are sort of doubting that this is real or an illusion but I am here to tell you that IT IS REAL!!!  If you have the strength, RUN.  The next 6 months are going to take you to the limelight and this all comes about from you owning that you are as gifted as you know you are and that you have important things to share with the world. So own it, love.  Know it in every cell of your body…. there IS an oasis just up ahead.

Leo Horoscope Image

Oh this feels GREAT!! You are coming out of a shadowy, sensitive space and where you may have been feeling like things were way too intense and way too  full of drama, and finally insight is coming. This feels like you are gaining that summit vision, or that Eagle vision, where you are finally rounding the last turn and can see the top of the mountain and are now infused with energy like you haven’t felt in so long, and now you want to run and do cartwheels the rest of the way up!  Things are making sense now. The obstacles suddenly totally feel valid and worth it all.   This feels like something where you have been putting the puzzle pieces together based on no light being on and just feeling your way through things step by step and now the lights are coming on and you are like OH MY GOSH!!! This is SO beautiful!! You should also be feeling proud of yourself for what you have accomplished and manifested into your life.  Good things are coming, my love!  I see that proud lion standing much more erect and all laddy da.  I see you blinding us with that big toothy grin!  Understand too that so much of what is going to TUMBLE your way over the next 6 months is all because of what you have been dreaming is possible. Now this does not mean it has come to pass just yet, but these are dreams you have held in your heart and now the universe is saying IT IS TIME.  Speak in ways that say THIS ALL MAKES SENSE and THIS IS ALL FOR THE GOOD.  Know too that this is like a hardcore workout program where you are with a trainer now and have much to work on, but you must hold the faith and know that every one of your positive efforts is adding up and will produce something over the next 6 months that has you feeling like the BOMB.  Depression is not allowed and will kill all your efforts. Self doubt is a waste of time.  Love the beauty that shines from within that gorgeous heart of yours. We love you!

Cancer Horoscope Image

Oh this is going to be such a great year for you! This chart is so much magick and all about bringing the element of the dream TO YOUR CAREER.  This Solar Eclipse is at the VERY TOP OF YOUR CHART!  It could not be any closer to exactly on top!  1000 times the power of the New Moon and you have it on the cusp of your 9th and 10th houses!  Yes, this means dream come true, so you know. You are in such a beautiful space to be generating more attention from the creative gifts you have and the ones that are just so innately built into you.  This is also showing money in big amounts so what you have done is finally going to be seen and you may just experience this sort of out of the blue, or sudden EXPLOSION of new sources of income coming your way.  Friends or being in groups are also going to be a source of this magic, so this may be something that relates to one person talking about you, and them mentioning it to another person who just so happens to have a hook up that inadvertently swings back your way and floods you with business or attention. This is also very much related to your past, so this tells me that you have held this dream, or made attempts before, or at least that this is something that has been on your mind for some time.  So know that you ARE on to something and you may see something lift you up into the spotlight instantly or it will unfold and blossom over the next few months. So hold the faith in your heart! And know that you are creating something that is valuable and will be in great demand.  A really important piece of this is that you keep your thoughts on feeling SO EXCITED for what you know is on the way.  Some of you Cancer loves will see things show up TODAY and some will see them over the next few months. But the bounty is on the way! Attention is on the way! Opportunities that grow like wild fires are on the way! So know that and sit there giddy like with Christmas how you have to wait but you don’t lose faith that it will happen. You know the gifts are coming and you just adjust to waiting. So adjust that now but KNOW goodies are SO ON THE WAY!!

Gemini Horoscope Image

The blossoming!  I see you really coming out of a shell and opening to so much more that is possible in your life THROUGH you accepting that you are a creative being who is fully in charge of manifesting a life through your own belief that you do have something special to offer the world.  There is a connection between how you are using your words and how you are shutting yourself down by feeling like you can’t really narrow down what is the best path for you. You are being asked to move the energy down to your gut and to really start feeling out life only through the feelings that come to you in your belly. I see Gemini as one of the most difficult signs to have as an imprinting because we are leaving the world that is so familiar for you! The mental space is going into the background, where the intuitive senses used to be. And now, the intuitive senses are taking the lead in the human beings. Now we are only encouraged to feel our way through situations, instead of trying to figure things out within our mental space. It is a fact that our minds can be our undoing, so it is important that we move out of that space.  Something is also already out there and you may need to now come through and bring some forgiveness and healing to it.  This feels like an elephant in the room sort of situation and now you need to come at it with your heart leading the way.  There is a solution to be found, but you just need to tweak it a bit and now come forward with your heart on your sleeve and THEN see how it unfolds.  You may also have to step back from needing to be right and really hear others out with that heart as the first layer.  Over the next 6 months if you can do EVERYTHING based on what FEELS right and what FEELS like the best thing to do and what FEELS like the path that is yours, then you will move those mountains.  You will find yourself in a whole new world by  September.  Don’t think about what others are doing or how they have done it. Create a new path built on what your gut tells you to do. With every move you make, first surrender and accept that your MIND cannot figure this out, and then move into a receptive mode where you ASK for the guidance on what to next do.  Synchronicity is your next 6 months HARDCORE. Everything will come in magical ways when you unplug your mind and open to the signs and the spontaneous feelings that wash over you.  You are to be guided to this new destination.  You are to be divinely inspired.  You are to be led there. Also know that friends or combining into groups is your golden ticket. That was my one clue for you.

Taurus Horoscope Image

This can be a time of really letting go of pressures out in the world. This is like saying that you will no longer be the slave to what others expect of you, or what pressures your mind puts on you, or how you feel you need to be in relation to what has been programmed into you.  This is a time of FUCK IT.  And honestly a big part of this may be coming from provocation from family, or from how others are coming at you and telling you how you are SUPPOSED to be a certain way and you are busting through that limitation and saying NO MORE. I see a box around you, with these sharp corners, that was comfortable as it had you feeling safe in knowing what you should do and when to do it. But now you are getting glimpses of another way to be that is just outside of the box. And you are realizing that this all relates to the power of your thoughts and how you really DON’T need to follow one set of rules to feel okay about who you are.  This is also coming as inspiration in your quiet moments, so it comes as a realization that shoots out of the blue, yet it feels like OF COURSE! It feels like YOU KNOW THIS ALREADY… but something formed you into a mold from childhood and you are only really now remembering who you are and what is really your right to do or be in the world. This feels to me like AQUARIUS is waking up in you and activating in you.  Its like you are stepping out of some mold and for the first time are feeling totally okay with that. This is also a separation of what you feel expected to do by others. And this means you very well may have a HUGE growth spurt over the next 6 months where you go beyond your limits hardcore.  I would say that you are to expect the unexpected this next half year and know that you being true to you is what is paving this brand new path where you will be showing your leadership skills and guiding others how to do the same.  You are bringing the vibration of being unique and true to what the heart wants you to do.

Aries Horoscope Image

You are being called to face something hidden and to bring it to the light RIGHT NOW. This may be addiction related or in regards to something that is being denied.  Compassion is the answer. Forgiveness is the way. Release this burden now because it is holding you back when the Universe is so ready to help you FLY!  This heavy weight is ready to go and it really is only going to take YOU saying, “Enough is enough!” Stand your ground and speak what needs to be said from your heart!  There is a new space unfolding around you that is encouraging you to go to greater heights with some of your dreams.  And as much love, forgiveness and compassion you put out there, is how far you will be able to go with new dreams.  There is  much coming your way when you are in the retreat and allowing the world to flow towards you. Yes, you are now at a point of moving forward, BUT where you will now go is all based on the slow down of the past month or so.  You are learning new skills that are not so much about moving forward at lighting speed, but instead envisioning where you would like to go and THEN taking the next steps.  You are learning a new way to be the Aries and it will still be FULL OF FORCE, but now it is force driven by the love you feel in your heart and the inspiration that comes from your gut. How beautiful! You can for sure be a huge guiding light for the world as you show another way for us all to make our dreams a reality.  Also know too that your life is really close to getting to the gateway where things seem to miraculously fall on your path that are aligned to help bring you and your wisdom more to the forefront. So know that you are in a deep schooling period that is about holding the faith as you climb this mountain. It is not about taking the escalator up, but instead getting very familiar with all the steps going that way. That journey is what you will in some way share with others. So, slow down and smell the flowers along the way! If you go into your old habits of RACE FORWARD, you will miss out on the wisdom to be learned and will get to the top with nothing to share! Think about that!!  These next 6 months are about slowing down and breathing and loving what you DO HAVE right now!  Appreciate the blessings that ARE in your life right now.