And here comes the other piece of the predictive description of what will be main themes in your life for the next 6 months. Understand that we have at least 4 Eclipses in a year, that occur in pairs, and are 2 weeks apart.

We had the Lunar Full Moon Eclipse 2 weeks ago and now we enter the Solar New Moon Eclipse.   One thing that I find fascinating in the Eclipse Predictive Stories is that it varies with whether the Full Moon or the New Moon occurs first. So sometimes the predictive story of our future begins with a DESIRE to expand and shoot for something new in our lives, with the falling away of what it will take to bring this growth, a few weeks later. And at other times, we first feel the need to let go of things and to see things falling away in order to open to a new view with new expansive ideas that come a few weeks later.

So what I mean by this is that sometimes we buy the new clothes, as inspiration,  before we go on the fitness plan and other times we start the fitness plan and LATER buy the clothes to fit our new in-shape bodies. And this Eclipse story is with us first starting the fitness plan, where we have all let go of relationships, homes, jobs, thought patterns, eating habits, and limited ideas of what we believe is truly possible for our life expression, over the past 60 days with not really knowing WHAT the new would bring and what all the let go would make the space for in our lives.

And if you have noticed personally in your life, when you buy the clothes FIRST, you rarely live up to what you had hoped you would accomplish. So this Eclipse is more powerful in our lives and for what we are to change and manifest over the next 6 months because we did the let go FIRST. So now we have this cleared out room and we have the opportunity to design to our minds delights.

This also can mean if you are still someone who needs answers or in the moment reasons for why things are happening, then this 2 week window could have had you feeling uncomfortable and labeling this time as difficult.  This is another reason why I am always going to work on expanding your perspective so that you can follow the path of TRUST, which doesn’t always know why things are happening or what they could mean, as we are in the middle chapters of the book and not to the end just yet. We have grown addicted to wanting to read the ending of the book in order to continue on with the middle chapters. Think about that one.

And if you have been someone who just followed your heart and did what needed to be done, KNOWING that there is always a higher purpose to what occurs and a magical sort of lining up of events in order to bring you to a new space in life, then this time should have felt WONDERFUL, ENERGIZED, HOPEFUL and CREATIVE BEYOND BELIEF.

And remember this is a 2 PART STORY of what is to occur and what areas will be of great importance in your life over the next 6 months. The other part of the story is in the LUNAR ECLIPSE READINGS.  I would suggest copying both these articles and printing up your readings and putting them in your journal!  You need to keep falling back on this information over the next several months! And since this is a New Moon, this is the best time to create a vision board of where you want to go.

I am going to keep the written forward description brief this time because I have so much more to do in completing THE WAY OF THE MOON JOURNEY BOOK… which I am hand writing it and having the time of my life!  I went to college for Fashion Design and mostly loved doing illustrations and flat pattern making, so doing this work for the book has really filled an empty spot in my life of enjoying pen to paper creativity!  And since I have been bit by the teacher bug, I plan on creating many more books!  It DOES take about 1000 times longer than typing though, so it takes much patience!   AND  I have extended the 20% off PREORDER through Sunday November 2nd, the Day of the Dead!  So if you want a great discount on an AWESOME book and course, then jump on this one!

And before I begin the readings…. HERE ARE THE WINNERS OF THE WAY OF THE MOON JOURNEY GIVEAWAY!!  Please send me a message here, on facebook or instagram if you are the WINNERS!!!!

And I also am sharing SO MUCH MORE about the energy in the VIDEO HOROSCOPES… so please watch that too!!!! And share this wildly with all those beautiful souls who could benefit from the love.  AND read your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs for the complete picture!  Lets do this!


Solar Eclipse Readings for focus of next Six Months: 

Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through either the teaching arena or through delving fully into the study of a new subject.  You are wired for expansion of the mind and also expansion of your location. If you want to move, IT IS ON. You may not do this actual move for a while but you are planting a seed that will grow into something that creates a space of a home environment where you feel charged beyond belief! This can be where you move to a new location that activates you and where everything just seems to come together.  Travel will also be on your mind and you are going to be planting your feet on new lands, often. This will be a 6 month period of growing in ways that you maybe have been wanting to manifest for a decade!  There may also be something with being on stage, so you may be putting yourself forward in ways that put you before the public eyes with sharing of empowering and shifting information.  This may also be something that takes you out of your comfort zone, so be open to following the bread crumbs even if you feel like this is very frightening.  Take one step forward towards that which is opening for you. If this is greeting you, then this is yours.  Now one important thing about why this new vista is opening for you is because you are letting go of past experiences of thinking you are not that valuable. There are shifts occurring in deep cellular ways that are empowering you about your souls purpose work. There are AH-HA moments occurring and they can have you squealing for joy! This makes so much sense! This also will intertwine with creativity or with doing something that uses your hands and with possibly honoring the Earth, or the body.  You are being called to hold positive intentions and words in your mind. You are to shoot for the greatest of heights and to not hold yourself back with any doubts or insecurities. If you could see yourself 6 months from now you would be INFUSED WITH PASSION and KNOWING.  It is on and it is all good.  Also think in ways that are unique. Think of ways to live your souls purpose that are NOT what others are doing or have done. This is trailblazing energy that is trying to push you onto a unique path but one that is very much about giving back and making powerful impressions on the people.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I am stepping into my teacher shoes.
I am moving up in life.
I am traveling, often, or moving to distant lands.
I know I am wonderful and have so much to offer the world.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through
your career and your carbon footprint, in a way. This is a time for you to make greater impacts on the world through your career and through the messages or writing or communications or creative gifts you are feeling driven to share that can benefit others in some way.  This may have something to do with energy, so you may be creating art as medicine as this is VERY potent and for real in the world now.  Many people are waking to the power of what they put into their creations with having a direct impact on the people who purchase the goods or read the words. This is why I have always taken the time to put healing Shamballa energy and symbols into each birth chart book before they go out.  I have NEVER not done this and KNOW it affects everyone who reads their book.  And this will be very important for you to consider over the next 6 months as you are being guided into opportunities that will want to showcase some of your energetic or healing offerings.  You are also knowing that your work is FOR THE PEOPLE and when you can hold that vibration, and not the one that just needs to be validated through money, which is really saying you are still rooted in fear, then you will be a leader of the pack. If you still feel that the money defines your worth, then you won’t have the same opportunities land on your path.  You really must make the New Earth shift!   You are being called to really hold your career dreams in the fullest blossomed expression of what is possible. You are not to limit yourself because of what has been or because of what others have been capable of doing. You are to put on that Superman(woman) suit and do the impossible! You can, if you can believe it. Name everything you need to bring your wildest dreams to reality and hold steady with knowing it can be done.   Collaborations, or working with others will also be of much benefit for you over the next 6 months. But be choosey!  You will only benefit if the other is a true match or someone who holds a bit of a higher vibration for you to expand into, in order to create more of an upward growth.  One thing though, is that you will know soon into the coming together if the connection is ON or OFF.  Do honor that if it starts to not feel good, it is best to make an exit to keep the space open for a true match to step into. Everyone is looking to collaborate, in some way, at this time because we are in the year of collaborations, so just be choosy!  Also this collaborating can be about partnerships of the romantic flavor, so again, be choosy and have high standards.  You ARE waking to your self worth so you CAN expect that your choice of partners is upgrading along side that.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I am doing huge things in my career!
Opportunities are dropping in my lap all over the place!
I am finding the BEST team for me.
I have waited forever for this!

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through focusing your career through being SERVICE oriented and all about the betterment of the world and its peoples.  When you can make the shift of needing to be seen as important and famous and well known, which is rooted in fear, and instead focus on how what you are really good at can benefit others in ways that change the world, then you will open to opportunities galore.  You will also be called to have more of a humanitarian vision, where giving for the sake of giving should be your main priority. You need to be filled with the joy that comes from just KNOWING that what you contributed has affected someone in a positive way.  You may also be called to join with others or to somehow merge with a group or situation that can showcase what you are doing.  If you are feeling called to do something volunteer based, you will also have many other things magnetize to you through putting yourself in that new situation.  So be open to saying YES to any thing that has you giving of your gifts or love, with out needing to receive anything in return.  But trust me, the return WILL come but in a form that you are not used to. And it will resemble a happy heart.  You are also being called to rise above situations from your childhood that you have felt were things that are holding you back in life. There is the need to let go of those memories that are keeping you locked into a world of manifestations that hold you more as the victim.  You can let go of thinking that you always have to suffer, because, if you hold those thoughts, you will constantly manifest situations that show you ARE to suffer and to feel held back.  You are in a wealth of a space where you will clearly be able to see how you are putting rocks into your path, THROUGH holding onto things of the past that feel like big gaping wounds with which you are manifesting your future.  You are being allowed a total and utter START OVER in regards to how you have felt unsafe in this world, out of place in this world, and uncomfortable and vulnerable with how this world is operating thus far.  This time is also going to bring in more opportunities to get out of debt and to change your foundation or home environment so that you can better handle and manage your finances.  You are going to be working on ways to feel more stable and secure from home, so that you can put more energy into doing more carefree and joyful things with your career.  Know that what you are focused on now is going to manifest over the next 6 months as long as you face what feels like debts or darkness, with a touch of hope and KNOWING that on the other side of death, or low, or negativity is LIFE, HIGH and positivity.  Life is a cycle and we never stay on one side forever.  But the more eagerly we face the uncomfortable situations of life, the quicker we can shift to the FUN TIMES of life.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
My main goal is to know that I am affecting others in positive ways.
I honor the cycles of life.
I am successful. I am blessed. I manifest everything I need.
I am stronger NOW because of what occurred in my past.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through
the retreat and through pulling back in order to process your life as a whole in order to gain more wisdom into what next steps should occur in your life. This will be more of a solitude time where you will be very much wanting to hide away and to go into meditative spaces to bring a calm to your life after what has been pretty fast and furious for a while. You are now at a point where the seeds are out there and the growth is starting and now you need to sit back and see which ones need further attention and which ones maybe need to be put on the sidelines for a better time…. like that garlic that can take so long to grow. This will also be about getting real about your goals and with truly knowing that there is a perfect timing for things and when we rush them, they never work out as how we planned.  This even makes me think of these horoscopes because for days before today I planned on getting them out early, but every time I sat down, no words were coming through. And then yesterday I sat down and WHOOSH!  They flood gated out me and this has actually been one of my quickest writings! I also notice that in my business that some times I am like molasses and I know to pull away and wait for a better day, and when I honor that, I always then come upon a day that has me feeling like superhuman with how much I can get done. So you need to tap into those natural rhythms and flat out honor them! Follow when you feel pulled back and when you feel gung ho and ready to perform. I was doing a reading the other day and someone was asking about the perfect launch date and as my guides laid it out, because of the internet, we are in a competitive and repetitive scene now. So if you are going to create something that someone else can do too, you need to take the time to make yours IMPECCABLE because others WILL take what you have done and do the same and add their own improvements. So it is best to do the best job you can, over time, and with very unique touches that really single out what you are doing. If we rush, we can miss important steps that others will capitalize on. There is no rush in this scene as creating something of WORTH and VALUE should be treated like a fine wine.  Or like how the older we get, the wiser we get. This 6 month period would be most ideal for you to spend time with the trees and feel out the messages of patience that they will share with you. Nature, actually, will be the thing that grounds you and guides you with the timings of things.  Now you are also letting go of something where you feel you need to create in order to be seen as important in the eyes of others. There needs to be the need to create ONLY because it feels so good to your soul. You are also in the space of studying something new and this thing will work to expand your life in some way, possibly through something like yoga or a philosophical study or with going back to school and delving into higher education. You are in an area of expansion, but from a more reserved and pulled back space, observing sort of space. Children may also be an area you are considering in regards to expanding your life…

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I am taking the time to pull back.
I do not need to race to every target.
I love who I am and know I am doing important work, and do not need the validation of others.
I am delving into a new study that brings more joy into my life.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through really showcasing who you are in a new light and in a much more upgraded sort of expression. Much of this new perspective work is from pulling back and seeing things in a bigger picture, and possibly through feeling like you are losing your mind, in a way. Something that feels very overwhelming and with so many details is feeling like it is almost unhinging you, although you would never let anyone in that. But it is moving you to create a more grounded and stable foundation for what is to come.  There can even be feeling like so wanting to crawl out of your skin, or escape for a break, for just a minute, just a minute.  BUT because you are a trooper that always pulls through and always comes out on top, you WILL use this energy to move into a new direction, or in new ways that really do have others seeing the Scorpio in a new light.  This almost feels like there will be episodes of plunging to the depth and almost spiraling out of control, but when you do you will actually discover something dynamic that brings you forward in a higher light. So you are growing and evolving and changing in our eyes, but through situations that make you feel like you are sort of losing your mind.  So hang on, love!  It may often feel like way too much over the next 6 months, but it is sculpting you into the Eagle that all Scorpios are working a lifetime to achieve.  I have heard from another astrologer, who has decades on me in this work,  that only 5% of the Scorpios make it to this truly noble expression, so how about you activate that competitive spirit of yours, and shoot for being the 5%.  Now you also will be very much reconsidering your career or your work environment. You may be making changes with what you are doing and bringing in more elements of healing or energy or something that assists the body in some way. This may also deal with something creative or children based, but there is the element of energy and body.  You DO have brilliant ideas and they really can take off in big ways, but you do also need to take a trail blazer approach, or pioneering approach in that this thing is not mainstream and needs to be quite unique.  You also are being called to use visualization in what you would like the next 6 months to look like in regards to how big you want this creative endeavor, or energy/body thing to soar. You have power in seeing things first and then watching them blossom. You will not need to push and instead just need to allow. BUT your intentions are right on and what you can visualize fully, with your eyes on the center of the bullseye is what can really take off coming next year.  Stay focused and know there will be storms but if you can just keep on with your vision on the horizon, you will be setting yourself up for an amazing next year.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I commit to being the best possible expression of who I am here to be.
I commit to looking within and keeping it real.
I am seeing what I need to achieve before delving into it.
I am doing it different from everyone else.

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through making more money and doing things that you REALLY LOVE to do. This is like an arrow trying to focus you to an area that is truly your gift and this also may be something that beautifies the body or home, or brings more clarity or down to earth visions to whatever you are dealing with.  This is something that benefits others lives in some way as you are very much intertwined with others during the next 6 months and will either be contributing to their improvement OR/AND will be improving your own life through the witnessing of coming together in group and with others.  This feels communication based and also something that brings so much energy to you and where you just naturally love to do this. It may be something with sharing messages or sharing something that is very inspirational and moving. Home is also a big part of this, or will be as the months move on.  So for sure if this is something done from home, you will be given the opportunities to see this blossom in as many ways as you can visualize.  You also will have ideas galore and may feel all over the place because you are feeling SO INSPIRED. I know this well because I have this configuration in my natal birth chart and this means you will come up with MANY MANY MANY ways to make money and support yourself through your creative gifts.  But this will be even stronger in you because Saturn is focusing attention here and making you get very serious about what you are REALLY good at and how it can benefit you and others. I said others only because of how this chart is expressing is that you are not doing anything alone for the next year or so and are very much joining with others, joining in groups and really contributing in ways that grows because of the others who are coming together with you.  This looks like a mandala where everyone is equal and doing their part to further the cause.  This is showing up that you will go further with your ideas when you let go of needing to be the top dog or only one on top. There is the need to blend more with others and to share the duties in an equal way.  You will create shifts in your own life when you can make the space for others to contribute equally in creative endeavors. So this sounds like you will find many people who are very gifted in their own right and when you come together in more of an equal sharing way, you will have the ability to create something that pioneering in that is a trail blazing new form of expression. In romantic relationships, you will also be opening to be more assertive and saying what you need to say so that the truth of who you and and what you need can come forward. You are not to hold back and allow things that are not really healthy as a way to stay nice and be supportive. If you feel something is out of balance you need to speak your mind and get it out on the table. The other will actually be very open to your perspective for the need to upgrade and shift. I always say that I can be a steamroller around more shy and quiet people and I can get out of control even.  And often I am operating in a way to GET THEM to speak up and share what they are really thinking. I actually come down to earth very gently when someone states that I have crossed boundaries or said something inappropriate. So you may be needing to do this with someone who is steamrolling you and causing you to keep something in that needs to come out. And these opportunities will show up often over the next 6 months until you will finally be able to value yourself so much that you will KNOW you have every right to speak whatever you are feeling in your body that is causing you to question, or doubt or feel suspicious over.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I love my life!  I am living the dream!
I am generating money to feel safe and secure.
I am joining with others in order to make greater impacts with my gifts.
I am inspired beyond belief!  This is amazing!

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through any and all writing projects or expressions that deal with you sharing what you know best and with what is a creative gift of yours.  You are really going to be buckling down and delving fully into the creative space of MANY THINGS.  These very well may take some time to fully manifest as you are in a creation space, but for sure, you have a lot you want to share or communicate about and will be focused on staying at home and getting these things out of you. You may even be writing a book or hand book or something that is educating and with bringing awareness to others.   You also may be learning something new that will be the source of what you will write or communicate about.  There is much activity here and also much excitement so this feels like a great 6 months of really getting in there and loving what you are focusing on.  This does not feel like torture or something you are dragging your heals with.  Now you will also be very much in a pulled back and introspective space. This may be the place where most inspiration comes as you will not want to be out there too much and would rather curl up on the couch with a good book and sail away through the imagination of the stories being told.  There is the drive to escape and to not have to deal with too much of the otherworldly situations.  And if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, this lines up perfectly with Winter as you WILL want to hide away and be cozy with good food and a comfy couch.   Home is where the heart is for you this winter! And home will be where your growth and expansion occurs.   Now you are also being tuned into a slower pace in order to work through some situations that need to occur in regards to healing and understanding wounds that are buried and hidden.  You are being called to let go of things that you have taken on from others or things that are occurring with partnerships that are more THEIR thing and not your thing. You may be wanting to heal them and be there SO MUCH for them, but this really is a time where you need to draw a boundary and say “this is yours and this is mine”.  There may also be something with competition that will come to you over the next 6 months where you will be needing to meditate and think over why you are feeling competitive with someone and what this really means. Because you will be feeling so much more psychic it CAN be that you are picking up on something… so be open to that. But also there may be a competition that is about you just not really feeling, or knowing, how valuable you really are, and this MAY have to do with a partnership concern.  You will be able to REALLY speak up and say the nitty gritty things over this period so you may be called to get to the bottom of what is really going on.  It feels like there are things that are gray and misunderstood and not being addressed and during this 6 months things WILL come to the head, but they have the potential to heal in beautiful ways if you just say what you need to say.   Feeling that you ARE worthy, is the key to opening the truth that needs to come from your lips.  I also see a huge burden lifting when you do speak up about difficult matters, so know it is the ripping of the bandaid that hurts the most and then it quickly will bring in the energy of relief.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
Home is where the magic occurs.  It is okay to have down time.
I am working fully on this studying or writing project.
I am speaking what I need to speak.
I know that I am good enough and I deserve good things in my life.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through the home arena! If ever there was a time to purchase a dream home, sell an outdated (for you) home, or build a home, it is over the next 6 months. So you are being called to really get clear on where you would like to move, or what sort of changes or rebirth you would like to create with your current home. It feels like you are bursting at the seams and your current location is not being able to contain the growth that has occurred over this past year.   Now you may only be redoing the home, so you may be inspired to bring in new colors or to move things around or to spruce things up in some way. But, most of you are feeling it is time for a new home.  And your mind is very much on beautifying ideas and also on values!  You are waking to the truth that you DO deserve to have your dreams met and that you do deserve to have nice things surrounding you that represent the new you that you are constantly evolving into.  This will also be a 6 month season of really wanting to be home and create things from home and not be so much out there in the world.  You have ideas galore and are possibly even working on something that is writing based or with sharing beautiful messages with others.  But, you will not really want to share it until next spring as this feels very much like the creation space.  To have deadlines or to push forward to quickly will sort of cramp your style and I’m sure you are craving the hibernation space so that you can just express this freely without needing to race to deliver this in the crazy holiday season.  I’ve had a lot of readings for people who are trying to push forward ideas for the Christmas season in order to make money from them at that time, and I do have to caution others that that is the mainstream thought, so there IS a lot to choose from during these coming winter months.  AND they tend to be rushed in order to get it out there NOW. So I am always going to say, wait until the time is really right for something new to birth.  And the longer you sit with this and let it incubate, the more likely it will have more success out in the world. So your focus is on home and creativity and sharing messages of something new or something that is so fascinating for you.  You also will be letting go of how you think you need to be seen in the world. There are some shifts occurring where you are feeling more bold and more true to who you are, that is NOT in comparison to others.  You are being called to be more of a trail blazer and to do something very unique, and something that is very needed out in the world. It may deal with energy or with something that brings a rebirth, in a way. This may be that you are working on a teaching idea or something that is going to reach people far and wide, BUT it will not be solitary as you are being called to join with others on this.  And I can see that you are going to be feeling MORE SURE of yourself than you have in years!! What you are working on that deals from home, or the roots, or children or early life healing is going to be a golden ticket of a ride that has you riding the tiger into a new life of experiences that has you smiling oh so joyfully.  I seriously got the vision of you riding a tiger!   Maybe look up that power animal…

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I am finding this dream home!
I am creating a home of my dreams!
I will know when the time is just right and until then I will be patient.
I am sharing something that will make a difference in the lives of others.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through your creative ideas that are wanting to express in HUGE WAYS out in the world.  This is MAGICAL times for the Cancers!  Now you will either be coming up with new ways to work with the children, as there is a focus here with the kids and with something that is educational.  But this feels like you are multi focused at this time and basically it is all about being more creative and really coming up with new and awesome ways to share what you know best about so that your work will make strong impressions on others lives.  You are feeling the need to fully merge with your souls purpose work, which makes you feel like you can go, go, go and never stop because it feels SO GOOD to know that what you are doing is affecting others in positive ways.  You will also be feeling a shift where you are KNOWING that what you have to offer is special and this can have you feeling very important, and that is the point!  You are being called to shine the light on who you are and the gifts that you can offer the world. This may be small scale or large scale, but no matter, it is that you are affecting SOMEONE.  And then that someone can go out and affect another. So you are being cautioned not to judge things by numbers at this time because there will be a rippling affect that you may or may not see over time.  That doesn’t matter, in fact.  You may affect and touch that ONE PERSON who grows up to be a guide for the masses, and that person may be living their souls purpose due to YOU and only YOU.  Your influence may be the key that opens things for others and those others may go out to do earth shattering, life altering things. We need to hold this mentality in our work because it is the truth and it assists us in stepping out of the ego where WE need to be the top dogs that shine. Understanding that not all humans are destined to be the top dogs can really free us up to just being true to who we are no matter what our true life mission entails.  You are being called to just share your heart, for the sake of sharing, and share you guidance and creative gifts for the intention of making a difference in another persons life.   Healing is also coming up for you so you may be focused on a project that deals with healing or with something that is about changing how you see something.   You will also be very focused on getting your body in shape over the next 6 months so that you feel more alive and hopeful and patient about your future.  Now a big part of the next few months is that you are really letting go of feeling small or not good enough in the work arena world.  You are to be letting go of thinking that what you offer is just mainstream and not all that special. Actually you are to take the approach that what you are offering is something trail blazing and pioneering in its approach. This may also have something to do with love of the body, or feeling more self worth, or honoring ones creative gifts, or even something with the Earths Elements.  And when you follow a path with one of those detials, you have the potential to really be making more money than you have seen thus far through your career. This next 6 months and beyond is a time to generate more money, and it really does come from you just believing in yourself more. I see you, love! Now you go see what I see and your life will change in HUGE ways.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I am on fire with creative ideas!
I am patient with my creative ideas and I will honor when it is truly time to bring them forward.
I just want to know that my work is affecting others in positive ways. That is enough. That makes me happy.
I have something so special to offer the world.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through aligning to your souls purpose work, becoming more healthy and through really believing in who you are and how your gifts can affect the world.  Now, first things first, you are being called to take very good care of your body. You already have been in a space of knowing you need to heal things and knowing that you body has been speaking to you and wanting more attention and care. You are also being called to really monitor what you are putting into your body and also what you are saying about your body in the mirror, or when you touch parts of your body.  A huge part of how you move forward in regards to manifesting a career that is a part of your souls purpose work, relates to how you are taking care of your body.  You will be making many changes over the next 6 months that will be changes that stick. This will be when you find the perfect workout program that really does work for your time schedule as having a healthy body is essential for you to manifest the dreams that are on your mind. Now skinny is not healthy, so this is  not a message that you have to lose weight to be healthy, but that you DO have to move it daily through dance or exercise, and you have to treat it well through rest and recuperation, and you have to feed it well through foods that support life. You may even notice over the next few months that you have new food allergies that you didn’t have before and this will be a sign that you are upgrading, actually, as your body will start to reject foods that are not organic and truly NATURAL.  Many people are finding that they can’t process grains any longer and when this happens you will notice that by cutting them out, you have less headaches, less self doubt, and less fatigue.  What you change with your diet will create a healthy foundation for other things in your life to start manifesting!  You are also using your words in ways that will create understanding instead of bridge burning. You will have many opportunities over the next several months through relationships or friendships where you will be called to speak in the highest expression possible. This means not flinging your wounds onto another through blaming or shaming, but instead speaking from a higher perspective so that healing can occur.  The more you face yourself, in all the discord that arrives on your path with other human beings, the more you will find that your healed perspective will change EVERYTHING in your life.  You are being shown these things within you that you have been unable to see, so this is a GIFT of a time for you. And you will know where you are in your own personal growth through how you handle each one. When love or peace is the end result, then you can feel pretty good about the amazing job you are doing in keeping it real. But if breaks or separations occur, you will need to look closer at your piece in it all.   These will be your challenges over the next 6 months and you are to use the end result as a barometer for how truly healed you really are.  Don’t be afraid to come forward and share your vulnerable heart. It is you being real and vulnerable that will move you up the ladder in regards to living your souls purpose work!  And please remember that we all must climb these rungs to reach our souls purpose work, and we must not rush this process, nor put down where we are now as being not good enough.  I used to call my cafe jobs not good enough and a waste of my time, but what I see now is that those jobs brought me the kickass friends I have in my life who will be with me forever.  There WAS a purpose to me working those jobs.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I am honoring and caring for my body.
I am speaking through my heart and not my ego, or my wounds.
I am moving closer to my souls purpose work, no matter where I am now on the ladder.  I trust this process.
I commit to looking at myself FIRST with all provocation that enters my life.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through your relationships with others. This is a time where you are fully immersed in the collaboration space where you unite with others in yin-yang situations where one takes off where the other stops. You may have tended to join in situations of likeness and similarity but you will see that it is best to unite with others who are pretty opposite, actually.  And together, and when focused on the same dreams, you will really be able to move forward in relation to debt issues or with really finding ways to make more money and create a much more stable foundation with which to manifest for creative ideas.  You can also expect that your relationships will at times feel intense but there is healing going on and they may act as a catalyst for showing you something that you have been unable to see before.  You may even have friction in some of your closest relationships but you are always being called to be humble and see your piece in this because you are in a 6 month period of seeing who you truly are, through the lives of those around you. This means if people around you are manifesting glorious dreams and seeing great success in their life, then that too is what you are doing OR will be doing over this period. And if you are seeing situations of friction or imbalance or competition then those same issues need to be examined within yourself.  Be patient with this schooling because it is a requirement of a clearing that is essential in order for you to step into these more creative expressions that have been long held.  These will not be situations that allow your ego to rise and demand that it is RIGHT.  You will lose if you follow that path because this is serious higher power cosmic energy working to SHOW YOU THE TRUTH.  And what shows up in your relationships is in direct alignment to what is truly going on within you.  Home is where the creativity blossoms and much of this is still in the dream state as you are being called to use visualization and meditation spaces to create the castle!  And again, you are still being called to let go of limiting yourself in regards to the dream.  This Eclipse hit is further amplifying that you are to learn to dream of a start over and almost impossible situation! You are to hold the intentions of your childhood dreams and to not allow any fears of what others tell you is possible to taint your waters. Energy is also coming into play, so you will need to feed this dream and to use energy to encourage its growth.  These dreams of yours, as I feel there are many, will be all the more powerful if your close group of peoples are also involved and contributing their energy to the manifestation!  So maybe create a monthly New Moon ritual of getting together to visualize and feed the dream!  You in a 6 month window where coming together with others can create the energy to move mountains in your life…

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I am coming together with the RIGHT people in order to further my dreams.
Nothing can stop me from living my dreams.
Home is where the magic happens so I will put attention here.
I am retraining my brain to believe in the impossible BEING possible.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
You are being invited to dream HUGE of how you would like to expand over the next 6 months through the healing process.  There is a lot of energy here that is focused on you clearing the slate of wounds that are operating out of habit and probably showing up as patterns that keep occurring. This may deal with jealousy or envy or something that is about comparing yourself with others as there is emphasis in relationships too.  You will be looking closely at patterns and uncovering where this all began and where the first wound occurred that has now manifested a life of not feeling so sure of self or at least not being able to maintain a high opinion due to needing approval or feedback from others OF your worth.   This will be a 6 month journey of more inward focus and with being determined to find the bugs in the system that are keeping you from a sustainable happiness and confidence with self.  The goal is how to become more happy and like the for real happiness, and not the one that is just circumstantial from what has arrived on the scene.   You will be letting go of so much!  I promise you will not be the same person 6 months from now and you will be feeling so much lighter and so much at ease with how you think life needs to be.  You will be letting go of how you think you need to be seen or how you think your life needs to unfold, as that is a golden rule of this New Earth, that we can only hope for the best, but otherwise there is a path that is defined for us and the timing of things is always organic and true for who we are and with what lesson we are learning at any given time.   You will also be letting go of needing to be seen as important by others and instead you will find a source of support from within that KNOWS you are important and that is that! This will be linked with how you communicate in relationships with stating your needs.  From finding the well of support within, that you are valuable and do deserve to be cherished, you will be able to use words in a different fashion that do not push others away and instead assist in creating solutions.  When we are hurt, we tend to burn bridges and speak from our wounded states. But since you will be facing your wounds and facing where you have been hurt by others and let down by others, you will learn a new way to handle provocation and discord so that the wounds do not speak and instead the empowered NEW YOU speaks. And that perspective will bring healing in relationships instead of severing or bridge burning. It is important that you do this work for you are in a needed clearing session that will align you to AMAZING opportunities in about 3 years time.  But if you hide from what you need to see, then the opportunities will only match the you that you are now.  The New You, and the future you is saying PLEASE do this now, you will not regret it if you do!  But you WILL feel regret if you don’t face what is rearing its ugly head now!  It will hold you back from a bounty that is waiting for your vibration to match up with it and it does not match envy or comparison energy.

New Moon Solar Eclipse 6 Month Affirmations:
I am letting go of jealousy and competitiveness and instead SUPPORT others and feel JOY for what they have manifested.
I am open to what is out of balance that needs healing. I commit to the healing process.
I value who I am and what I have to offer and do not need outside validation.
I am communicating in ways that bring healing to discordant situations with others.