Passions are awakening!  There is such a sweet and new powerful energy on this planet that is focusing on erotica and on the upgrading of how we come together with others and also with how we freely express the needs of our bodies.

There are changes also with the female body as the acceptance of the beauty of softness and realness is changing in our eyes and in our brains.  This is like the self love arena where when we fully accept who we are, what we have done, what we look like, what we can or cannot change, then we are offered this sort of freedom of contentment that is not needing to be justified by opinions outside of oneself, and we also will not exhibit the same judgments on others.

And from this new self love and the honoring and respect of ones unique bodies, a new sexuality of expression will blossom in each of our lives.  Celibacy is also a new and hot avenue, more popular than at any time in history and it is through this journey of pulled back sexuality that these new very high vibrational ways of “making love” are birthed in our bodies.  So if you are one who is on the celibate path, just know that this is a form of rebirth that will awaken and align you to this new way of expression that is VERY erotic and soul satisfying for all parties.  And when this new yearning takes you over, you will be matched with a partner who has also known the path of the pull back and is NOW ready to share in ways that build energy instead of depleting it.

This is the new code of sexual ethics coursing through our blood as we all fully awaken to our pasts and lineage stories that surround sexuality (and also sexual abuse).  It will be hard at this time to NOT see all the shameful acts and times of giving to the YES, when we really meant NO, but stifled because we felt we had no right to have needs or to speak them to another.

Over the next 2 weeks we all will see parts of our sexual past as a sort of buried treasure where insights will come that will be inspirations for us to shoot towards in our futures and from here on out.   We will clearly see things that we want more of and also things that we will no longer subject ourselves to.  Ironically, many people will walk through a sort of clearing of experiences past, with more of an opening and tolerance of full on erotica and kink.  So through the clearing of those things that caused us to feel guilt, we will open to being much more sexually experimental with our one connected partner.  In 2 weeks time, we will do the full on let go and dumping, so allow the visions to come to you now as they are coming up so that you can see what did work and what did not work and you will have a new format to manifest  new expressions in partnership.

The Compassionate Heart
Another shift that is occurring in us all is with this heart opening compassion for others.  This is a long term energy that will be here for some time as this is the key, through the heart emotions, that we elevate and become these better peoples.  So if you are feeling all compassionate and soft and wanting to help others, then you are already on this wave and the work is being down with the rewiring of your heart energies.   You will know if you are on this wave because you will notice that things don’t bother you as much as you are learning to just let them go and allow others free reign to learn their own lessons in their own timings.  When you are on the compassionate heart opening wave, you will also notice that you don’t feel as snappy and irritated and will actually giggle over things, where before you may have gotten grumpy.   When you find this wave, through likely falling into a state of despair, you just start to let things go easier and not want to control others or life events as much.   Things become like whatever and they will be more funny than frustrating.

Many of these movements forward in our consciousness of what is truly possible in our lives, has been taking root through the moments of the past 2 months where we have felt pulled back, withdrawn, exhausted, unmotivated, and lacking all passion for life and living.  This is where many of you have been wanting to just Go Home and be done with this human experience.  And we basically went back to zero, through the unwinding of our programmed wiring, where we moved to a sort of empty point where we found we had no opinions or no strong pulls that forced us into one way of thinking.

The emptying is the desired position that came ofter the sleepy exhaustion where we just wanted to lay around and watch movies and listen to the birds singing out the windows. And what is funny is that this may have felt like uninspiring times, or something that was holding you back and keeping you from getting all the to dos done, but in fact, it was similar to rebooting a computer where there is the required still point, before a new and clean way could be established.

And from the emptying point, a whole plethora of seeds were planted onto your newly cleaned and blank base.  This usually took a few days for the seeds to start singing to you, but once they do…. WOW.  Not only will you be filled with inspiration OFF THE CHARTS, but you will also be ignited with the passion to KNOW that you can change all these things in your life, that were habits of eons, engrained so deeply into your soul.  You may have thought many of these traits or characteristics were written in stone but now you see they are actually grains of sand that can be blown into another shape or vibrational expression in our lives.  You are waking to the truth that you in fact are NOT limited and CAN be whatever your mind can dream up as a possibility.

When you reach this point, as we are all within weeks of each other right now, and we need to trust that, but at this point you will clearly see what you would like to be doing in your life as your career, as in who you share your heart with, as in how you express joy in life, as in where you live and how you live.  This energy now is for grounding in some of those visions of the past month, where we have been filled with the passion KNOWING what we need to change and feeling way gung ho about making those changes.
We are moving into READY energy but first we need to access this gateway of energy that is about nurturing those seeds that were just planted in us through new visions of inspiration for OUR LIVES.

The New Moon in Taurus at 9 degrees is squaring the Black Moon, trining Pluto,  is the midpoint of Jupiter and Neptune, and the day of this Solar Eclipse is the Master Number 22 in numerology.   This is very important as Power is doubled and our ability to take our dreams and have them really turn into something that comes in LARGE ways and through magical sort of acts of the Divine are to be expected.  This is power that is ignited through the belief that anything is possible and it is through our connections to the mystery, to the retreat, to the connecting of spirit that our dreams will manifest before our eyes.   The Master Number 22 means we are to be these teachers of the way and this really means, walk our talk and like for real, lets do it this time….

This is the energy of DREAM IT and you can have it, so I would call this New Moon the most important of this year so far as THIS ONE is the one you are to put your dreams that are so far out and something you almost cannot imagine and you are to put them into bubbles and send them off to find their match.   Do send them off on this New Moon on the 28th/29th of April with the energy of knowing they will manifest.

It is time for us to fully expand into these life dream visions we see in our minds eyes and we are to hold steady in the knowing that they CAN become our reality with a little bit of faith and trust.  And all it takes is a little bit for the change you are longing to see!

Symptoms of this Eclipse energy:

  • not wanting to be on the computer AT ALL
  • sleepy, foggy, drained of energy
  • strange pains still, back and head mostly
  • not wanting to do much as what you are wanting to do is changing
  • vertigo
  • changes with diet and wanting to take control and eat healthier
  • writing inspiration!  filling notebooks with ideas for your own change you would like to see
  • not knowing what to do, what to choose, feeling in limbo
  • wanting to check out, get under the covers and disappear, go home

Now since this is a Solar Eclipse, this one has a longer range of manifestation than a normal New Moon would have.  A New Moon operates from days to 2 weeks, but an Eclipse can be from 2 to 6 months.  I personally have resonated with 2 months when I study eclipses and I have found a significant situation occurs within 7 days of the eclipse one month forward and one month backwards.

So this eclipse is on 29 April 2014 so I would look back to 29 March 2014 and pay attention to what happens around 29 May 2014.

Those hits tell a story that is unique to us yet so important as a guide for how we bring our lives into balance within through valuing who we are and really owning that so that we can move forward with our dreams and with these changes we are ready to make to make our dreams a reality.

{ love, KV }

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The video for this Solar Eclipse will be up soon!  Oh you know I got more to share with you on this.

Pisces Horoscope Image

// Pisces //
Okay loves.  You already have been on this new level of manifestation in regards to your love life and with finding and discovering those things about life that really light you up and make you feel joy as a baseline emotion.  This solar eclipse is a dream come true for you and I get goosebumps even imagining it.  You are being pulled further down a new path, that may be similar to your old except it is a new vision from the narrowing down of options that you have been doing this past month.   See, all that work with making lists, with getting clear, with allowing your mind to take on the fullest scope of what is actually possible has created a new level of manifestation in your life.  This is like, you have opened to the power to dream in huge ways and now synchronistic events will keep showing up to show you that YES you can live these dreams of yours. Yes, this is something you are really good at and yes, you were born to do this anyway.  There will be the element of familiarity with the new things that are set to arrive in your life and they range from a true love matching, a new career direction or clarification or simplification, a new joy for creative inspired expression or even from the joys of a new baby in your life.   Children may play a role in this and also something with communicating or writing. You may want to write a childrens book, or talk more about how to feel real joy in life, or share words of how to feel safe and secure in this world.  Communications are now in a new upgraded sort of space in your body, in that you are really learning how to say things so that a dead end is not the end result. There has been a natural pattern of shutting things down (and running away) when things have gotten confusing or strife-full and you are entering a new day where your heart is on compassion and the desire to bring the peace and the love will win as the new way to venture forth in this world.  You are changing!   You also should be VERY inspired with your notebook and documenting many changes and many new things you would like to implement.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// Aquarius //
And back to the roots you go! You are going down down deep as whether you know it or not, you are actively going back in order to clear out some muck that relates to old value systems that are not with the times and also with your thought processes again with gauging how much they encourage new growth and how much they cut it down and keep it from thriving.  You are in an introspective space that is all about looking out at your life and what has developed and seeing if it still carries value in your life now.   There are also the themes of feeling safe in the world and memories of past times will flood you when you felt lost or unprotected.  These will tend to be beginning times memories when you saw or heard things that actually have held you back from trusting others and actually trusting this life.   There is the need for you to make amends with these things and with these peoples.   If there are any problems with a parent that have led to a disconnect, you are encouraged to bring the peace in whatever ways possible so that the dead weight of strife can be lifted from your ability to manifest good things in the future.  If this is a disconnect through death, then you are being asked to move one step closer to surrender so that you can let this pain go and not keep seeing it as a negative.  There are to be great changes on the home front and if you are looking to sell your place or move to a different place, include that vision with this New Moon energy… see it sold or see yourself in this new environment.   There is a crucial piece in you manifesting your career dreams and it takes place from the changes you are choosing to make now that relate to your roots and home life.  This can be where you move to another location and THEN things totally take off with your career. This may also be where you are suddenly able to look at what you have manifested in the form of a career and you will be able to see new ways to stream line or focus more clearly on these other pieces and to possibly let some go that really weren’t working out anyway.   Things will feel great or dismal, and the range of those feelings is like the hotter/colder game where you will feel HOT when you are doing something that is true to your soul and you will feel cold and stopped when you are pursuing something that is not actually something that is chosen for you.  Be open to your career changing a bit, but the picture of that will form when you make these roots changes.   Bring the peace with family members, clean your house thoroughly and feng shui it,  plan a move, restructure your home so that your career has more energy to thrive from a balanced and loving foundation.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// Capricorn //
Okay this can bring some really wonderful and marvelous shifts into your life!  Lucky Caps.  So this one is pretty sweet feeling as you are focusing on how to really make your life one of joy and satisfaction. The satisfaction is something being realized within that you do really enjoy to be seen for how far you have come.  There may have been something that made you think it was bad to want success or to want to be seen, but actually you are being encouraged to shine brightly and to feel how good it feels inside to feel like you are honored and respected for what you are bringing to us.  So now you are in a wonderful position to really bring something forth that is communication based and also deals with others, as in being for others or to assist and aid others.  You are in THE position, with this Solar Eclipse, to call this opportunity in and to see the clearing of the path that will lead to the expressions of your heart finally being seen in some way.  This really does feel so good to me and I imagine you are filled with inspiration as to what new path, possibly, you are looking to travel in regards to sharing these gifts of your soul.  Now the new path may be that something is changing in your career but that is still up in the air for now so don’t focus too much on that, but do feel the things that are coming  to you as they are narrowed down points of interest.   This can be where you are deciding it is best to hand off duties or to accept that they do those things and you will do these things.  You are narrowing down to only doing what you are the best at and with the things that come pretty effortlessly.  Its like you know now that you have only so much energy to spend and now you are getting smart and focusing on the top concerns, allowing others to take over the lower ones.   There are also great changes occurring with how you are working with others or communicating with them so that there is more of the compassionate heart and more sympathy for others instead of strife or discord.  The more you focus on what it will take to really be living a happy life, the more you tend to blend harmoniously with others.  Your creative urges are going to be off the charts and this may be why there is something new coming with your career, but you for sure will fill up that journal with ideas and plans and drawings and you will also have a very creative flair with anything you choose to touch.  This is just heightened creativity, especially with writing,  and due to the Pluto in retrograde, I believe that what you are working on with this eclipse season, which basically was the last week of March until the last week of May, will be the foundation of something that will sustain you later, and not that much later as you already are in a prime time to be seen.  This just doubles the power.  So pay attention to what you are so focusing on now as this creative expression is important and something you SHOULD be focusing on. The narrowing down occurred so that you can have a clear view of where to put and honor your energy and now you know so move forward with it.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// Sagittarius //
You are in a bit of a healing space so obviously this is very important for you to move forward in life. There may be something sort of heavy that has been going on and it rings of something very deep and not visible to the eyes, so others may not even know what is going on with you.  You may only feel it and not be able to name it either.  But something home related and roots related is coming together and working with things of a dark and hidden matter within you.  This can be like something is changing on your home front which is causing you to examine things of a deeper nature and possibly with commitments and the sharing of things.  This can be that you are waking to things of childhood times and working to clear old memories and habits picked up from your parents. You may be in a place of seeing how you are continuing something that you learned from the parents and you also may be coming to the place of forgiveness with what they did as now you are older and you can sort of understand it.  There is some sort of magical clearing that can occur with this healing and childhood and soul work through you either changing your perspective or by just using different words to move through the discomfort.  This can be a call to needing to see the best and to not focus too much on what is wrong or too much on all the details, because those details will for sure be on your mind. You may need to remember to just go one step at a time and to cross off one thing as you go.  It feels like there is a big task to come, but your mind holds the key to the outcome…so try to think clearly, please.  Your health is also highlighted here as this is a big focus right now as you are ready to get something back.  This may be that you used to be so into working out but you lost the passion and you will be wanting to start this again. Your diet or things like with candida or sugar or inflammation should be on your mind as your health is linked by your diet, and especially with the energy of this eclipse as there is more potency for quick and large movements.  So all healing work can take big leaps in the body and you may also be noticing your body speaking to you with warning signs of what you are eating.  This can be where things will flare when you are eating things that your body does not like.  We may tend to point the finger at any number of things but diet is where we, and especially you, need to look first.   Use this Solar Eclipse energy to set new goals in your life, whether health or healing related and also commit to speaking and thinking with integrity and honor.  Those words deserve to love you.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// Scorpio //
This Solar Eclipse is speaking to you through your relationships with others and you can expect some expanded feelings with your partner, work partner or anyone close to you.  Whatever it is, it will be bigger and deeper.  So things can feel very sexual and like brand new, or very inspired and creative or very detached and rejecting.  There is  a magnet energy you have with people right now and you are with the ones that you should be with if there is a draw.  If anyone does leave at this time, it is only because you have outlived your purpose with each other, for now.   But I imagine that all over the place, you will be feeling a deepening of a bond with others.  It may feel like falling in love all over again, or something where you are really feeling connected like with your soul group.  There is a happiness and it is one of the greatest depths…… like utter satisfaction and ahhhh.    You may be learning to communicate in a better way so that deeper feelings are able to be expressed, therefore leading to a more loving exchange.  You may also be learning how to argue better so that you can keep true to yourself, while still honoring the other.  Disagreements are a natural part of relationships and should not be avoided, but instead transmuted into compromise and understanding.  It’s kind of like why everyone loves make-up sex; it is the growing closer after feeling separated.  Use this new gift of communicating with others to also help bring compromise to discordant energy with co-workers and partnerships.  This better communications with people on a one-to-one basis will be a key to you moving forward with your dreams.    Also when anything is not going okay in your own world, or if you are feeling fearful, then please remember to focus on others and your problems will totally disappear.  Do not focus on anything relating to yourself when you are feeling down or lost.  Always shift into blessing others, or seeing others achieve success and happiness.  Do not take this power of yours lightly.  This power has been granted to you particularly and for very good reasons.  Honestly, we can not get to where we need to go without you doing this.  Your individual piece in the goal for the ascension of the world is very, very important.   Use this Eclipse season power to visualize others living through their hearts and opening to one love.  Visualize all your peoples doing what they are here to do and discovering their own interpretations of success.   You think that won’t sail you up in vibration.  Scorpio always wins anyway when they think of others and now you are called to shine your light and focus brightly there with some gratitude and appreciation.  For 2 years now the eclipses have shined their focus here for you.

Libra Horoscope Image

// Libra //
So lets see if we can find you some relief.  Whew.  If anyone is allowed to say that life has been intense, it is you and your fellow Libra Risings.  You just are in such a deep and purging space of ALL that is not the best match for you.  Please do understand that this is crucial activity that is like peeling back all this stuff that is not really you anyway.  But this is the requirement of the moment as there is a very important reason that we need you to be truly who YOU are!   You are in some big time schooling as I can clearly see that, although more what hits me is this vision of why it has to be , which cannot be revealed to you but I can tell you this is an honor.  And you will one day see. You are like that person with a trainer and you are all grumpy pants at how much you are being pushed, yet fast forward to 4 months and you are all smiling and grateful.  So go to that mentality. Yes it may suck often in these days, but dude, are you gonna be living it up later!  I know this to be the truth.  So trust me.  Now with this Solar Eclipse you are in this really sweet space to make some changes with your career that are very much depth and healing related.  This can be where you have been following a path but now know you HAVE to study shamanic practices or you have to delve further into the mechanics of things or the innerworkings of things.  You are in this depth position and how it is manifesting may be through coming to the top of a mountain of a long haul climb into your psychological nature.  And this will have to also be that you got to the top because of changes in your perspective. So like you passed some tests and THAT got you to the top.  There is the element of time and patience and testing and now there will be a range of manifested experiences that can be anything from delving VERY deeply (10 stars) in a sexual relationship with someone, or plummeting into ones one dark night of the soul, or making discoveries within that feel like finding a buried treasure….a ha and oh my!  So for sure there will be deep feelings and they can be the fuel for great change.  Do understand that things are changing in such a deep way with you where soon things will start to manifest in different ways, particularly for how others see you in your professional sense or your career.  The changes you are making with the deep LET GO and with the clearing of all the past pains, hurt and mistakes is actually changing the potential magic that can show up in your career arena.  Another element that working to bring these changes with your career is the changes you are making with your thought processes and this can be where you are just handling things better and saying oh well and maybe next time.  There is a new positivity coming with how you deal and how you see things and this for sure is one of those ripplers that pours out into all areas of our lives.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// Virgo //
This is moving (on up) time for you!  It is time in some way to broaden your horizons and check out another perspective of things.  Now this somehow relates to others as you are not alone in this and this may be friends or partners or workmates but there is something about you accomplishing the dream WITH others or another.  So how this may manifest is that you have a blog or something that is reaching people far and wide and then you decide to take on partners or to come together with others to make it better.   You may decide to move to go back to school, and since this is related to others, you maybe won’t be alone. It may be that several of your friends are also moving or going back to school or doing something that is working to take them to a higher level or different perspective of expression in life.  Going back to school is a big one for many of you as you are in this deep schooling process anyway of learning to communicate and share with others in a way that is very serious business.  Your words are important!  Also what is great is that you do have a lot of support, at least from friends as they are very encouraging of the changes you know it is time to make. And for sure, they are big changes and those kind of changes that change everything else.  There may be some times of a tunnel, where it feels like nothing is happening and you may doubt yourself, but in the long run, all the leaping off of the cliffs you do now and for the next several months will really work out to your advantage. Just be calm with the patience of the fall and with wondering where you will land.  You will land on your feet and it will be all good.  There may also be something with commitment where you are growing closer with a partner or manifesting one that is a match of your wildest dreams.  If you are not with anyone currently this energy right now, this moment on the 3 days surrounding this Solar Eclipse are divine for calling that person in and also by being very detailed of what this person needs to be for you.  Things are happening so quickly too so you may be thinking about what you need in partnership while driving down the road and when you stop into the grocery store this person very well may be there waiting for you!  Ha!  For reals.

Leo Horoscope Image

// Leo //
So this very introspective Leo is a good thing!  You have been in some serious pull backs of the mind where you are just thinking about a lot of serious things and because you are delving more fully into all things metaphysical and *otherworldly* you are also opening to a whole new arena of information and also just a whole new way to look at things. Think about if you ever are able to connect with a spirit who has crossed over, like someone you love, and after that you don’t look at a lot of things the same. You look at death differently and become more trusting of it and also your mind opens to more things THROUGH the oddity of connecting with spirit.  So then you open to the rabbit whole of metaphysical land and your mind opens to more and more.  Anyway.  You have been in a deep pullback of thinking about what you want your life to look like, like seriously look like.  You are honest about what you think you need, especially, in terms of future right now.  So your eye is on future aspirations and dreams and you have been looking closely at your entire life to see what lives up to par with your dreams.  And now with this Solar Eclipse you get SO much clarity into all that you were thinking over the past several weeks.  Yay! This for sure will be light shining on you.  Message delivered. Answer given.  Lets go. This is yes and that is no.  So we will be able to see more of what you have been dreaming in private and also this is your time when it comes to really being seen as valuable with that special thing that you do.  This time will showcase your career and opportunities can be had at this time and for several months because this is a Solar Eclipse!  This is great news, right! We have 4 eclipses a year:  2 Solars (New Moon) and 2 Lunars (Full Moon),  So twice a year you have 2 houses of focus in your chart that take up more weight than the other houses for that year.  So this year your eclipse positions are with your career and public image and also with all those things that are about growing and expanding and learning more and doing more.  So this year will be a great year for you if you can just follow the gut with what to pursue and what to let go of.  If you can fully surrender with these energies you can ride something where you are just like picking the fruit off the trees.  This means moving into more of an effortless life where everything just comes to you, and you can have something that looks like this if you can do the surrendering and not need to defend anything or make it right or wrong. “It just is” will be your motto.  And all your decisions will be based on the feeling of things.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// Cancer //
This is the New Moon that you wait for every year and THIS year it is a Solar Eclipse.  Oh yes, my lunar loves!!  Okay so here we go with some relief from the storms of past years.  This is an opportunity to LEAP forward in ways that would have taken you a lifetime and now they can come out of the blue, and they will for sure come in synchronistic ways.  You are in a space of very rapid manifestation and also in ways that can sort of change your life overnight.  This is that flash of a light changes, where you are just walking down the street and turn a corner and BAM your life in some ways changes completely and utterly. This may be you meeting someone, as that is very possible, and likely as friends where they just so happen to offer up some information that fixes your whole situations from before.  Things can flip from flop to flip.  So with this I can tell you to really hold the space of POSITIVE OUTCOMES OCCURRING.  This is very crucial for you and you need to just expect the best. You need to see yourself as this spoiled little person who always gets their way and always wins and is always the best.  You don’t need to hold the spoiled brat of that aspect but do hold the space of the knowing.  Someone like that doesn’t doubt anything so they just expect it and, usually, it will come because this is all energy.   What we think, we are.  What we expect, happens.  So you really just need to dream as huge as you can for this Solar Eclipse New Moon.  Just hold the dream and don’t you dare to forget to do your New Moon wishes on this one!  This is the main one of your year and we each have one a year. So. Trust me on this.  Now there is also a joining together, connecting more with friends, connecting with people from far away and like coming together makes you have so much fun.  You are gaining a new hope from life with these connections that just feel so dang valuable.  You are also showing us a more positive side as the connections with others and the out of the blue changes are really filling you with more faith and happiness with this all. It is growing, so create the space for it to thrive.  So many things falling away and leaving you over this past month or so have been for you to feel more happiness. There have been things to deal with and things to change in regards to your creative projects or at least with the part of you that is looking out asking if your life can be made better or more satisfying.  You are very aware of what brings happiness and what takes it away and you are good and ready to let go of the leeches and to welcome the rainbows.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// Gemini //
So there is something very important with the retreat and with the next several months of your life.   You are currently in a retreat space where it is best to pull back and be alone and just kind of deal with life in your own energy.  This is  a VERY special space right now as it relates to your values changing and growing more abundant and true, but also with your career and really kind of thinking through some career changes, moves, opportunities, and just ways to get yourself out there with what is your true dream to express.  And this is TRUE dream… as in the one that is not what everyone is doing and not what everyone has told you that you can do and maybe even not what you thought was possible.  There is the element of dreaming HUGE for you and this power of this dream will take place through you doing things that pull you inward, like with yoga or meditation. The story for you is found within, but oh yes, is it ever a juicy story for you right now!  It is about change and upgrade and really living a life of value as for the past several months you have been ever so deeply on the path of wanting the happiness that comes from feeling like you are living a life of value.  You are very aware of what feels valuable and likely changing things now to bring a better balance into place.   Now that we have Pluto in retrograde, more of that story will be revealed through even deeper forms of  innerwork where you will be going to psychological treasures of the deepest nature.  This is like where you fall in public, but by being at that advantage point, you also are aware there is a $100 bill under this bush.  Thank goodness you fell!  And you can trust this:  every jump into the depth of YOUR being, into asking questions, into going to the dark and hidden WILL have you coming out with a treasure or reward. Just watch!   Death may be a part of your next several months as the let go and rebirth energy will be stronger in your life.  You are letting things go, closing doors, moving on, and really making a stand on what you will create with your life. You are ready to take the bull by the horns! Now for you though, since you are in the retreat, this is your time to move mountains through the power of your intentions. You have GREAT power hooked up anyway here and it is not obvious as it is more of a down low situation, but your power to dream using JUST the right words and saying them in JUST the right way will bring you what you are asking for in record speed.  It will be wild in ways how you say one thing and say it JUST RIGHT and boom, someone shows up 2 hours later with it in hand.   So use this Solar Eclipse to really GROUND down all the dreams of yours that you hold inside.  You are in the BEST position to really manifest some magic in your life… so go to the mountain and dream!  On the 28th, 29th and 30th you want to ONLY be holding the dreams in your mind. Don’t waste this energy on fighting or discord or things that suck your life force.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// Taurus //
This is YOUR New Moon, loves! You only get one of these a year so pay attention!  This is  a time of movement when things that are going to be upgraded are very familiar to you and will feel right at home.  There are changes occurring with how you communicate and share messages with others and also this is connecting with how you share with the group and with friends. You have already been in such a big process of letting go of those old ways of communicating which were mostly to make others happy and to feel their approval.   This has been a time of a NEW YOU coming forward for us to see and we do see that you have changed!  Now there is much more of an energetic to you wanting to make others happy that is genuine and not come from a need of approval.  It was not always this way, though, as this is a new thing for you.  You have probably had many situations over the past months of needing to make a stand or make a stink and to not do what you were expected to do.  And this is good! This you being true to you has caused ripples to flow out and they actually have affected others in learning lessons about how they do the same!  It may have felt uncomfortable to step outside of that comfort zone and just speak the truth of what you are feeling inside, but this movement could not have occurred had you not done this!   Its kind of like how to clean a closet you have to pull all the remnants out and lay them on the floor in order to restructure them into a way that is efficient and works, and when this scattered items energy hits you it can have you feeling flustered and wanting to go back to the old way that it was.  So by speaking out and speaking up for yourself, you may stir up some nasty energy, which will cause others to attack or blame you, BUT it is required with this restructuring stage and the only way to get to this new changed perspective we will all have of you!  We need you to piss us off, in a way, so that we can take you more seriously and KNOW that we can’t really walk all over you just because you are always/mostly playing nice and not wanting to upset us or push our buttons.  There may be things going on with friends that are not so pleasant but if any of the problems result from you standing up and speaking your truth, then know it was for the best.  Things do tend to need to be stirred up at times in order to bring the change.  And the change that is occurring for you and for this Solar Eclipse is that you are changing in our eyes in some way.  One way may be with you discovering something very special about you and with nurturing or caring for others or empowering them and helping them to feel special.  You may really be owning this gift of yours and by putting the attention on that, you will strengthen your ability to say what needs to be said.  This is like gaining the confidence in your gifts just automatically opens you to being more truthful with your words and with listening to your intuition.  When we especially are living our creative dreams and making a living from utilizing our gifts, then everything seems to fall together in other categories of life.  Our career and our gifts tend to be the root of where happiness stems out in our life.   For this Solar Eclipse New Moon, see yourself as how you want others to see you.  See yourself as someone who can stand up for your truth but also do not ever take away that sweet composure of yours as it is your SWEET that moves us and opens us to wanting what you have and what you can offer.  The sweet must stay, as it is one of your greatest gifts, but it now must be combined with “keeping it real”.  And this keeping it real will sing to your heart in whatever ways need be, so allow it and do not feel bad as you deserve to finally step forward and share what YOU think is best.  If others have a problem with that, it is their problem.

Aries Horoscope Image

// Aries //
Well you already have known for sometime that you have been needing to make these home changes or these improvements on all themes that relate to the foundation, the roots, or the beginning times in your life.  There is a clearing taking place and it is to bring more abundance, more love, more family time and more peaceful feelings of all is good in the world.  Now where you are now is accepting that some things have needed to change. You may have not realized them before, or realized the importance of them before, but something is shifting in you and it feels time related, where maybe you feel things like “no time better than NOW to make these changes.”  The past year and a half has been opening you to changes with your value system and with maybe even shifting from a space of feeling the value of items or things outside of you and shifting that to feeling the value of relationships, your family, your peoples, and with expressing your creative gifts.   This is the energy of moving into something that you love and that feels valuable to YOU.  Money will also come into play, so if you are looking to make more income through doing something you love, then dream that vision for this New Moon.  There will also be the element of intuition, so your gut will guide you into this new space and it likely will come from a spiritual sort of calling situation or trusting in blind faith.  This is where a vision of something is sitting in your heart and it has SO much power and now you just need to believe in its possibility and to hold steady in faith even though it will take some time for you to really be HOLDING this new thing in physical form.  For now it is still an airy fairy dream and something you may not feel so uninhibited with sharing but just know you are on the right track and you are changing so much so that soon you will be singing the praises of believing in the mystery or miracles or living the dream.  There is also a warning that you may not believe you have such power with this creative expression of yours, but in fact, this expression is waiting to catch up with you believing it to be true.  Your power will be hidden until you can own it and then it will want to come out full throttle in a stream of intense colorings.  (This looks like dancing colored yarn strings!)  This is like creative juices and wanting to share proudly what you have co-created with spirit.  Believe in your creativity and use the energy of this New Moon to move forward on balancing your life with more feelings of value.  This is also a great time to start your garden as working with the earths soils will be a main source of inspiration for you.