Well hello SUNDAY!
So we have something occurring and it is a FLIPPING of the energy. It’s like
North just became South. And it’s gonna take a minute for us to catch up to
what this means. But as of now we are to look out at what is going on in the
world and we are to see more compassionately and with a softness that wants to come forward and offer support in making things better.
So this means we won’t be fighting like we were the past few years and will
start to see beneath the outward reactions and see that this is just pain running deep.

We also are being asked to look at all things close to home as FIXABLE. We are to look at how we were so mishandled and damaged and violated and we are to see that we are FIXABLE. We are to look at situations we have
manifested because we accepted less than we deserved because we thought
we deserved it because of how we were treated before, and we are to see that even if they now have created a nightmare for us to figure out, they are
FIXABLE. So this new flip is sort of like bringing the feminine to the outer world but bringing the masculine to the inner world. Offer more care and support as our “front” out in the world — and be more assertive with the foundation of life in always thinking there is a way, that we just need to figure out. This also is bringing a change within how we function so that we CAN come together and make Age of Aquarius love.

2019 will be the year of TOGETHER. And right now we start creating the space that will hold that – because we are inspired to create this change that brings things back to home and back to having a solid support system around us that holds us safe. Life is short. We know this now. The life we THOUGHT we should be living, as dictated through others painting the way for us to then walk is NO LONGER STANDING before us (((unless we choose to keep holding up the images through our mind expecting them to continue to play out in the old way))). So the life we should be living is now speaking to us through our hearts and through the feeling of sadness and yearning. And this feeling will not let go until we take steps towards bringing this thing closer to our arms so that we can
actually hold it and have it for our eyes to see. We need to touch things with our actual fingers – as the screen is just not cutting it like it did in the old world ways.

So allow your heart to squeeze out the tears for how much more it seems to
need in order to function nowadays. We have been deprived and now we are aware – in the same way we notice our plants are dying and we quickly get to the faucet to get water into them and relieve them of the struggle that is so simple to fix. We now know we do struggle but that we contribute to the struggle – and we are ready to be fed grapes and have our feet rubbed – not be struggling in the trenches and just accepting that it has to be that way because so many others are there camping out thinking that’s all there is. There is something new FOR YOU and it is full of the feeling you need to remember about how beautifully you DO fit into this world and how it wants to lick you up like an ice cream cone.

Let life lick you up
Like an ice cream cone.
You deserve that feeling.
You are delicious.