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Well, loves, I hope you have noticed that the fatigue wave of the last few months has shifted.  I was informed that many of us were feeling this fatigue in order to subconsciously awaken us to how we actually need exercise every single day in order to keep our energy levels up, and also get the blood flowing to detox the MAJOR heavy toxins we are taking in from our air, the food, the water and all the appliances and devices we use daily.  You can hear more about that on this episode of the Earth Walk Podcast.

So do notice that the down time really did open you to what is not working in your life in the attempt to awaken you to gaining that energy that really does move us to change.  You know the one, like when we FINALLY decide to get in shape or start a new work out or eating plan. We get fired up and we research everything and we feel totally committed to changing right now!  So that dip down of energy that we were feeling, practically daily, was to make us so uncomfortable in order to ask or inquire about what was wrong and what we needed to do to right this life ship of ours.   We tend to change when we feel held back, limited or stopped in life, and that was the purpose.

Now we have gone through a shift as of August 7th, so many of you are going to start feeling back to normal with energy. Such good news!   I know many of you were fearing that this unstable energy was health related and could be a sign of serious illness, but for most of you, it was just to get you to pay closer attention to something you needed to see.  And know that whatever came up during the last months, you are expected to follow through with.  You were led into the land of discoveries about self, and now you must take the first steps into creating this new way of living life.

Many people in this great passage into a new way of living were faced with very devastating or confusing situations, especially during the time that the Sun has been in Leo. And whatever dropped on your doorstep may have rocked you to the core. But do know, they were all occurring in order to awaken you to something, to change something. This was important.  This for many people was even a matter of life or death.  And that sentence has many interpretations that will resonate to many of you.

Confidence in self will SO be on the rise, and this is coming from a more stubborn perspective that has its roots in DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO. This is where we are really seeing how we energetically shift when someone tries to steer us into their direction, when it does not actually fit with who we are.  We are feeling stubborn and stand up ish with that which rubs us raw.  That part of us that used to just take things and abide by what others have wanted us to do or believe is standing up and saying NO MORE.

We are also being given opportunities to show this new strength, this new ROAR and to make decisions that involve us following the path that is true to us, even if we at first wonder if we are doing the correct thing.  This takes us being brave and trusting in our own futures, but if we are feeling something uncomfortable in this NOW moment, then something needs to change or be let go of.

Matching Energies is very much in our awareness as we truly feel who is good for us and who is not. It can be pretty uncomfortable when we come together with any sort of relationship, whether friend, romantic or business, when there is discord or a mismatch, and at this time, it will reveal itself quickly.  This can confuse people because then the next steps seem to plague our minds as to how to bring this into right action, but just wanting a resolution to come can move the situation to a conclusion quickly.

With the instant manifestation times of now, we can change and align our lives merely through our thoughts and through the passion of our hearts to attract what feels like home.  It is kind of like mercury balls and how they can all come together and dance harmoniously as one, or they can break off and completely separate. That is happening in our lives with people, places, things, thought processes, habits and pretty much everything.  There is the coming together as ONE or breaking off in search of something else that does feel like ONE.

With this potent Full Moon, we have some aspect patterns that are really amping up the energy that is all about us finding our inner guidance system and allowing nothing to throw us off balance from pursuing what WE know to be best for us.   Through a Yod with Pluto, the Moon, Chiron, Mercury and the Sun, we are being asked to use our hearts as our compass to peer into our past story in order to see where we have been conditioned or are following the path that others have “forced” us to take even though now we are emerging as NEW BEINGS and seeing that we are carrying dead weight when we choose to follow what feels correct for others but not for ourselves.

There is a separation occurring, almost like layers of projections or (false) protection in order to show us what is unacceptable in our lives. You will feel what is wrong LOUD AND CLEAR during this Full Moon and you will have the strength of the lion to protect what is yours. This is fierce energy and I would expect that many of you will be showing a side of your personality that not many see. You will NOT back down from what you know to be the best things for you.  Maybe you will be seen as a bitch? But you will not care one bit if someone labels you as something because what is coming out of you is TRUE strength and conviction to ONLY follow a path that has heart and where you feel supported and honored. All the rest will fall away during these days. I always look to 4 days after the New Moon or Full Moon to really see some action… so know we still have some more time where things will come to the surface.

We also have the t-square (which is my FAVORITE aspect pattern)  with the Sun/Mercury conjunction, the Moon and Saturn. This one is tight. This one is FULL ON SHIFTING power. This is what is birthing the change and the energy to see clearly through the fog of what we were denying or not wanting to believe.  This is fixed energy and something that will not back down or waiver. This is akin to something like we have been living in a foggy town, like living in San Francisco, but how then the afternoon comes and the fog totally breaks. So there are certain things in your life where you have been not wanting to honor your intuition, and this one mostly shows up with people who are all nice and act like they are your friends but are really working against you or are envious of you, and this energy is like the fog lifting during the afternoons in the summer in SF and you will see their efforts and energy completely clearly.   This Full Moon will be the best at really revealing what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in all areas of your life. And this Full Moon will give you the strength, finally, to follow through with what your heart has been telling you all along.  I could say that you need to listen, but you won’t be able to NOT listen.  Things are LOUD AND CLEAR.  And your response will be ROOOAAAARRR bitches.

Okay I wanted to close by telling you about the NEW private social networking site of aquarius nation called The LIFE Collective that will be launched on Saturday August 16, 2014… the day that Venus joins Jupiter in Leo.  The Life Collective is the extension and better, more grown up evolved version of The Love Collective which is closing down to make room for the big boy.  The Love was more about support while the Life is more about information and tools that you need to know in order to live in the New Earth energies.

I am in the process of putting together an amazing team of 13 writers  who will be sharing how to’s, reviews, educational tid bits, and wisdom ways that all relate to high vibrational living. I see this as being a combination of facebook and youtube for the high vibrational folk, but where you will want to read EVERY post and watch EVERY video.  And it will all make you feel good!  Bye-bye facebook!  Hello, your kind of peoples of the life collective!

I also wanted to create this container because how many times have you come across this amazing tip on facebook, but when you really need it, you can’t find it and don’t remember the details?  In TLC all of that will be found quickly through the thorough search button, or categories or tags.  You WILL find what you were looking for. And this will be information that ranges from natural pet care, reviews on products, music reviews, dream interpretations, how to make EVERY THING, all the healing supplements, all the energy healing modalities, reviews on sexual toys… and speaking of that, this PRIVATE and CLOSED GROUP arena will only be LOVE rated… so if it for LIFE and for growth, then it is allowed…. so I am hoping some people even feel compelled to share tantric sex how to videos.

And that is another aspect! I am bringing you a group of writers, but I know you all got hella material too and I just don’t know about you yet. So you too will be able to share blogs and we will pick several a day to go on the main magazine blog, and you will also be able to share your videos, your music, your YOU!  And we will be watching you and looking for people to promote.  Our profile pages are also way kickass as we get to plug in all of our links, instagram, business, store AND it keeps track of all the blogs we have written, all the videos we have shared and all the interactions we have made on the forum or on the groups we join or create (yes you can create your own groups too!).  It is WONDERFUL and I haven’t been able to sleep because of how excited I am with ideas and things. But more on that in the next few days… and there IS so much more. I am creating a home and mecca for the aquarius nation, the age of aquarius peoples, the bringers of the New Earth.  This will be cool people doing cool things, or epic people doing epic things.  The doors open on August 16 so I will be posting things all week about it.

Okay! I love you sweet loves of mine!  And please share this with anyone you feel who is on our vibration and will benefit.  And also read your Sun, Moon and Rising to get the complete picture.


Let’s do this!!

Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
So sweet loves, this Full Moon in Aquarius is going to be realigning you to a much more serious and influential role in regards to the wisdom you share with others.  You are able to see a better path that involves your Souls Purpose and that comes from the down time or through your intuition. This is where you can really change on a dime, in a way, in regards to what you thought you were going to do, and through the retreat space, you are going to be able to more hone in on that UNIQUE thing that you are here to do. It may be similar to what many people are doing, but you will put new spins on it and do it in a way that really sets you apart. This is such great news and I can feel some surprises in the future coming your way very soon!  (just watch!!)  Understand that what is occurring right now is something that is freeing you away from the pack in order for you to shine what you are really truly here to be as the Pisces. You more than anyone are most likely in empath and have lived your life through the shadow layers of others. You are now able to see much more clearly in regards to things that you have thought were more imprisoning your possibilities in life.  Where you have been held back is now where you will see that you are unique. Where you were held back is now what you will see as a strength.  You may also be going through some sort of shift that is really helping you feel much more capable to express as the wise old soul teacher in regards to something that you are ready to take out there in a bigger and more global way.  Your communications is key to this new movement in your life. Something with your communications has altered because of more self love you are feeling for who you really are. In peeling back the layers of others projections, which you have so readily taken on, you are getting closer to the truth of who you are, and you will be finding a strength inside of you that will not waiver even if family members and friends discourage this new growth in you. You will feel like this time is YOUR time. You will feel like it is finally time to come out of the cave and shine that beautiful bright light of yours for all to see. There may have been crucial healing experiences within the last few weeks that will have you feeling like you are in a new body even. Something may have changed with how you walk. Something will change with how you feel in your body. You may even notice that you are walking more confidently, and walking more like a bad ass. It’s like shedding the layers is showing you that you are actually a pretty cool person, away from always feeling that obligation to know that everyone else is okay and happy. Letting go of that pressure is going to change so many things within your body. You may also notice that your thought processes are more aligning to that which you want to manifest in your life. You are awakening to how you have been putting yourself down and making yourself feel smaller when truly you have every right to just be who you are and to be okay with that outside of needing anyone else’s approval. This can also be an excellent time to start your workout program, or to really commit fully to a new way of life that will take you far and wide into new experiences that could not occur had you not made the shift with honoring your body. Your mind is more powerful than it has ever been with showing you the ways to create this life of your dreams. Things from the past no longer seem as important and you will notice that they are not carrying the same weights of importance in your life. It is what it is. It happened for a reason. You are right on schedule. There are no mistakes to any of this. Now go for your dreams. Focus on You. Focus on Your dreams.  You can do ANYTHING during this time if is just comes from YOU and nobody and no thing else.  You are pulled inward to find this unique nugget of expression just waiting to blossom out in the world.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
So loves, this Full Moon in Aquarius will feel so at home to you!  And you should notice that opportunities are starting to come that make you feel like finally this is your time to experience life in a different way. You are letting go of things where you feel outside of the norm and coming to a place of accepting that you rock and that you are a leader and that you have had to stand separate in order to find out who you really are because you are so different from the mainstream.  What you are going to start to notice is that expressing the truth of who you are is opening you to manifesting people in your life who will mirror how special and valuable you really are. This can be a time when you really feel needed and your skills will be in high demand BECAUSE you are seeing more of the benefits of being who you are instead of feeling so wrong, and out of place and not good enough. Your energy is changing during this time and you will feel it as sort of a rebirth or start over or BRAND NEW DAY. Something is showing you that you can start over and begin again and you will have more passion to jump into this new way of living as it will feel like you have been waiting forever for this. That which comes will feel like home, and be open to things falling away at this time that just feel like ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. You will feel what jobs, people, places or thought patterns really make you feel drained and like a loser.  They will feel stronger than ever as they are guiding you to make the changes that will only align you to people, jobs, places and thought patterns that make you feel special.    Now you are to be noticing some pretty rad shifts with your career as this strength that is awakening that is about OWNING how cool you are is making you get very serious about following things that have heart to you.  This can also move you to make huge sweeping changes that bring a brand new feeling to your life, possibly through the home or through something you are letting go of in regards to your childhood times.  You may finally free yourself up from carrying on a pattern of the lineages.  You may see how what your mother did to you, her mother did to her, and you will see how it held back and crippled your mother and will finally say that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and decide to forgive your mother so as to not continue the pattern.  There is a new you emerging and it is free at last to be a clear representation of only YOU.   Feel this.  Feel how much stronger you are feeling inside about who you are and feel how your body is wanting to hold itself differently, in more of an I AM OKAY WITH THIS LIFE sort of fashion.   I see this image of someone with a little bit of a tummy, that would normally cause them to want to hide it, feeling ashamed, and the wind is blowing towards them as they walk but they are letting the wind outline their shape clearly without holding back or trying to hide that. So whatever you have felt ashamed of, let it all hang out!  If you appear like it is no big deal, then it is NO BIG DEAL to anyone else. But if you consciously feel ashamed of something then it is like a big neon light to others.  And as for the new birth of creativity coming your way, shine it brightly! You will feel so inspired during this time and will have many opportunities to make money from the things that you can fully own as gifts and that come so naturally to you.  There is power with what is coming out of you now.  So bring it and share it madly, with no holding back, with others now,  They are ready to receive you and to see you for the powerful inspiration source you are.   Take a risk and do it.

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
Let’s see here. So for you, this Full Moon in Aquarius is bringing you opportunities to let go of something relating to self love, where you have been accepting less than or not really opening to the gifts of this universe that want to magnetize to you.  You are letting go of feeling like you are just one person in a sea of many and really opening to what your unique gifts are that you are here to give. You may even be separating from others that you feel do not encourage you to be true to you. You will be very sensitive to who makes you feel wonderful and who makes you feel never good enough. This may even be someone inside of YOU… as in you are still holding onto a programing that says you are not allowed to shine or to express all the wonderful things that want to bubble out of you.  Money can also be a big part of this, where you are recognizing that you are still living in scarcity and expecting things to be more difficult.  There may be the need to dream a little dream and to expect that your bounty is coming. This can be like letting go of the resistance that wants to believe that life is an up hill battle, which you do know so much about, but maybe its time to expect that you have reached a level in life where you CAN now receive what is your worth.   This may be where you latch on to some idea and will so utterly know that this is YOUR thing and that it WILL support you. You are encouraged to open to that idea and to not give one single thought to how you need it to support you but only to know that it WILL. This is also creative based in that it is a creation and something you will birth from scratch and it also is something that uses your hands and also is something that you just LOVE to do. This for sure is something very natural and unique to you.   There is also the coming together with others, such as in collaborations, or even something that is very much global in its reach, as in wanting to give back, wanting to make a difference and wanting to join with others to increase the power of each individual.  In feeling more of the self love and self worth of YOU, then you will open more energetically to attracting others who recognize you and want to help further your creative gifts.   The base of this reading is with you honoring who you are, and like for real, not just in theory, but loving and accepting each and every morsel that makes of the hologram of you.   It is time to put yourself first, so that that strength can be felt by others and so that a whole other range of experiences can magnetize to you.  Your mind should be alive and overflowing with creative inspiration and it should also feel very deep and almost shamanic with its brilliant power.   This can also relate to something sexual, partnership, or even something related to letting go of a debt. You may be waking to how you must let go of this unrequited love or shame from past sexual encounters, or you may even need to cut the strings to others that are sucking you dry and stealing your life force.  Whatever is keeping you from loving and accepting who you are has got to be cleared from the scene so that these heightened creative urges can find way to your consciousness.

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
So you may be feeling a really huge surge of wanting to express in a way that is more true to who you are not like what others tell you that you should do. There can be a resistance to feeling like you have to preform in a certain way in order to receive attention for what you express.  This can also be where you are waking to how you have been expressing others information but only through the lens of your voice or pen and it is making you feel unauthentic and like something needs to change.  There is a new and fresh way that wants to birth out of you and it may be through something that relates to going back to school and learning more information or going for an advanced degree or even something like changing your blog or website to be something that expresses more of this TRUE and real life journey of you. I see a mask coming off and the mask was relating to others, or what you have be told or taught and now you will realize that you will have more success in life and in this world when you just keep it real and keep it true to your soul.  Whats interesting is that you may be going through a dark night of the soul sort of situation where you feel very uncertain of who you are and THIS is birthing a new and more real expression of you. It may mean that you sort of pull back and spend more time in meditation and reflection as you are feeling more introverted at this time with wanting to understand things deeper. This is great because it is giving you these teacher shoes schoolings and giving you this time away in order to come forward in a more powerful way that will have the elements of sustainability instead of something more temporary or like a quick fix.  You actually can gain such a strong connection to guides and even those that have crossed over as this pulled back, insecurity feeling state is making you almost numb so that these other things can come into your attention.  There is also something to this that relates to your souls purpose and will be awakening something in you shortly if not already.  This for sure is an AH-HA sort of Full Moon as it is moving you to new revelations about self and also about what you ultimately want to do in the world. For sure, what you wanted a few years ago may be very different from what you think is possible now, through the journey you are traveling.  There are new vistas for you to explore and you may even decide to go on some long term retreat or seminar/schooling sort of thing that takes you out of your local area and puts you into a new location in order to really find YOU.  I always encourage people to move away from their home ground as it tends to really bring forward who they REALLY are. When I left Illinois when I was 24 and moved to San Francisco with my cats Moose and Mama, I got the first hand experience of how this truly brings the real US to the surface. When you put yourself in a totally new environment where you have to learn how to get around and how to find the post office and where you don’t know anyone and have to meet others and all that, it just naturally and organically brings forward our true essence. No longer do you share who you are through the filter of others projections when you do this sort of thing.  Its where you can redesign yourself, but in a way that is bringing the real you to the surface.  There is something to this in regards to you and your life. There is  a need to travel or move or upgrade or do something that brings the real you more forward for the world to see. This may be that you are going to be more vulnerable and honest about what you keep hidden from others.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
You are currently clearing out some serious density from childhood times and from things you have taken on as your own and you are feeling how they are not serving you now. You are being given glimpses of how you are following in others footsteps without knowing that you can make a change and not repeat the patterns of lineage behaviors. This is where others are starting to take you more seriously and you feel that and you do want to make more of an impact out in the world so you are laying down your arms and wanting to look more clearly at who you are and who you show to the world.  There is a huge shift occuring where you are seeing things mirrored through others and you are deciding to take responsibility for your actions instead of pointing the finger at others.  You are more soft and open to not being defensive and needing to be the correct one, and instead are just wanting to have peace and harmony so that nothing rocks your boat and steals your mental time with being irritated or wanting revenge.  There is also something on the home front that feels like a new beginning and it also intertwines with others. So you may be falling in love again with a partner, you may be making a baby, you may be starting a home business, or you may be doing something that is getting things in a better operating order on the home front so that you can open to more opportunities out in the world. The shifts you are making with all things roots related are clearing your energy so that you can make greater impacts in the lives of others.  This can also be where you are needing more self care and down time and quiet times as you are needing this reboot in order to handle all the influx of business that has come or will be coming during this next year. This really is something pretty special that you have been waiting for but you do need to honor all areas of your life that also need care and attention. This may also be that you are working too focused on something and missing that others need more attention from you.  This may be hard for you to hear because you are feeling a pressure to perform and to BE this person you want the world to see.  But just understand that being seen and honored for who you are IS GOING TO HAPPEN, and you can’t really escape that, so if others need more love and care from you and if you need more down time and loving care for self, then just make the time.  It will  in NO way hinder your growth or with what you are working on with your business.  You are in a time to shine brightly through your career and it happens through all the things that need fixing in your home or in regards to your roots. So tackle the job and do what needs to be done, love.

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
Oh what a great message for you!  Okay so this one is all about you letting go of all those things you are believing that say that you CAN’T live the creative dreams of your heart.  You are being asked to go back in history and see where you first bought into the ideas and programing that told you that you cannot make a living from your creative urges.  There is something in you that is holding back your true expressions because you really don’t believe this is possible, even though it may be the thing that is your ultimate dream.  You are being asked to go back and see where you have put yourself into a lesser position due to what others have told you is possible, but also in regards to what you may have experienced in life, through the hands or actions of others.  There is a huge clearing wanting to occur that sort of realigns you to this new path that really is the one of happiness and joy galore. But first you must face what is not working and what is holding you back and you must release its clenches on you. It is time to free up from all that heavy density that never felt all that good anyway. You just took on the path it created because you didn’t know there was another choice or path to follow. You are now being shown this other path through friends or through something that is opening you to forgiving yourself and it may be through some counseling thing or with a a group that you join which opens you to seeing a learning lesson through others expressing the same thing.  And so you know, you are in a year where you will always be benefiting and growing in huge ways when you come together with others in group situations.  So do be open to getting outside of your comfort zone and joining with others because there are benefits to be achieved through each and every one of them. The Full Moon is bringing much attention to how you have held yourself back due to not really honoring just how wonderful you are. There is something that had you putting yourself 2nd best or always behind others and now you will feel so much strength to right that ship and to say HEY.  It’s time for ME to shine the light on myself! You are so good at showing others how wonderful they are but it is really time for you to shine that light on you and to remember that you are pretty special too. This may be coming through something very much full of depth and power, and it also may be through death that this transformation hits you. Whatever is dieing and leaving your life now is so that this new bright star of you can shine through.  Even if it feels a bit crazy making and way too intense, be grateful for this opportunity. A new and exciting way to be YOU is on the other side.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
Okay. So this Full Moon in Aquarius is very much about you letting go of some worrying situations as you are apprehensive about something and it is making you feel uncomfortable in a way that is hard to put your finger on.  You may be questioning if you are really living your souls purpose or if you can really go any further on the path you are on now. Something is making you question things, but at the same time you are feeling a calmness like with KNOWING that it will all work out in the long run. This can be a time when you are REALLY wanting to be able to peer into the crystal ball and see what is going to happen because this back and forth action is driving you half mad.  Now there is a focus that is taking you into something communications based and you are feeling very serious about this. It can be that you are questioning how you can really give back and how you can really feel needed for the gifts you posses.  You are being given an opportunity to live that out through something travel related, internet related, going back to school related or something that is where you are finally stepping up to a pedestal and are ready to share your wisdoms and gifts with others.  Getting out of your normal environment may be where this inspiration hits you and awakens you fully to what  this is that you really want to do currently in life.  You will have the ah-ha’s that bring you closer to what needs to change or occur WHEN you are out of your normal environment. There is strength in really being at a point in your life when you are straight up ready to do something that affects others in some way so that you feel needed and like you are really doing something. This is also where you are seeing that you HAVE to use your gifts in some way and know that currently it is something that affects others or where you are working with others and you offer this thing that brings them joy.  You may feel blocks where things have gotten too much drab in the day to day and its like you need something that is exciting you, that has you stoked to do more of it. You can count on this coming through something intuition based, as in you feel that this is right for you and every thing in your system will be like GO, NOW and YES.  Now do also be aware that you are in that space that comes before your birthday when you tend to feel pretty dang discontent with how your life has been rolling along… OR you feel very empowered and proud of all you have done. It is an either/or and it relates to how many things have come to pass that you examined this same time last year. This is your time to be more reflective on things and on your dreams and with looking at how happy you are with how it all looks and feels now. But this is the best time of your year because how you are feeling now, is the catalyst for what you will change in your next year. Anything that feels “not good enough” is where  you will gain HUGE energy to make it different next solar year. So honor this passage and know that it often feels like a death cycle but remember that re-birth ALWAYS comes after death and the extent of how awesome that feels comes from how low and unhappy you feel about what is occurring now.  You can change everything now. You can change your environment.  But mostly you can change how you interpret things and you have the opportunity to gain a new perspective so that you understand more about why this all has to be and what it is morphing into in the future.  Know that you also are letting go of believing you have to fit into any persons description of what your job should be… you are paving new ground, love! You are doing something unlike what others are doing, so you just need to follow the compass of your soul as you are being invited to pave this new path that others will soon follow. You are the leader, though. Don’t forget.  There is no one to guide you, but you.  Look within and all your answers will come to the light.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
Hi bright light babe! Okay so this is a time when you are really focused on sharing your light and joy with others in a way that beams out towards them and also changes their life in a way. You are actually moving away from needing to be the only one spot lighted, or at least you are more aware of how when YOU shine you are able to help others shine. You are not the lone one on this stage as there is a consciousness birthing in you that is wanting to make great impacts through the lives of others, through you living your souls purpose. So it is like a chain reaction; you live your souls purpose and be true to YOU, and in certain ways that will affect others to also do the same. So this should feel great to you!  You are feeling very much roots concerned and will either be making changes with the home front or with what you are doing from the home front. Something is waking you to a long held dream and you will feel this energy that is like NOTHING CAN STOP ME.  You may feel more sure of yourself and sure that this is YOUR thing to give.  No matter what it is, it is something that will have a transformative affect on others and will be something that helps them to feel more connected in some way. You may connect them to information or to each other or even to the self love vibe, but whatever way I see this as a spiders web where you are contributing something that sits in the center ring and it ripples out for eons affecting many others.   So know that… know that what you are focused on now has far reaching affects. You are focused on the roots but it has the ability to grow great fruit that will feed the tribe. This is also likely something creative based or something that uses your hands, so go towards those things. This is you bringing beauty into others lives.  Now there is also something occurring with your close partnerships and you are letting go of past or childhood related beliefs that have moved you into a certain direction as you are being asked to do this in a new way. It may be letting go of others that you thought you could trust and thought had your back, but if they do  not, you KNOW THIS NOW. This energy right now is making it all clear as day. You will know without a doubt who is family and who is more just wanting to get close to you in order to absorb your good vibes.  You will know who is using you and who is really there for you. You are fully encouraged to make all decisions through your heart and if you feel any sort of energy like they are nice to your face but you feel something different when you are alone and away from them, HONOR what you feel when you are away. Honor the insecurities that come up. Honor the suspicions that come up.  If you do not, you will pay in some way in the future. Your tribe is showing their true faces and they are the ones that feel like HOME.  Some just want what you have and will want to use you… honor what you feel in your heart.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
So this is actually a bit of a death cycle that brings great learning and much release. You may have something that shows up that brings you the awakening of how fragile and precious life can be. This tends to be a time where we plunge to the depths in some way and our heart feels something deeply and you will be coming out with new knowledge that really does help you feel more comfortable and trusting with this world. This is like you are plunged to the depth and tears come but you gain a new fighting spirit for live.  A peace will come after the storm and it is only momentary. This is just that you are letting go of something from when you lost someone and were unable to fully let it go. Something brings that flavor back during this time and those memories may come flooding back, in regards to what you could have done differently or how it could have been avoided. In the process you will let go of guilt and this is buried under layers and also something you may have not been able to see before.   It is clarity coming from looking into the dark. Now you will also be opening to much more self love at this time and maybe letting yourself off the hook in a way. This may be letting go of feeling responsible or at fault, in some way.  There will be a wash, or flood of tears that really clears this blocked density that is from something with someone close to you and you will birth out a whole new creative expression that comes from your TRUE gifts that will become all the more powerful BECAUSE you are releasing this hidden material that comes up FROM a life and death situation from now.  So this is a chain reaction thing that is only trying to open you to something hidden that you have still been holding onto that is actually keeping you from feeling as happy and content as you can be and with then taking that energy out to the world to do more things that are FOR others. And that makes sense, right. Through the healing process we are always opened to how something that we didn’t see as that significant is actually holding us back in some ways and until we clear it, we don’t know that this other thing is being held back.  When I talk about my childhood to others, they always say “Have you healed from all of that?” And I always respond with “Do we ever really heal from it all?”  I think we are always in a state of healing and discovering things that need to be let go of.  I think it takes a lifetime to truly become healed and to think we are healed after each individual healing is just setting ourselves up for setbacks as I think it is best to be honest in knowing that it is an ever lasting process.  I don’t know that we do reach the land of totally healed beings and I think that that is what this Earth walk is all about. We are here to travel the healing journey and we go layer by layer through the movements of the planets opening gateways for us. But I believe we are always works in progress. Just know you are going through a huge releasing of something with this Full Moon that will actually bring you closer to feeling at home in your body and at home with your creative urges. Even if something rocks you to your core, know that you are supported and this was perfectly timed to open something in you.  Be open to what is opening…

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
So sweet loves, what is going on?  Okay first you are being asked to let go of something that is in your higher mind with accepting how you have been told things need to be.  This can have to do with your job or with your schooling or with something that has cut you off in a way, like with a glass ceiling, that says you can only go so far and you can only do it in THESE ways. You may even be going through a shift with feeling like WHO SAYS I have to go to school and get that degree and do that certification in order to be good at what I already am good at.  You may also be taking something and giving it a new spin KNOWING that you know best about this and that your visions are valid and you KNOW that your ideas will be well received. This is also relating to you being more true in your communications, so that new spin may be about the way that you will be sharing information.  You are going to share this message in a different way and it has to do with you letting go of what others are doing and focusing on really doing what your creative heart says is the best move. This will be something with your career and also with something that is full of depth and like powerful in some way.  Now what is so great about this is that it DOES relate to your souls purpose… so know that the opportunities coming to share your wisdoms and vision, that is about putting something out there in a big way, such as through a blog or with writing a book IS aligning you to your souls purpose at this time! YAY!  Know that it is something writing/message sharing and also something creative as in it will give you TOTAL joy to be doing this and to be seen for this.  Do know too that MUCH of your inspiration is going to be coming from your meditative mind or your intuition. So you will feel guided to do this and you will have ideas off the charts when you pull back and do nothing. This can be too where you are going to sleep and won’t be able to get all these brilliant ideas out of your mind in order to rest. You will also notice that your dreams are showing you the way too in regards to this new thing… so listen!  The most important thing you need to know about expressing in this new way is that you are being guided and supported so that you do follow through and not give up on yourself.  Listen to your heart, and listen to your intuition.  You are also being encouraged to dream in the hugest way and to not limit yourself by what you have been told is possible or even with comparing yourself with what others have done.  You are to BUST that glass ceiling at this time and you are being encouraged to shoot for the greatest of heights in whatever you are being invited into at this time.   Love, you are going to have a whole year of Jupiter amping up your communications so know that what you are working on and what you will share is going to carve out a place in the world for you that is going to feel so much like home and like something that was BUILT for you. There can also be the feeling of FINALLY as I do see that this has been a long time coming, as in you have been working for or aquiring this information for some time. Oh and you are also going to be focused beyond belief and will not fall off of this track. Once you catch it, nothing will take you from it.  This is like driven energy with blinders on and a will that will keep it going until you manifest this dream.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
Okay love, you are another person who is breaking through some glass ceiling with your career. You are being encouraged to let go of any thing that is holding you back, such as feeling like you are not educated enough, or wise enough, or experienced enough and to really just know that you are GOOD at this thing and if it comes from your heart and really fills you with joy when you do it, then it is YOUR thing. Do not look out at the sea of others and put yourself down, feeling not good enough. You are encouraged to put the blinders on and focus on what feels like home for you. This is also where you may be choosing to create something that relates to home or to start a home business. You may be going up in layers in regards to a career that deals with caring and nurturing or supporting others.  You may be grounding in a new energy that is allowing you to go to even greater heights with your career. There is much focus on home so there may be a move, you may buy another property, you may be doing something that relates to children, or caring for or nurturing them. You may have even just had a child and this will be focusing your  energies very much at home and with the new babe.  Something is shining a light down to the roots and down to something that relates to NEW BEGINNINGS.  You may be ready to redo something that didn’t work so well in the past, but since you are shifting some perspective that relates to your career or to what you believe is really possible then you may have a new take on things or new ideas to execute this.  For sure you are able to create brand new things that full on ROCK if you just change your perspective about how to do this and also if you join with others as you will have much greater power when you combine in group energies at this time. That may be what stopped you in the past because you decided to do this all on your own, and something stopped you.  You maybe now be opening to coming together with others of similar interests, or with getting advice from others as I feel you will be needing help with whatever this new beginning thing is.  Now this also can relate to clearing out old childhood garbage.  So something that is starting now may be a catalyst for you letting something go that was a pattern being passed down the lineage line and you will see clearly that it does not pay to continue this limiting way of living.  This may also be holding you back in relationships and possibly not opening to a depth of love that you deserve because you are holding onto some way of your past that says “This is acceptable. This is enough.” But now, after this new beginning thing, you will feel empowered to not only be TRUE to the beautiful Taurus YOU are, but to free up all the limiting, restrictive messages that keeps that true you from shining through. All corners of your life are being affected right now and it starts with home.  Something needs your attention at home… and A LOT of it.
From there you will be healing many old blocks that have kept you from manifesting a true happiness bounty.  So maybe you have been told by others that your dreams are not doable or there may be some challenge from others that has kept you accepting less than things and never really feeling happy or content in life.  That is all set to change, so open to a new way of living and loving. You DO deserve to be loved the way that your heart tells you you do.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
Okay sweet loves! It looks like the powers that be are doing everything to align you to your creative urges and to a life that feels so loving and so happy land! You deserve it too!  So this Full Moon is working on helping you focus more on shining YOUR bright light on YOU. This can be where you have always wanted to be behind a group or not really putting yourself out there, but now you will know that it is time to stand alone and do your own thing. I understand this one and know there is much too this because when I first started aquarius nation several years ago, I never wanted to put myself up as the only one and I found all these other people that I brought on as writers wanting to share the stage with them. Well, that never really worked and what I discovered is that the website lost energy the more I didn’t own that aquarius nation was MY creation.  I was so afraid of putting ONLY me up on stage and thinking who would want to listen to ME?!  But I finally got it a while back and took over ownership and really made this place MINE and from that point on it has SOARED!  I was not supposed to share the limelight as I was supposed to exclusively hold the space of this site. What is beautiful though is that the next layer down deeper, The Life Collective, is where I AM to bring the team on and to share the stage with others. It took may years to figure this out. And you are going through something similar, so know that if you are still feeling like you need to join with others, that is not actually the truth right now because NOW you are being called to shine ONE light on all that you can create and do that makes you feel very needed and happy in life.  There is a need for you to focus on you so that you CAN mesh more with the group at a later time.  This is also something too that relates to your career and the power that you have to offer others that comes from more of a meditative/reflective space. So I would suggest that you stay out of information that others are sharing that is similar to yours because you will likely copy it in some way and the true pwoer of the message will not be heard or received by others. This is important. This is why I don’t listen to anyone speaking astrology or waking up/consciousness messages.  If I did these words would not have the potency they do.  And another reason I brought that up, as I look further in the chart and see that there are no mistakes with what I say here, is because you ARE more hooked up to really powerful guidance sort of wisdom that can truly help shift others out of stuck places and this comes from your DEPTH.  Not others depth… YOUR depth.  If you just say what others are saying, but in your tone, it is like throwing water on someone who is dehydrated and needs to take in into their system.  It will feel cool and moving for a moment but then it won’t stick. This is such a new earth rule that is keeping people from realizing their dreams, even though they DO have a gift,   So whatever you want to share that comes from source and is healing based has GOT to only come from YOUR guides and from YOUR silent meditative intuitional states. Otherwise it is fleeting and valuable to no one.  What a disservice it is to mimic others. And you are born to lead, so don’t be afraid of this. TRUST YOURSELF.  Now the key to this too, and the key to you really walking this life of happiness and creativity galore, is that you HAVE to value yourself. You have to know that you are special and what you can bring through is valuable.  Self love is on the table. Do you really love and accept yourself?  Your power will only be felt by others when you can say YES to that one. And when you can say yes to that one, you will enter a space where you will much more effortlessly express these creative gifts so that they DO truly affect others.  You are being called to delve deeply and to really get serious about your own healing journey and those hidden wounded places that you would rather keep hidden.