I was just shown a faerie card where someone is looking to the person to the left and seeing what THEY think the person should do. So there has been the influence of others that actually moves you along in life and there is the need to cut off that flow and open it to your own heart leading you forward. This also can have you feeling like you are living for someone else or living a life that THEY expect of you, but this time now is trying to show you that your balance sits in peril because it depends on outside messages to confirm your value to yourself. This is not an unusual thing though – as we all are in some ways separating from morphing who we really are in order to please the crowds or please the masters. So we puppet around until we fall exhausted from it. And you will be in clashes with people who go against your wishes for the purpose of you standing firm and declaring that you do have a voice, an opinion, and brilliant ideas that need to make it to the light of day. This time is to clear the way for how you are still looking to another before you step forward into the creative dreams you envision for your future. And this time is when you are to fully tap into creative gifts and things that can sustain you because these are YOUR THINGS to rule. Like, this is your authority spot and you know you do it so well because it is a natural trait and how you organically run. So you will have to remember again how to walk – or how to do your thing so that looming over you is not the messages of how THEY would do it or how you think the fans would love it. This time is for YOU to decide and to feel some things strongly so that you have to stand up and say I WANT IT THIS WAY. You may even feel that you are being challenging or difficult – but don’t let that fear keep you quiet because to go outside of the lines you do have to create a friction when you cross over where you were expected to remain. So declaring your needs or how you want something to be CAN sound like you are difficult, but only to the person who doesn’t want to change because of it. And you aren’t doing this for THEM, remember.

So this says that what we have here is really just a well-worn path created from trying to be what you think others want you to be so that you can remain soft, agreeable, and pleasant to be around. We do appreciate that! BUT. It means you are compromising too much and this sits right up with you also then getting judgmental inside or bitter over things so that you actually become FURIOUS and unable to even process while in the exchange of a debate. So you will be discovering a new way to speak up and to work to bring things into harmony through understanding – instead of over-extended compromise. You know that you have ideas that will work and that are solutions to things, and you are being asked to bravely start revealing them in their truest form and not their morphed trying to keep everyone else happy form. In speaking your truth, others will start to see you in new ways and opportunities are coming to elevate you in regards to how we see you. But you have to remember that getting you across that line is what transforms you in our eyes, but it is like jumping off a cliff, where it’s not that easy to do. So lean into the difficult when your heart is speaking of a truth you must reveal. YOU KNOW BEST. Don’t compromise what you are feeling needs to be addressed.


And the next chapter says you will have to compromise something – haha – but in this case it is putting yourself forward and making you the priority in decision-making. This reading has rooms upon rooms where the message keeps coming that your heart is telling you something and that if you don’t listen you won’t be happy – in fact you can feel real lost if you are standing on something that is not your home. So the pressure or the conflict in doing what you feel is expected, instead of coming out of your comfort zone and keeping it real, will be felt. What is exciting about this is that you are being offered a total reboot where your path can suddenly shift as if you painted the walls a new color and now it feels like a new home and a new you waking each day, ready to dive into creating a life where you experience more joy and carefree happiness. So little pieces can really pull things together so that you are like OKAY! and good to go again. This means blocks will break open when before they looked permanent and also where the changes in you bring cycle changes with love or with projects. This means you are about to leave one cycle and begin another one – so it’s important that this next cycle leads with you feeling good about what is going on in your life. You are in control of your garden, so plant what you want and stop bending so much so that you can be good or accepted or valued in the eyes of others. Also you need to remember that you can
start over and create a new you at any time if you choose for it. And it’s all about just listening to the heart and tuning out the constant stimulation morphing you into someone you are not.

This next year is for going deep. You will go deep into many things – including healing wounds that you have not been able to yet see in your life – and also deeply into how your relationships will be changing BECAUSE now you go deep in life. So this will be a wild change for you. The superficial is where you mostly tend to be as you are only the 2 nd sign in the zodiac. Aries, the first sign is BUT ME, and Taurus comes next with BUT YOU, which Libra, the other Venus sign, agrees with your perspective. And truthfully there can be a better BUT YOU that comes from a BUT ME leading the way. You can combine the two and create something healthy. But just as mama needs sleep to be there fully for baby, so does your opinion making it to the light so that you can be your authentic self for others. You are better when you keep it real. And if others shudder from your new dramatic and clear ways, it is only because they are shuddering because you don’t usually do this. If you always did it they wouldn’t shudder. So be responsible with your truth. You also are set up for LOVE or a deeper level or partnership this next year and this covers work, friend and romance. This new clarity will bring through new sexuality that also wants the freedom to express. So get used to feeling more primal or sexual or in tune to how you want to express emotions or express things through tapping down into your deepest parts that before now were totally unknown. Free the “beast” and see that it’s actually your power place.