So I’m sending it out there,
out into the Universe,
using my intention and single minded focus
with the knowing in my heart
that those are the only ingredients required.

And I am sending this intention
like an arrow shooting out
across the sky and through all 160 divided nations
with a banner that is invisible to the eye,
yet clear as day, penetrating to the heart
to each and every soul of all the beings
who are unique, creative, individualistic,
ahead of the times,
the spiritual warriors
of a very new complete, united and sovereign nation,
Aquarius Nation.

The ones who have strength in their voices,
the ones who are not content to just follow suit,
but rather lead the way for others to follow
to walk the path not many before have dared to attempt;
these ones can handle such a path
for they walk in love and never fear;
they trust that dreams do come true;
they trust that if there is passion, it is the correct path.
They know that even though nothing may be manifesting
in the outer world,
if in the inner world the seeds of faith and passion are
nurtured and supported and directed,
they know in every cell of their being
that their manifestations are on the way. With no doubt.
And to possess such a brilliant strength of knowing
deep within each of these beautiful souls,
that these ones know they have a purpose, a specific role,
a particular piece in the unfolding of the new world
of a new way of thinking, living and loving.

So I send this out there
because I know these beings I describe are everywhere
yet so hard to find
because they are rarely seen
for who they really are,
and even though we may be so far apart
in physical distance,
know that I see you.
And I am here along with others
offering support and inspiration,
desiring to be your anchor
that keeps you grounded in your truth
even when it seems that no one supports your vision,
and at the same time like a trampoline
that bounces you to heights you only dreamed
because, you know, dreams do come true.
And it’s time to know that and to know it
in the same way you know that 1 +1 = 2.

Your vision is valid.  Your dreams are valid.
You are very important to the whole unfoldment.
Thank you for finding your way here.
We’ve been waiting for you.  Welcome.
And thank you Universe for directing this beautiful soul
this very special person
this very important person
to this place,
to this home,
to Aquarius Nation.

~ KV, 2007