… has been the most insane and difficult journey of my entire career!

Oh my gosh, my loves. I am here at such a low energy moment of having to deal with weeks of situations that were always the worst case scenario! And one after the other. There was not one single aspect of this rebuild that was easy and effortless.

But you know I have a learning story behind this!

You know I dug deeply to understand why I was just driven crazy and so stressed out that at times I worried I would really hurt my health. I kept having these flashes of thinking that this website rebuild would be what kills me.

Seriously. I can’t even remember a time that was more stressful.

Now there was a reason for why things went so haywire. And I can say this honestly without the need to hide it, but it was because my long time friend of 20 years who I asked to rebuild this site put things off until the last minute, even though he had three months to do this. In his defense he is going through a really rough Saturn transit, which was a similar Saturn transit that occurred when his mother committed suicide 20 years ago. I remember I met him soon after it happened.

So as she was feeling depressed and hopeless and unable to keep her eyes on the hopeful horizon, he too was currently in that same situation. Fortunately he has me to set him straight. Too bad she didn’t have someone to tell her to just go a few more days and that the light would come back again.

But the learning from this lesson was really in showing us how our impact affects others. And that is really what the core of Aquarius Nation and The Galactic Vision are all about!  So it fits perfectly that I would have to walk it in order to write about it for the first post of this new chapter.

Because my friend was too lethargic to work (from Saturn conjunct his Moon), and put this off until the end, it affected everything I was working on. It put me off schedule. It put the Galactic Vision behind schedule. It put my Full Moon readings behind schedule. It put Birth Chart book orders behind schedule. It added unnecessary stress to my life. It forced me to miss Thanksgiving with my cherished friends. It left Moonbear with no hikes for a week! And it led me to spending most days in tears unable to understand how this could be happening when I planned so far ahead.

I told him how up until now I have been sailing on a high note with my career, effortlessly manifesting all my dreams, and then with this rebuild, I suddenly took a left turn and ended up down in a muddy ditch that I couldn’t get out of. I have been spinning my wheels in mud and getting nowhere! And it’s hard to be so in the flow and then come to a screeching halt, ya know.

And don’t get me wrong. I love the dude and our friendship and that will not change, but it threw me off kilter!  And not only did it affect me, but it affected my clients in not getting their orders on time. It affected you in not getting the information I promised to you on time. It affected my artists who are creating things in my shoppe because I couldn’t launch for one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

It rippled out in all directions to more people than we can even imagine.


And that is the something we really need to acknowledge about our actions.


Say we get angry at a clerk in a store and it just so happens to be the last straw where they snap and end up going home and lashing at or hitting their kids because they can’t take one more thing today. Say OUR ACTIONS pushed them do that.

Say we do something that was coming from our unresolved issues that puts someone in the position like my friends Mom who could not handle what she was dealing with so she took a gun and shot herself. Say OUR ACTIONS moved her to want to give up and leave this world.  And what about that choice she made and how it affected her young kids and family? Can you imagine being 20 years old and losing your Mama like that?


We rarely see how our actions, our moods, our tempers affect the people we come into contact with on the day to day. 

But we are constantly in this energetic dance with them, and like the flow of water, our movements send waves their way.

So the lesson for today is, what kind of wave are you putting out there?

What kind of ripple starts with your actions or your words?

Is it one of kindness and respect and consideration for others?

Because it needs to be.

To create the positive change we need in this world that is in crisis, it needs to be.


Okay enough of lesson time! Go check out my new site! Go read my ABOUT page! Is that not the best ABOUT page you have ever read? And check out my new shoppe too! There are so many amazing products that have been in the works for months and they all are on sale until December 1st! YAY, my love!

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The tow truck finally arrived and I am on the road again, going 80 miles an hour, just the way I love to drive.



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