So let me set you straight on the ever popular topic of Mercury Retrograde.  This is level one astrology, so this tends to be a topic that has grown quite accepted in the mainstream scene.

But my problem with the opinions of others spreading the Mercury Retrograde information is that it tends to come across as pretty negative and worded in ways that are doom and gloom.  It tends to feel like fear.

There are only a few people who shout out a YAY about Mercury Retrograde, and I am one of them, so I would like to shed the light on what this planet wants you to know about this 3 times a year cycle.

First off, understand that no two Mercury Retrogrades are the same! There is not a cut and dry sort of description of what you can expect from this cycle as there are many factors such as the Sign Mercury is in, the Element the Sign is in, the Moon Phase that is closest to the initial Retrograde cycle, the placement of where Mercury is going Retrograde in your individual birth chart, the aspects Mercury is making to the planets in your birth chart and the aspects that are happening in the sky around the times of the 3 and 1/2 week period.

And that all creates a unique story for how each Mercury Retrograde Session will manifest.

And honestly, I wouldn’t be concerned enough to write this article except for the fact of how what you are told, is what you will believe, and what you believe is what you will manifest.

We entered a new higher level of manifestation within the last 2 weeks and what this means is that truly how you interpret the messages of Mercury Retrograde, is exactly what you are going to get from it.  So if you walk away believing that this is a time of nightmare situations, then you are guaranteed 3 1/2 weeks of nightmares galore.

Now one truth is that YES, Mercury Retrograde is the TRICKSTER and he is here to turn you around and even throw you on the ground
so that you gain a new perspective of your life. 
Sure thing, he may cause your pc to stop working, but it will be because he wants you to upgrade to a Mac.  And yes, he may have your car break down on the side of the road, but it will be to introduce you to the person who is going to stop and give you assistance, and from that he may even open your heart to feeling more supported by this universe and with having more faith in humanity.  And yes, he may have you forgetting about an important appointment, but he will also be showing you that maybe you are taking things too seriously and not getting enough rest and relaxation in order to better handle the high demands of your career.

And this right here is the MAIN point that his actions are not an ending, but instead they are to create a new and better beginning.  He will not just take things away from you and leave you high and dry.  He is always planting the seeds of how to be more organized and efficient.  He always is looking for ways to better our lives!

BUT. If you sit here and get all pissed off because your computer broke, during this cycle, even though personally, mine have only ever broke down NOT in this cycle and they are ALWAYS breaking or malfunctioning for someone at all times, but if you get too much into the energy of this being a negative thing and now your life is wrecked…. well, you can certainly plan on more things manifesting to ENFORCE that yes, your life is wrecked.  And especially in this HIGH instant manifestation space we are at currently in life. Oh yes! What you say and what you believe is hours away from manifesting in your life.

But what about thinking a new thought? What would it hurt to trust this universe and to think that there is a very good reason for things breaking down or causing us frustration?  And this is a free will world, so you do have the freedom to choose how you interpret the moments and situations of your life. You have the free will to see yourself as a victim, or a winner.  And you have the free will to feel supported OR victimized by Mercury Retrograde Sessions.  It is all on YOU, loves.

Life is about learning how to take the high road, and we have grown so addicted to creating more crisis and drama in our lives, but we all know that it is time to rise above and to see the good in all the things we have considered “bad” or “negative”.

Seriously there ARE reasons for things, whether they are lessons, or tests that are inviting us to go to higher levels.  Remember that you don’t get to higher degrees in education without taking tests and proving that you know what you are talking about.

And such is life, and right now we are all being tested by the Trickster.  The question is, will you pass or will you fail?

Now it is good to be prepared in knowing what sort of things may trip you up during this cycle and I talked about it already on the New Moon in Aquarius Video and also on these Individual Sign Written Horoscopes.

So what you can expect from this one that arrives January 21, 2015 until February 11, 2015 IS:

  • Insane arguments with others, because this one is in AIR and is about others people.  Now this one is unique because we are getting mad and acting like little bratty kids.  This is not a normal way to be, but this one is about us getting our needs met and if we feel we are not, then we are very irrationally getting our points across.  So these fights can be totally insane, unjustified and out of the blue.  They are not logical and most likely are not even based on truth, because ILLUSION is also in on this Mercury Retrograde Session.


  • Now these arguments are actually a part of a higher plan to TEST US and you can hear all about this in the Video , but basically there IS a way to handle these and it is that the one being attacked has a job to MIRROR back to, in a mature way, the emotional drama that the person who attacked threw their way.  So the one who is lashing out like a child is to then SEE what emotionally manipulative thing just came out of them, because this is a wound making its way to the surface and something that needs to be let go of RIGHT NOW. This energy now is about purging and releasing the hold we have on our bad habits and patterns.

So YOU are being tested to mirror this, and THEY are being tested to see it and then quickly come down to Earth with an apology and the explaining of why they lashed out, which will likely be something related to something else, like stress or other demands of life.

And from that test, and the passing of it, a new gateway of life experiences will be opened!  So it is important to pass this test and WE ALL are being tested as the one attacking AND the one being attacked. Not many people will escape this part of this Mercury Retrograde Session. So consider yourself warned and informed.

  • We also are going through a HATING OF PEOPLE space. This is due to Mercury being in Aquarius, so we will hate how unevolved some people are, and hate how fucked up some people are, and hate how that person is going so slow on the road and now YOU get stopped by the light, and hate that that person got the last item of that thing you totally wanted. And you get my point. We will all be hating people right now, but as you know, to truly love humanity, you have to first experience the hate of humanity.  From that point, compassion is then born.   When we lose something, we then appreciate it so much more. When our car breaks down, we suddenly appreciate having that car run smoothly. So the hate is okay, and it will not last, but it is a part of this energy.


  • Everyone will start this session in the Dark, due to the New Moon energy, and the Mars/Neptune conjunction, so things will be full of illusion and confusion and this is hooked up to a generator, so we are generating confusion right now. This means you don’t know what to do, or what to change, or what this means, or what is going on… BUT since Mars and Neptune are in Pisces, EVERY TIME we reach this confusion/illusion space we are being asked to withdraw and pull back and STOP EVERYTHING and go out into nature, go outside and meditate or connect to the Earth in some way. This also means we cannot solve anything right now with our brains and we can only solve things through completely stopping forward motion and by ASKING for guidance from the spirit world. Or this can be like asking for a sign to show up in your next day that points you to a solution.  We are in full on metaphysical arena with this one, so Tarot cards too will be more active in bringing you the correct decision to make.


  • This Session also has a very big patience vibration to it, so when we can surrender and trust and know that we are supported through all the chaos that may arrive on our doorsteps, we are then able to move into a very mature and higher vibrating perspective of why it all had to be. This one gives us Eagle Vision IF we trust this process completely. This is where we will see the whole landscape of why this had to be.  But the vision only comes when we surrender into trusting this process and not getting so worked up by freaking out about one small moment of life.


  • This Session also is about HIGH LEVEL CREATIVITY. When you can trust this process, you will then move into some of the most abundant and creative times of your life! Sure we do get these often in time, but when they come, they feel like the MOST creatively inspired ones of our life!  They always feel that good.  And this one does not fall short of FANTASTIC LAND. You can see the clear view of everything you want to implement and bring forward in your dreams of 2015.


  • You also will get answers to all blocked situations IF you pull back and meditate on them!! Powerful energy right now to bring the answers THROUGH mediation and yoga and  quiet times where we ALLOW something to just come to us without forcing it to come to us.


  • And also since this Mercury is in Aquarius, we can expect that new friends will find us and old friends will find us again!  This will bring things BACK TO US in regards to friendships or groups that we have been wanting to grow closer within.
  • AND YES, things may not go your way and things may stop you, but EVERY TIME there is something on the other side of that! So don’t give in to the throwing yourself to the ground feeling like things NEVER go your way, because there is something beautiful on the other side of that, if you can JUST TRUST THIS PROCESS.  You are to NEVER use your MIND for the Mercury Retrograde as it is always a time to GO INTO THE HEART and into feeling your way through the energy.


  • Now Aquarius IS the electronics sign…. so, this means you can experience some sudden and out of the blue disruptions, or changes… BUT if you can trust this process and believe that only good things come during this time, then you can move into a new space where your computer SUPPORTS you and you will feel very much like your computer is running great and you will have all these ideas to change your website or make it better.

Things don’t have to totally fall apart and be interpreted as negative times when Mercury goes Retrograde and I am here to prove to you that you can turn this trickster of the Mercury Retrograde around so that you start to get stoked for these cycles and will look forward to what miracles and blessings will come your way.

I LOVE the Mercury Retrograde and think I need to get t-shirts made with that saying.  We need to spread this higher vibrating interpretation so that it catches on and we all start loving this cycle.   This is one I look forward to as he brings me CLARITY.  It might take a while into the Session to see that, but every time, he clears up the confusion in my life.

So I invite you TO EXPECT good things and to EXPECT clarity and better insight into how to walk a better path to FIND YOU this Mercury Retrograde season.

I’ll see you for the next Mercury Retrograde Session on May 18 to June 11 with what you can expect! Let me know below how much you LOVE Mercury Retrograde!  What kind of brilliant insights or clarity is he bringing to your attention?  Who has he brought back into your life?