Well hello THURSDAY!
Today the inspiration is absolutely magical. I walked into this room and there were fireworks and also a nostalgic feeling like going to a summer night event.

It’s where we are aware of our senses being awakened — and this is to get you wanting more of that. We have a SUPER BENEFICIAL lift to the energy
occurring right now where we are enticed with something and invited to go
further into, in order to see that actually this is the very thing that will shift your perspective so that you can get on with living your life again.

Blocks are broken through at this time, as are connections being made that
affirm that worrying about things that we don’t understand is actually a big
waste of time. We can see that we fear so much, yet that is a perspective we
CHOOSE to hold, and that we then often have to see play out. But truth be told, at this time you can see how those fears are triggered by your own lack of confidence in your value or with your creative gifts and in being able to have them sustain your life so that you can do what you love.
And the fears are often programmed by others, but they have power only
because you lack the faith in your own value at times. And when we dip into feeling that we are unlovable or too damaged ‘to have,’ then we create
situations that affirm that, through what is actually just miscommunications or misdirection of our energy so that people don’t really see us clearly or get what we really want them to do. If we feel that no one will love us or love our creative gifts then we look out and SEE things as warped miscommunications.

They show I am so interested in you – but you think that face says they are mad at you, and disinterested – because YOU are looking for ways to affirm that no one will love you or your creative gifts. When our programs operate with flaws, we interpret in flawed ways. And the more we were depleted and left neglected, the more we see it all way wrong – but only because we EXPECT it to continue because we saw it in the first place. So we must forget what we saw and create a new way for things to unfold starting right now. Through the artistry of our imaginative minds we are set to move mountains and manifest magic over the next 72 hours. It is ON. We are back. Time for movement. Time for connection. Time for passion reignited. Time for new path, FINALLY walked. Time for new day, FINALLY ours. We are so close to something new and it happens right now. NOW, that arm reaches from above to pull us to safety, to take us out of the raging waters of a constant river ride, and to see that now we recoup and adjust to a new day — but we must let go of the pain and the fears for how scary things were getting.

We must know that challenges will still be all around and are written in the
journey of life, but we are safe. And now we are in a new manifesting vibration that allows things to move us to safety and to get down to creating and making big magic. But let the scary storm stories go. We must recreate and get down to business. There will be loss, but we must focus on what we can still save. We must keep moving, stay fluid – but only dream for the better things to manifest in our lives. Enough of affirming that we deserve to suffer and feel let down. Ignite your inner royalty and crank it to the other side where you EXPECT NOTHING but the very best. And then let that co-creation play out. It will work out much better to your liking. Give peace a chance. Give the good a chance.

You ARE a co-creator.
You ARE in control of more
than you realize.
But when you do realize —
Your life changes.
So, are you ready for change?