So much to say about this current Eclipse energy!  And I am going to bring much more insight about the prophetic times of an Eclipse Season but will get more to that with the even more powerful Solar Eclipse we have on October 23rd!  For now, we need to talk.  There is an energy shift that has occurred with our New and Full Moon energies and for NOW we are feeling much more intense and disoriented with the NEW MOONS, which is usually how we are with the FULL MOONS. So our Full Moons are feeling MUCH MORE wonderful and optimistic and right now we are in a SWEET nectar of the Gods sort of energy. Mmm. Mmm. Mmmmmmmm.  (FOR MOST PEOPLE!!)

Now if you are having a hard time right now, understand that this is a guidepost alerting you to there being something that you need to get off your chest and to share in a dialogue with another.  We have been given many a provocation over the past 6 weeks and have been called, over and over, to speak our minds, to share our opinions and to clear the slate in regards to issues that have felt like others crossing boundaries with us.  And if you have lost your cool and just blurted out what you were really feeling, over the past several weeks, then you should be feeling pretty amazing right now, because you answered the call.

If you held it in, and played nice and have buried these feelings coming up in you, then you are feeling irate, irrational and bitchy as all get out with this Full Moon. And my love, this is the permission you have been waiting for:  It is okay to speak up when you feel that others have crossed your boundaries or are making you feel small or are making you feel insignificant or you are feeling things under cover that are not being addressed even though your body FEELS that something is not right. 

IT IS OKAY TO SPEAK UP, and honestly, love, you are NOT going to be able to pass go and collect your $200 until you do. What is going to happen is that you are going to get even more disgruntled and upset and depressed and agitated until you finally burst and create a situation that has THAT energy as the motivation of your words.  The longer you hold this in, the more of an explosion will be created.

Now I do want to let you know that, YES, it is not always easy to speak up and say what we are needing to say. But when you do, you will be telling the universe that you DO value who you are and DO know that you have every right to draw a line and choose who comes closer and who must stay away. You do not have to be this open sponge that just takes on everyone drama and negativity! You don’t!

And when you speak up, YES, it may not go all sweet and loving and hugs and kisses. And you may feel sick to your stomach for days afterwards, going back and forth, slightly regretting that you even said anything, because of their reaction to you speaking your truth. BUT, I can tell you that as the days roll on, you will start to feel VERY GRATEFUL for what you did and you will feel stronger for being clear and speaking up no matter who wants to blame you or try to make you feel bad for stating your opinions. No love, you really don’t have to be a passive “yes, master” to everyone. It is in fact doing yourself a disservice to keep your mouth shut when inside you are screaming a whole different reaction.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  WARNING >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Now DO BE WARNED, and I hope I get to you in time, that this Eclipse is in an aspect that I teach you about in my revamped Moon Journey Program Course, which I will tell you about below! (eeeeee!)  But this aspect tends to bring a fight or discord sort of situation with a female. It tends to be where someone comes out of the blue at you and it pushes your buttons to high heaven. What you learn from me in the book and/or course I am offering is that it is always best NOT to engage with THIS particular provocation.  Others, yes, it may be appropriate, but THIS ONE is one to avoid and you would be wise to just let it roll off of you. If you do, this will shift along and be something that doesn’t even affect you in a day, but if you match the energy, this will linger for days and days and days, growing larger and more insane with each day.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  END OF WARNING…. CONTINUE ON >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The three types of energy + the New Psychic Nation:

Understand that there are 3 types of energy:  harmonious, disharmonious and neutral.

  • The harmonious is where we come together with others and it amps us up in numerous ways. The harmonious energy exchange is like being with your peoples who you just feel so at home with and like they love and honor you no matter what. You leave these people feeling good and sometime amped up with energy. I actually stopped working on these readings last night and raced up to the store to get a snack before they closed and ran into one of the most wonderful, authentic peoples in this town of Santa Fe, which I ran into his wife a few weeks earlier doing the same thing, shopping for late night snacks, but I haven’t seen him in years and being around him had me AMPED TO THE FIRST DEGREE! I was GIDDY after our little talk and unfortunately SO giddy that I came home and got no more writing done, which is why I’m here at the crack of dawn cranking it!!
  • The disharmonious energy exchange is where you just don’t feel right about certain people. There is a clash or suspicious feelings or in some way you are holding back the truth of who you are, being more guarded and like a dalmatian smelling smoke.  In the disharmonious energies we tend to be more alert and aware that SOMETHING is not right. We tend to leave these people disoriented and not in the moment because our alert system has been activated and is searching for WHY and WHAT this feeling is all about.  You also can’t get them off your mind, and again, the contemplation of them takes you out of the NOW and you end up missing important things because the SOMETHING IS WRONG HERE factor pulls you away from being present.
  • The neutral energy is more of a common exchange where they don’t really affect you either way but it still is okay and calm.  This is probably most of your acquaintances. Its doesn’t bring up your alarms but it also doesn’t affect you in huge moving ways.

Now the reason I bring this up is because part of the equation of the energy currently is that MOST of what is moving us and triggering us are things coming from our intuitional senses.   And this brings me to the topics I shared a while ago about my friend who was visiting this summer who has worked professionally as a psychic for 30 years and she said she noticed a shift that took place 7 years ago where the metaphysical world finally reached the mainstream and is now the most normal and accepted thing ever.

As she put it, MOST PEOPLE now know how read tarot cards, to understand astrology, to use crystals for healing, and even 10 years ago these things were more only for the ones who were very much ahead of the times.  And like I told you, 15 years ago NO ONE knew what the rising sign was so I was in hey day land of exposing others to the basic cords of astrology.  Now I am forced to find new and exciting aspects of astrology to expose you to… which I AM doing… and very soon!

But what we also discussed is that with the movement of the metaphysical world into the mainstream, this had ushered in a world of psychic peoples!  There are different levels of psychic awareness, obviously, but the basic one starts with honoring and listening to your intuition. THAT is how you open the door to becoming more psychic.

And I have noticed since living my career dreams that I have grown 100 times more psychic, but it is also that thing where I tell you to always affirm when a psychic hunch has come to pass. You ARE to say “oh my gosh I’m so psychic” every time something comes to you before it manifests.

And the more you do this, the more messages will start to come to you. This is basically telling your guides, or higher self, that you ARE listening to the nudges and belly promptings. And when THEY know that you are listening, they show up in full force! I ALWAYS feel someone when they are sending me an email. I ALWAYS feel when someone has an issue with me. I ALWAYS feel what others are feeling even if I am so not interested.  Becoming more psychic is kind of a gift that you can’t run away from though, which is why the more psychic you become, the less people you want to take into your life.

And from my experiences, which have been a plenty in this past year, what you are feeling WILL come back to bite you if you do not honor what you are being guided to do or not to do.  But after you fail several times and just want to believe that the messages you are receiving are NOT the truth, and when the repercussions of not believing come your way a few times, you will VOW to never dishonor the guidance that speaks to you through intuitive and psychic hunches.

But my point is that we are ALL becoming more psychic.
You hear the most conservative people noticing things now such as “I just didn’t feel good about going on that trip”  or “I just didn’t feel good about her the moment I met her”  or “My gut just warned be that this wasn’t the best idea”.  We are talking about our intuitions finally!

And understand that we are JUST leaving a world of generations who were raised to believe that if you keep it inside and don’t say what you are thinking, that is doesn’t matter!  So we still have so many people who harbor resentments, jealousy, envy, anger, and judgments, INSIDE, while giving you a pleasant smile or wanting to be your best friend. (I’ve coined this the “Single White Female” energy, from the movie with Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh).

And THIS has opened the door for much confusion!  How many of you are feeling that disharmonious energy with particular people, jobs, places, or ideas but can’t put your finger on why and don’t really have a reason to feel suspect, but you just DO and it comes from your gut?  So now we are at a place in history where people are being forced to make huge and radical moves based purely on what they feel inside!  Its the same thing of moving somewhere where you have NO security or safety net but you just feel CALLED to go. We are feeling CALLED to let go of people, to let go of jobs, to let go of partnerships, to let go of situations, to let go of all the things that we have thought of as providing stability.

We are risking it all and gambling on the power of our intuition to speak the truth!  And listen to me loud and clear…. YOU CAN TRUST YOUR GUT.  And if you are having problems believing that this is true, then I recommend you read the book The Gift of Fear.  You will NEVER question again what you gut tells you after reading that book.

Now do understand that this relates to the podcast I talked about with letting go of “toxic” people. Someone who is “toxic” for one, may be described as the most awesome and authentic person by another.  This is a totally a personal thing.  It is how we are uniquely wired and someone who has a more disharmonious energy exchange with YOU  may have a totally empowering harmonious exchange with another.  There is no room for judgments here as it is just energy and that is that. It is not the same across the board.  Everyone has friends, and everyone has enemies. Its all about the individual energy exchanges that actually show up in the astrological chart.

A warning to you:  when you feel  a strong reaction that has you rejecting others or feeling envious of them or wanting to put them down or see them as NOT ALL THAT…. then WALK AWAY!  Leave the situation NOW.  You will only harm yourself by staying around and adding to the disharmonious energy, which will magnetize back to you anyway, in the form of bringing you a life of nothing good manifesting,  but also, THEY ARE GOING TO FEEL YOU!!  They are going to pick up on your true feelings of them.  That is what I am really trying to show you. We feel each other now and nothing stays hidden. 

I had this strong rejecting energy with this guy on youtube who made my whole body respond in a negative way.  So why would I stick around and watch him more so that then I would be furious and vengeful and holding a low vibrational energy?  He was actually brought to my attention a couple times in the past months where someone was asking me what my take on him was and honestly, because I left the scene and didn’t immerse myself in something that was flat out annoying, the energy ended up shifting and now he doesn’t even phase me!  Now I can say, yes, he is serving the people who are on his level and that is GREAT. But had I become obsessed with seeing him as someone with issues or judging him through my own lens, then it may have not been so easy to shift. Now I just think he’s funny!

So there is the potential for you to shift from disharmonious to neutral FROM walking away from that which triggers you in negative ways. Give it some space.  And honestly loves, the shift usually comes from US facing something about ourselves that first caused the disharmonious energy.  Chew on that one.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< WATCH THE VIDEO TOO…. So much more!  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Now since I am doing my usual NOVEL writing with these!  HA!  I certainly am never at a shortage or words or ideas to express when I write, but I also want you to watch the video I did below which is talking about the RISING OF THE FEMININE POWER IN THE WORLD…. WOMEN ARE STEPPING UP TO THE LINE and also about UNREQUITED LOVE and how we are being CALLED TO JUST SAY WHAT WE ARE FEELING. We are being PULLED UP and forced to get an answer on DOES HE LOVE ME OR DOES HE NOT OR DOES SHE LOVE ME OR DOES SHE NOT?

The Song of the times….

Now, loves, I am about to launch something that is so special and something that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better in that it will teach you to be more in control of the timing of things and also more calm with what is to come in your life.

I will be sharing more as we get closer to the date but on OCTOBER 15th I will be sending an invite to everyone on my newsletter list, on the aquarius nation facebook page, in the life collective private space and on Instagram.

So join one of those if you haven’t already and you can be entered into winning one of 5 gifts, with the top 2 being both of the books and entry into the classroom!  SPECIAL + HELLA EXCITING!

I will be announcing the winners  on the next readings for the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on October 23rd which is also the day that I officially LAUNCH the new program!

ALSO on the 15th the Bohemian Magazine LAUNCHES!! So I will talk about that in the newsletter but you can check more out on that HERE.

Okay what do you say we do this!! Read your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs.
And please share this post with all that you feel may benefit from its magic!


Pisces Horoscope Image

// pisces //
You are going to be very much focused on your career for the next 6 months as you are letting go of false beliefs imprinted into you from others that says you CAN’T do what you dream and CAN’T make a living doing what you believe is possible.  You are fully focused into shedding skins of what others have told you that you can or cannot do and this can have you being quite the rebel.  But love, it is time for the Pisces to rebel. It is time for you to stand up and give a screeching NO MORE as you are the ruler of allowing others to cross your boundaries as a way to not make a stink and be more the passive influence. You also are in a position to really give a reexamination of your value system in seeing where you are playing small and looking out at the world feeling like others get to achieve success but you must suffer and feel imprisoned by how your past has looked thus far.You are being called to go backwards and see where you are holding onto old thought patterns that come from others and that have determined what you believe is possible. You will be making peace with those buried blocked wounds and wiping the slate clean. This is reboot time in regards to holding yourself back just because others have put fear into what you long to do in your career and with your souls purpose.  You are being granted the energy of I CAN DO THIS and I WILL ROCK THE FUCK OUT THIS!  If you are working on some teaching/educational project or a writing project or an inspirational message shared in a big and out there way, GO FOR IT. Put those blinders on and only focus on how rad and wonderful and gifted you are.  It is time to step up with life and step out of the perspective of looking at the things in your life that you think of as negatives and things that are deficits. Realize that in this world now, it is the things that limit us and hold us back and force us to take a long and treacherous journey that are the VERY THINGS that make us special and with important things to offer the world.

Aquarius Horoscope Image

// aquarius //
You for sure have some things to get off of your chest! You are in a hotbed of activity within the relationship arena that is calling for you to speak up and speak your mind. This feels like there have been things that have been kept under the surface and recently you have been forced to deal with them and see if this can be healed or must be let go of.  There IS the potential to really bring things to a higher level of respect and love, BUT there is something you need to face with VALUES. And this may have to do with something like that you are learning to love and value yourself more and this has you EXPECTING more.  Do be open to bridging a new set of understandings with all partnerships because this chart says that YOU speaking your truth in a way that comes from your heart and holds the space that you are valuable and do deserve to speak your opinions WILL lead to growth in a positive way. So this does not feel like many of you will have permanent breaks, but if you do, then it is for the best and will lead to many new opportunities with people who are a better match. Just think about that, you have a win win situation here as long as you speak up and get these hidden feelings off your chest.  Now there is also something here with learning something new or wanting to expand your life in a way that opens more opportunities with your career, and you are being called to say YES to this.  It is important that you delve further into this and remember that this is something you would really enjoy to do through your career.  It feels like something that you have loved to do and its something that can take a creative gift to a higher level.  You may be inspired by friends or at least there is SOMEONE out there that is cheering you on and can see that you would be PERFECT at this. Also this won’t apply for all, but some of you are deciding that it IS time to teach something that you are really good at.  If you get bit by this bug, you should start ASAP and really think of doing it in a unique way.  You may also find that once you commit, you will be filled with many other ideas of what you would LOVE to teach and share.  So this feels like all the Aquarius will either be teaching something new or learning something new…

Capricorn Horoscope Image

// capricorn //
Oh yes!  This is wonderful!  So, you are going to be much more pulled back into your thoughts in regards to thinking about how to make some changes and to bring more expansion into your life THROUGH how to  make more money and how to handle a home related concern. You are to be letting go of any fears or past imprinted ideas regarding the home and how you feel it needs to look. You are being called to have a sort of reboot and rebirth with the home so that you can start doing these things that support you out in the world through things that are creative based or that bring more beauty into others lives.  There will be extreme focus on how to use the home to generate more money and this is still in the dreaming space and in thoughts that you  have when you are pulled back and doing something that is in auto pilot space. For sure you are called to go out into nature and to be alone and to really contemplate HOW to make your home environment the place where you generate the money to make a living. It is all possible right now and it deals with you pulling back to RECEIVE the guidance on how this could come to pass.  Friends are going to be the main source of inspiration, so it may be that you are observing them doing somethign similar and this will infuse you with the KNOWING that you can do it to. You are to CELEBRATE all of the people in your life who are doing the things that you want to do!  If you feel competitive and jealous you will hold back your bounty! That one is a promise!  YOU MUST go to the space that says there is plenty to go around and you MUST go to the space that says I CAN DO THIS TOO!  If you fall prey to envy or jealousy or feelings of anger or resentment you will surely falter at this time and lose out on this opportunity.  You are being called to SPEAK and THINK in the ways of a master and a teacher.  You must be like, I GOT THIS and I TRUST THIS.  You must look at the jealousy as something that is just guiding you to what you want too but then you must use that WANT to create the opportunities for success in your career to find you.   You are wired to be opening to new and exciting ways to bring your work forward and there IS the element of you narrowing down what it is that you really love to do and want to do. What is it that people really respond to in regards to your gifts?  You are possibly trying many angles to express your wisdom or gifts, but which ones are REALLY top notch gifts and which ones really light you up when people receive them?   There are many paths for you to take as we ALL now have MANY MANY gifts and tend to want to put a little energy into each one to see which one takes off.  But which one MOSTLY is well received?  Focus there and keep focusing there. The payoff will come when you really choose something that you excel at.  If you are putting too much energy into several areas… NONE of them will really show you the pay day.  THAT is a sign that you need to narrow down, because the MONEY wants to FIND YOU!!!!

Sagittarius Horoscope Image

// sagittarius //
So you will start this cycle going backwards and really thinking about how far you have come and how far you still would  like to go. You will then move into the arena of working with others and seeing how much more you are able to do when you combine efforts with those who are working on a common goal as you. Now what is going to happen though, is that you are going to want to be moving more forward on your own and with what you have to offer. This doesn’t mean you may leave the comfort of the group but you WILL assert yourself more in getting your messages out there so that you can create a path of YOUR gifts and YOUR contribution.  This work is very much creative based and also with something that is reaching people far and wide. I guess what I am really feeling is that you will ride on the coat tails of others and come to the party as a group, but what you are really hoping for and working towards is making a name for yourself so that you can really ground in some security that lasts for months and years to come.  Whatever you are creating now or are doing in a group function or with partners is something that may have royalties ideas surrounding it. This is like creating something once and then marketing the hell out of it to sell it over and over and over.  THESE are the things you are thinking of right now and the people to help you with this are for sure showing up. You also really just need to get clear on what kind of person you want to join with on this effort to make more of a name for yourself and with the energy currently, they WILL show up and find you. You don’t even really need to do much more that intend what you want because you are in this golden space where your dreams manifest if you just believe in them and put the energy out there that you are ready to receive them.  Now whatever is coming IS going to pull you back more into a contemplative space, so it may be that the work is done through accessing your intuition or through the retreating space.  Spirit somehow plays a part in this.   You also are going to be working full throttle and will need to protect your adrenal system, which then may mess with your thyroid.  You will feel like you will let NOTHING stop you and this will lead to some sort of fatigue in the long run. Next month you will have more time for rest and you had best take it because you are a live wire right now and this can lead to burn out.

Scorpio Horoscope Image

// scorpio //
Money. Money. Money. You are SO FOCUSED ON MONEY right now and how to make more and how to create something that is sustainable.  You are tapping into something that is very much souls purpose related work and that deals with values or with art in some way.  You may be feeling that others out in the world ARE seeing your worth and are projecting, in a way, your success onto you.  Its like they see you as so valuable and because of that you are destined to do and create things that bring beauty and value into their lives.   You may be very much focused on what you can create with your hands and this is something that you LOVE to do. You are also being called to use your mental thoughts to direct the creations and to empower them with healing energies.  This work feels like it is done in more contemplative and meditative spaces as you ARE in the process of being pulled back, even if things ARE hustling and busy in your outer world.  There is the need to retreat into a space of scanning your past year in order to discover what next steps needed to be taken and how to make the most of what you are really good at and also with the opportunities that are dropping on your path. You are looking at signs and connecting the dots on why they are occurring right now.  There is also something to be considered in regards to children and also with your creativity and they may BOTH be uniting in some way.  This could be something with teaching and with sharing what you know.  You may also be tapping into how to create more happiness in your life and how to feel more carefree about how it all comes together.  You also should expect that something is coming that will have you feeling more important in the world and this may really start to show up around the next eclipse, so DO BE a higher example of a human being. DO walk your talk and do not let it go to your head!  Yes you are wonderful and perfect; everyone knows that. But you are being called to have more patience and understanding in your close relationships that deals with you seeing all sides and also being in the meditative spaces in order to understand the truths of what is really going on with what is showing up in your life currently.  There are gold mines galore of wisdom that is wanting to reach your consciousness, but it only comes when you are silent and also seeing all sides of things.

Libra Horoscope Image

// libra //
This should actually feel pretty amazing for you!  There feels to be more harmony and love in all of your relationships AND your friendships. It seems like you have a magic tongue where you just keep saying all the things that draw them in and have them wanting to be even closer to you.  You are very focused on wanting to create a life that feels FULL in regards to having friends around you that you adore and a partnership that feels like MAGIC and the one.  There may be concerns that come up in any of those relationships but you will be able to butter down all situations through your ability to say just the right thing at just the right time. Be aware of that. Do not fall into doubt or negativity because if you do your mind will run rampant with those things and it WILL spill over into relationships. You are being called to be this very NOBLE and distinguished sort of example of a human being that KNOWS there is a way to heal all that ails. You are also being called to hold a higher perspective on anything health related as your power is in believing in the best.  Your thought patterns are to be watched closely as they are leading the way to all new directions in your life.  This is also such an exciting time for you where you are feeling this brand new sort of energy coursing through you that will have others seeing you in a new light. You are transforming and blooming into someone you have always dreamed of being. Do continue to keep it real and put yourself forward and FIRST in some cases. There is the need to believe in who you are and to value that you do have every right to voice what comes up from the depths of you.  You may also be focused on some money concerns and will want to get your finances all in order… but more on that at the end of the month. Just let your new ideas come to you and sit on them for a while because you are not needing to make huge changes just yet, but the ideas WILL come to you.  You may even want to learn something new or to study a new trade that will apply to what you are doing now, but making it more lucrative and beneficial. Look to your friends for inspiration!  It may be that they share or talk about something that is the answer to something you have been wondering for some time. They may also be the source of a new opportunity that relates to bringing in more income for you in the future.

Virgo Horoscope Image

// virgo //
This is going to be a time when you are fully focused on letting go of debts, in all ways of the word. You  are working in your contemplative times to figure out new plans with home related concerns so that you have more freedom and a better path with where you spend your money.  You are probably thinking about moving or buying a house or doing something that is a huge investment and change in your life. You are probably still in the dreaming space and visualizing and naming what you need and how you want it to look.   You are encouraged to raise the bar in regards to what you think is possible and this will really come from you having a stronger value system that says you DO deserve to have all the great things in life. This could also be that you are opening to KNOWING that having a spiritual existence does NOT mean you have to live miserly and with just enough to get by. You may be opening to the awareness that money and spirituality CAN be friends and SHOULD work together.  Now there also may be some sort of healing and depth related wound concern that is coming to the surface and you are feeling called to purify and to make this more balanced and to strive for a better foundation with which to build your life.  You are also coming to a new awareness with who you are in that you ARE seeing that you are valuable and DO have great ideas that can benefit others. This may be something focused around your creative gifts and with wanting to open up and share what you do know and have to offer as a gift for others.  Spend time in this arena and think about the things you really love to do, and you may also want to go back to childhood to remember what came so naturally to you.  There is much magic to be found when you are pulled back into your past and contemplating your life as a whole and with what that could mean with where you are right now.   There are threads connecting in regards to truly figuring out how to make money from what you love to do, and it will be found from scanning your life thus far. Look to those things that started as an interest when you were younger and became a big part of your life down the road. Look to the skills that you so naturally have always given to others.  Look to your abilities that roll right off of you and infuse you with passion when you do them.   But do plan on being pulled back in order to discover what is wanting to get your attention. Alone spaces, or meditative times are great for you right now because the messages trying to reach your consciousness will come when you are very subdued and operating in auto pilot sort of way.

Leo Horoscope Image

// leo //
So lets see what is up for you!!  This is to be a highly fertile and exciting Full Moon for you! You will be fully focused on a creative project that is set to launch in a big and beautiful way. You are being called to let go of how you think it needs to look and how you think it needs to come together as you are being called to just DO WHAT YOU LOVE TO DO and allow that to bloom into something that IS destined to take you to far reaching places. It feels like you are also to be combining with others and really taking in their perspective of things in order to have more success with what you are dreaming of doing.  But with this visualization of how you want to see this manifest and blossom, you ARE being called to put the largest vision of a dream into your  mind.  You are being called to take things to a higher level and to really step outside of the box of what has manifested or what you believe is truly possible. It may cause some guilt or uncomfortable feelings to dream THAT BIG, but this chart is saying that you MUST because there is so much power in your mind right now to expand in ways that are even beyond the dreams you have held.  Now there MAY be some issues with a woman who is not near you but is causing you to have some uncomfortable feelings.  This may even be someone you are working with on a creative project or who somehow plays a role in you getting your dreams out there.  This doesn’t feel detrimental but you may need to speak up to get things on the same page.  You are also in a death and rebirth space of letting something go that has outlived its purpose and you are to be this strength in knowing it is time to shift to the rebirth as this is tied into you feeling MUCH MORE CONFIDENT and much more on purpose with life. There is also something you need to say or to get off your shoulders with a partner or close relationship that is encouraging this NEW LIFE and new space and rebirth of something that is in need of transformation.  You can actually sway the masses in whatever direction you are wanting to lead them as your words and the way you express yourself are all about WINNING and success.   Do step out on that ledge and say what you need to say because you have full and utter power in being able to convince anyone and also to send them to new heights in an empowering sort of way.  You are golden right now so do what you have to do and just know that every thing is moving in your favor.

Cancer Horoscope Image

// cancer //
You sweet love are set up to focus even more so on breaking through any glass ceilings in regards to your career. This is where something is shifting with you where you are fully OWNING that you DO have these cool creative gifts and you ARE a valuable person on this planet.  And what this is doing is amping you beyond belief to want to create a work environment where you feel valuable and where you want to come ever every day to share your gifts. You want to be NEEDED and you want to see that what you are contributing is making a difference, even in your job doesn’t change and you have been doing the same thing for years. You just want to know that the business thrives because of what YOU uniquely offer.  Now there MAY be some female who is cramping your style right now and you are truly being called to lay down your arms and just let it all go.  This for sure is on the table for ALL Cancers in some way where you will feel like you are knocking heads with some woman around you.  Do know that you are just being called to be EXTRA loving and soft and to not engage or allow this to fester on. This is something to do with another, but the energy is coming almost as if attacking you. Let it go.  Just focus on being your soft and loving self and try to stay focused on your heart and with compassionate loving energy.  You are also working on something that is with the kids or creativity and you are going to be pulled more into the  home environment with this and possibly with things that relate to security and safety.   You may be focused on how to make things more solid at home and with the roots environment.  Home for sure is on your mind whether you are thinking about moving or wanting to redesign and even to heal some concerns that may be family related. There is work going on in the hopes of creating expansion and growth.  You are being called to be seeing the higher perspective of things as situations will arise that may feel like a testing. You are to hold the image of your whole life perspective and to understand how the book is not over yet and you are just on this chapter right here. You are to use the power of your imagination to SEE the most magnificent results of all your efforts.   There may be something in the works that starts slow and this may bother you, but do know you are creating the growth with your thoughts. So…… SEE how you want this book to end!  And hold that in your thoughts throughout all the eclipse energies.

Gemini Horoscope Image

// gemini //
So you are another sign that is very focused on needing to share something that has been on your mind and is keeping you from feeling free and true to who you are. You are actually needing to let go of feeling like you are outside of the group and instead need to join more solidly with people who you truly resonate with and are on your same level.  There may also be the need for you to really step into your wisdom sharing shoes in regards to a creative project that relates to sharing information or also possibly being a teacher.  This is like something with realizing you have a wealth of information that relates to the path you have walked and you will just know, especially with this eclipse season that it is time to make a change and to risk it all in order to live this long held dream.  There may also be the focus with bringing more beauty and doing something creative that benefits others in some way. You may be staring a new business venture that is something that is about the betterment of the world and its peoples and WITH OTHERS is such a huge part of this. You may think you can go it alone and think that it will work out best with you as the boss and you as the leader, but there is something with you needing to come together with others and to share the load in a way. This may be where one person has the technical skills and another has the promoting skills and another has the creative vision… or something like that.   You are pulling resources, in a way, to do more and to make a greater impact. Now friends are so in this picture, so you may be coming together with friends who are holding a similar vision and together you will inspire and empower the other to really believe in each other. There is a positivity with your words and with combining them with others in a way that breeds something like TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!!  This may also be where you are really able to shift and move your partner to grow to greater heights too as you are wired right now to be a source of inspiration for all your close partnerships.

Taurus Horoscope Image

// taurus //
So look at this! You are being asked to let go of all the things that say that dreams can’t come true! This is wonderful! You are being called to be like a faery tale princess or prince and to imagine the truth that if you can dream it, you can manifest it. You are also being called to go back to your childhood ways of not worrying how things can manifest and with just trusting that you WILL be taken care of and your dreams WILL manifest when the time is just right!  Now there is also something being let go of with the childhood times and this may relate to home or to something that occurred in the home environment that has kept you feeling a bit unsafe or unsure of what kind of future you can manifest.  You will need to look closely at messages you picked up on or with situations that occurred that rocked you to the core. There is something that needs forgiveness and compassion and sort of house cleaning sweep of the whole thing. There is the need to start over and start fresh with a brand new slate. And on this new slate you are going to want to create a brand new picture. This can be with something home related, such as moving to a new home, or this can be something with a romantic committed partnership, such as finding the one, or creating a new and better situation with the one you have already found.  There is also the element of being at war with self, and this can mean that you are needing to let go of the voices that come up and make you feel not good enough and like there is something wrong with you. This can for sure come up around situations of comparison, so when that happens just know that NO ONE can do what you do the way that you do it! Even if others are doing identical things, there is still room for you and your OWN perspective. Hold steady with that and put on blinders if you must. Your friends will set you straight every time as they KNOW how wonderful you are. So if the fears come lurking up through the darkness, contact those people who love you more than anything and always will have your back.  This may also be a great time to reach out to friends who have fallen away over the years. I have a feeling they are thinking about you as much as you are thinking about them. Make the first step.  Time DOES heal all wounds, in a way, but especially when we come together again with open hearts.

Aries Horoscope Image

// aries //
What are you thinking the world needs to hear from you?  You are in a sweet space of creativity and learning something new that actually will not be a solo venture and in fact can be more beneficial and prosperous by joining with others.  You are fully focused on expanding your life and taking things to higher levels but there is something waking in you that says you can do more with others than all on your own.  You may also be mellowing out and not feeling the need to push so much and to make things happen through you will that NEEDS to DO.  This feels like a bit of a softening going on with the Aries so that you are learning to be more in the flow and trusting of what is occurring instead of wanting to PUSH your way into all situations.  That is a big feat for the Aries!  I see you pulling back more and accessing your intuition as a guide for how to move forward on a new creative project that may also have to do with teaching something.   And again, this is either focused on doing something with others and in partnership or it may be something that benefits others and in some way makes their life feel more complete or beautiful.  You may also have something coming up with a romantic partnership that is with something that has been kept hidden or not yet verbalized and this will be a great time to clear the air so that you can move forward in a more positive fashion.  You may be the first one to bring this up but then you will be called to see their side of things because this feels like something that you both are feeling and you may be surprised at what they have to say. If it does disorient you, just try to listen to them and try to not need to be the only one who is right in this equation.  There is something with you needing to be assertive but not to demand that your opinion is the only one that matters.  Also do keep the outlook on the positive as things should work out just wonderfully, but it may feel uncomfortable for a part of the “reveling”.   You being able to be flexible and to listen patiently will make a world of a difference.