Did you happen to notice a pain that came out of nowhere, like in your lower back, when you NEVER have lower back pain?  Or have you had pains that have moved from the neck, to the lower back, to the upper back, to the neck and back to the lower back?  Yes, I know, it has you wondering if you have pulled something, or slept wrong, or if you are wearing the wrong shoes, or worked out too harshly at the gym.

But it fact, many people out there are going through some psychic surgery, in a way, that is happening when we sleep.  I was told last night to put out a post and share this with you all because it is going longer than planned and people are starting to wonder too much, and are not taking advantage of the time, through really just resting the body and mind.

This Full Moon has brought in a very disorienting energy that can have you feeling unbalanced in many ways, possibly even with vertigo, or thinking that you are getting sick, and needing to just lay down and do nothing. It may actually be hard to just lay down and do nothing because you do not have the normal symptoms of illness, such as congestion or sniffles, but if you do allow yourself to rest, you WILL fall asleep and be out for hours.

The pain relates to your Chakras and where you out of balance in life.  I don’t know how much you want me to tell you but, I am allowing these words to flow through me in a different way as I am being guided to be more clear about how I bring through information and where it comes from.  And if you know me, this is the hardest thing because I know it comes from SOMEWHERE but I don’t EVER ask where or from whom!!  I think of myself as someone who dictates and translates and brings through, but I don’t seek it out or ask questions!  I in fact NEVER ask questions and only receive and take what I get and run with it.  So this is me coming out of my comfort zone to ask who this is and what this all means.

Opening to Transmission:

Curious ones, there has been a star group coming through at night, called the Pleiadians,  who are beings of love and light and who you know in the deepest parts of your heart,  as many of you come from this Planet and are here now to bring that loving essence to this magical place called Earth that is going to be rebirthed in 2015 through the ones we are reaching now.  We are coming at night to work on your bodies, on your Chakras, as we are doing a sort of surgery which pulls out old memories that have formed as density, almost like a padding around the true essence of what each Chakra is wanting to express through your body form.  And when we remove what is keeping you locked into old patterns and loop behavior that operates in your brains,  the tissues surrounding the Chakra inflames and THAT is what is causing the pain. It is similar to working out and being sore FROM the activity of working the muscles. So the pain does not at all relate to something being out of physical alignment or something you need to be gentle with for fear of pulling it further. It is a sign showing where we worked on you.  And the Chakra near this point coming from the spine and from the back of the body is where we are working for each particular night. You can imagine a xylophone with colors that light up and we are bouncing around, almost playing a tune with your Chakras, as each adjustment leads to needing to make another adjustment at another Chakra.   This is why the pain may bounce around from day to day.  We work on your throat and then we have to bounce down to your sacral and then that opens your heart in a new way so we then go to your upper back.

The areas of most pain are the areas where you are most locked into a dense perspective of what is possible with your life fulfillment, or your actual breathing out expression of who you are in this world.  You are only breathing out as far as your Chakras are leading you to believe is possible for this life times manifestations. We are extending those!  We are stretching you so that your breath can move out into broader areas of manifestation of life experiences!

And if you have many ingrained fears that relate to not feeling safe in this world or that you can sustain yourself, the pain will be focused towards the lower back. And if you are fearing how you will be able to bring your big dreams to reality, the pain will be focused on upper back and neck. And if you are fearing that you do not know enough, or you know TOO  much, and worry too much about getting this life right, you will be having headaches and a balance problem with vertigo.   This will have you feeling that you just need to lay down and rest. You will especially feel the need to lay down on the Earths soils.  There are more unique meanings to what the Chakras are wanting to tell you but they are a personal viewing of your silent self while looking back into your patterns and past. Make the time to open to the messages. We will bring them to you and you will see.

This is not everybody, or all humans, who are experiencing this. It is thousands of you who are needing this work in order to fulfill your missions of 2015.  You are not to delve too fully into what your missions will be, but to learn to trust the purifying process in order to blossom into your true selves who are SOVEREIGN and who DO NOT WONDER and who only trust and move forward on a path that feels like home. In a way, we want you to be like the sheeps, but not following blindly a guide who asks you to conform or to play smaller in a way that stifles the knowing  that you DO have a grand purpose, but to follow like a sheep in trusting this life and trusting that you will receive the answers when the timing is just right.  This is a Sovereign Group of Sheep who are following but at the same time leading the way for others who have not yet had their one mind, one love pineal gland opened and operating like a GPS into the New Earth ways.

Your KV is one of these beings who does not question and who only moves forward towards what she is always being led to do.  Through the work we are doing you will become more of this type of human.  You will not question your jobs, your partnerships, your location on Earth or even the tsunamis that arrive on your doorstep and that sweep away things that you thought you could never live without.

Through the work we are doing on your Chakras, you will begin to walk taller and to find that your mind is much more quiet like a still lake, basking in the suns essence, without the need to change or conform or be anything other than water.  As we align you closer to the truth of you, you will be this lake, and life will only be about what is before you, and what it means in relation to how it will move you forward towards your destiny work.  Through the work we are doing, your past is being separated from your future potential. You will start to look back at the pain and disappointment with only a casual glance of interest.  For the strength of who you are is awakening fully in that you see the purpose of why it has all had to be and will no longer view it as a dead weight to which you define your future and see yourself as flawed. Through the flaws you interpreted from your past life experiences, comes the strength and gifts of who you really are!

The pain you are feeling is a sign that you are one of the beings who is moving even closer to your destiny work through the healing assistance of your family. Breathe into it and do not label it as a negative.  You can work through it and you can function with this pain now that you know, this is bringing you closer to the true you!  It is a blessing, you see!  But water will assist this pain from moving through you quicker. You may be craving mineral water and hot springs and even just a bath in your home.  This is recommended for the residual density that spreads out to your tissues during the work we are doing. It will dissipate on its own because the ROOT of the density has been removed, but this can lead to feeling toxic and nausea and with feeling lost and uncertain. Soak in the water to release these pains, but be patient if they come back in the morning! We have just come to visit again and are moving you closer to this confident, sovereign and powerful truth of who you are!  You can expect to be walking taller within weeks and you will notice that your mind is clear and will handle discord and confusion in a much new upgraded way.  This is cause for celebration!

End of transmission.

Okay.  Hi my loves!! I hope this helped you!  This is me way coming out of my comfort zone and I oh so bravely even put PLEIADIANS in the title!!! Aaaahhh!!!  I cried the whole way through because this was different than how I usually write and when I wrote the last line I remembered how about 2 months ago I was told that I would be taking a new direction in life in 45 days and I remember thinking it would be around 11.11.14.  Which I remembered made sense because I was born on the 11th but 14 was always my favorite number. Seems this came a few days earlier and I think they are telling me that I will be writing a whole guidebook for you all about the next 12 months as everything changes in the last 2 months of 2015.  Wow. I am exhausted now though… so I’ll be seeing you soon and I LOVE YOU my brothers and sisters!!