Believe today That it arrives. And if it doesn’t -- Believe that tomorrow it arrives. Repeat until it arrives. Call this baby your way.

And here we go, loves! So last night a bright light of connection was made in your dreamtime. Many of you will even talk about a light, or something that made its way through so that something that had been in the darkness has now been revealed. This is FOR YOUR GOOD but it also may come as a shock where you are sitting in a totally different perspective so that you have to now adjust to what you thought you believed or knew. Before we know, we have no idea how it will feel when we do know. So be okay if you feel slightly stunned by something to the point you really have no idea anymore.

Things are coming at us where we are being put together with others, but what is interesting is that what comes may bring a shock – and it can even be with feeling violated or let down or like WTF? But. This still births movement and the shock gets something to rise out of you that needs to rise – in truth and in doing what is right and NOT what others expect of you or others intimidate you to do.

So being shocked back into life is not a bad thing. I am seeing that around this day we collide with someone – but it’s like in doing so we get a part of ourselves back. The visual being sent is of slamming together but then like a wave of energy releasing from the other, and parts of YOU come back to you. This also makes me think of how we give ourselves away to others or make THEM the priority, therefore part of our focus is always on them and attached to them and feeding off of their every move.

So this is a new energy coming in because we haven’t really been here, this deep in us, looking at how we stay focused on others or thinking we need them and it keeps us missing out on life – where we become a sleepwalker because our minds are focused on the other or some other or the lack of another and how wrong our life is right now WITHOUT the other. And the real magic shows when we DO finally release that addiction or obsession or fixated way of being.

When we just let it go and let them go and let that pressure go, something always comes in to fill that space and to affirm that we LOSE life when we are no longer open to this moment being when all will be provided. When we doom and gloom on our past or on how hard it is to manifest our dreams we are not showing the great mystery that we believe that magic can happen like 30 minutes from now. We are showing that we give up and that we have lost faith.

We actually need to stay in anticipation during all moments to bring the magic to your reality now. And a heads up, my loves, people can feel REALLY lonely around this day and probably spilling into around 2 weeks of time – so some of you may already be there. But do know this is part of the soap suds leaving the tub and in a very collective way – we are feeling A LOT and we have no idea what we are processing. But this is also a part of your soul that is waking to its needs and a big one is PARTNERSHIP. So if you do not have healthy partnerships in the form of love, friendships, or work, then you will feel lonely and longing for your matches. The most isolated of you will all crave partnership now and this won’t end until you match up. And the reason it won’t end is because YOU MUST match up. To bring in the Age of Aquarius we need you together in harmony and generating more of that energy through sex, joy, and brilliant ideas shared. So go anticipate all the satisfaction that is just about to show up in your life.