So today is the last day of our lives where we will still be anticipating the Uranus/Pluto square! Never again will this one be the talk of so much on the internet!

Well, we do still have months of the separating energy and to me, I have found that is always when the real action takes place. So we still have a bit more to talk about BUT TODAY around 3:44 pm Mountain time, we have the last direct hit.

I am kind of so ready to give it a rest anyway.  Mostly because deep and slow moving transits like this are so much an overall energy and something that changes the tapestry of our lives, or the basic foundation. But this is something that has been going on for years and with the movement into December 21, 2012.

So we knew what to expect, as the scene was bombarded with the 2012 shift talk … it is just walking our talk now that has been a little more than what we anticipated!

And what has been building was all to test us to SHOW how evolved or high vibrating we truly and factually are! We have all been through the roller coaster/ haunted house, where surprises were the mainstay and things throwing us off balance were all a part of the lessons.

The grounds beneath our feet HAVE been shaking and quaking! And now over the next few months, some of us will rise out of the rumble and find ourselves in sort of brand new worlds. All from the makings of our actions and of our words and of our thoughts in our minds. We have all been preparing a meal, of sorts, and in a few months we will come forward and show what we created from all the activity in the background.  Truly, the hidden and the background energy is what will be up front in a few months and I bet you all will wish you had given more care to what you were creating!

THAT IS WHY I AM HERE. That is why I am always pushing you to see what you are doing and to do your very best, especially when you are in the face of difficulties.  It really all does have a purpose, this thing called life.  And the main purpose is just to BE the hope vibe and to believe in the best and to know that all things can turn around and to hold the vibration that it is NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE.

I love too that when we have the last hit of the square, Venus is in the very last degree of Aries …. of war, of aggression, of ACT first and think later, of “take care of my needs first and let the rest of the people fend for themselves”.  This is also how the Nuclear Plants were developed without a way to shut them down when disaster hit, as the creators thought generations later could figure that out if that dire situation ever occurred. And now we have that dire situation for 4 years now, with Fukushima still flooding our oceans as we wait for our generations to come up with a solution.

So I think it is very noteworthy that to enter the GODDESS energy of sustainability and keeping the ball rolling and 7 generations, and all that, is where we instantly move into AFTER this direct hit.  The direct hit puts it in our faces about how we have been so disposable with this world and with only caring about our needs, giving little thought to our actions and how they unfold down the line.

In the 70’s, and even currently in some places, as unfathomable as it is for us to get our minds around, but people just throw trash out their car when they are done with it. You go get fast food, and when you are done, you throw it out the car window, with the thinking that someone else has a job to pick that up for you. With no guilt or even a seconds thought. I’ve used it and now I am done with it… out the window it goes!

So with this energy today, I want you to think about those things you do that only take YOU into consideration. And I want you to think about how you can EXTEND THEM.  If you have this lettuce in your fridge that is going bad, or on the way, and you know you wont get around to eating it, go throw it outside for bunnies to enjoy! Don’t put it in the trash. Think about how this can be enjoyed by someone.

If you have all these items that you are not using, think about how someone else could use them. Go to a donation box, or drop them off at some thrift store. Don’t put them in the trash. Think about how they can be enjoyed by someone.

If you are in this wonderful mood and feeling so safe and trusting, think about how this can be enjoyed by someone else. Go out into the world and smile and open doors for others and buy someones coffee in line and pick up a hitch hiker (if you feel 100% safe) and stop to talk to some lonely older person at the bus stop. Show others that you see them and that you care!

Because YOU are the catalyst for this next stage of our lives! You are one of the leaders bringing in the New Earth Ways. We have destructed things about as far as they can be destroyed and broken down. And now we rebuild. With love. And with sustainability as our main intention. How can we keep the good things growing and thriving?  How can we make a difference? We are staring over, loves, and we are showing others that no matter how dire the situation may look, there IS a way out of this and there IS a solution to this.

Welcome in the HOPE VIBRATION!  Usher this energy in with every morsel of your being. It is going to be okay and the end is not only near, it is here, and the beginning has just begun.  And now rushes in the PEACE.