Wow. So this is saying that you are leaving a huge cycle in your life that now comes to an END. This is what you have been waiting for! And the message is going to be about how now you have to start picking yourself up and start believing in a better future for yourself. So this won’t be the easiest of things because now you have this storyline of so many challenges and
difficulties so that you can appear a bit burnt out and just ready to give up. But NOW is the time to muster up your reserves and KEEP AT IT, because VERY SOON you walk into situations coming together one at a time, but each one releases huge amounts of stress and opens your scenery to a new view. You can be feeling like you are in labor and you are DONE WITH IT. Things can have you feeling grumpy and like you just need to see something
change. Just breathe and keep walking. It can feel harder around now, but only because the change is oh so close! You also need to help it along by not saying words that talk about how burnt out and done with it you are. You need to vent them to one person and then get up and get ready for a new bounty and a new way and all things transformed so that you can feel like
you got a grip on life and that it actually IS supporting you. You hold yourself back because you have ideas about how you think things need to be or how someone in authority over you is holding you back. It may even be that you think too much about what you think is holding you back because you are not operating on the timeline that you wish. So you are mad at all things blocking you or keeping you from feeling free to just be. And if you release the hold on thinking there is some interpretation and guide that MUST be followed, or scale to show if you are where you should be, then you can create a WHOLE OTHER pattern cycle that plays out from the antithesis of your pain. So you CAN’T keep seeing all of this as pain. You can’t keep seeing that moves from the past were mistakes because they did seem to bring a lot pain into your life. You instead need to let all that plagues you go and just flow with trust that it WAS for a reason and very soon it all will be made known. Your job is to believe that.


So the entire source of what is sort of keeping you from this whole new cycle, that is to overflow where you have been experiencing drought in areas of your life, is only blocked because of the words you use and how you instantaneously go about judging things, often in a way like you are giving up and can’t handle it. So you MUST release thinking too negatively
about things or thinking all struggle is out to get you. You must find some Pollyanna space where you remember that you ARE valuable and therefore whatever befalls your path MUST be about getting you schooled to be a better human and better at your art. So, like it’s just a test in school. It’s NOT something that you need to take in your mind and worry about or turn into something negative when it was just a fleeting thing set to clear up in a few
minutes anyway. Your barometer has gotten dislodged so that it quickly goes to the thought that all things are BAD NEWS and that this is something else to mess you up and throw you off path. BUT. That old cycle is now over where, YES, you HAVE BEEN challenged and gone through a year or few of a constant Mercury Retrograde vibe. But that’s what it needed to
be. And now it moves into something else, so you need to allow the new story to be by STOPPING the repeating and expecting of the old story themes. It’s a new season and you need to take hold of it and manifest what it has in store for you. This will take dedication to pay attention to your thoughts.


Well look at that. Everyone has gotten such a perfect reading as how the chapters roll along and how ultimately we all are being primed to be our best version of our signs. So you have to compromise in being the strength of your critical mind and to instead be the strength of your compassionate heart. Virgo is the Goddess. But Virgo is also the apprentice. So you go
through a process of student to teacher, or novice to authority. And the journey is never enjoyed by you in terms of the timing – until you get to the Goddess, that is. You always second guess it and think you are losing time, losing your mind and have missed some boat that you decided the schedule on. Therefore, you come across as agitated or flustered or not on time to others BEFORE you become the Goddess energy. And right now your path is
being changed so that your system can calm and reboot and present through the strength of your compassionate heart. Think nurse. And EVERYTHING is moving you towards thinking about how others see you in regards to a title or something that sums you up. And you don’t
want to be scattered and illusive to people. You are ready to show yourself through a stronger lens where you offer authority pieces and where life LOVES on you – and we see that AND project it even more onto you. But you first have to hold the space for us to envision you in higher ways. This means you may need to change things about your appearance or something that gives us that first impression. It also may be that you need to
put yourself first or lead the way or do something that shows us who you are.

This next year is to bring so many changes that revolve around where you live and who lives there with you. So the changes are with what surrounds you and how that supports you OR causes you more friction. And the changes you make will be about bringing in loving situations so that you can feel more carefree in the day to day so that you AREN’T judging
yourself and everyone else so much. You know that when you have money, straight away your mood is lightened. You know that when you stress about money, straight away your mood is agitated and heavy and DISTRACTED. Being that YOUR MIND and the words you use is what shifts you into the new cycle, then you see that YOU are in control of starting over in a new way. And you have 100% power to change WHATEVER aspects of your life
you are ready to start over. You are NOT too old. Too much time HAS NOT passed. Rewrite this. And also get used to writing more because there is a message that this is to calm your nervous system and get your responses to provocation slowed down a bit. Something about talking with yourself or being in some creative project is what is filling you up, like what money does with our sense of security. You also will have to choose for you and to choose paths that are NOT what you are expected. This will involve self-care and you taking care of yourself because it is unhealthy to be so stressed. And you are opening to ways where your system can feel supported so that you can then step into a position of supporting others or doing your thing so that their lives are made better. 2019 motto: What you think is what you