You have not messed anything up beyond repair. It’s just gonna take some time. Time that begins right now.

Good morning, baby! And today you are going to wake up feeling a bit vulnerable and slow to rise, but quick to feel annoyed over all that gets in your way. Unfortunately AND fortunately, it seems we are very much in each other’s arena and are coming together to move each other’s lives forward.

So depending on the yearnings of your soul and what you need in completed partnership, whether that be love, a real friend to spend time with, or workmates that make work feel great – whatever it is, it is on your mind and today things finally do come together because the magic in your yearning soul matches with the magic in another person’s yearning soul. And our yearning is STRONG right now – so that synchronicity and DELIGHT in being alive after colliding into some magical feeling with someone, is bombarding our potential spaces. And we are making a connection. And this is like hail the size of a bowling ball. We pretty much all should expect to get hit by something that wakes us up.

And we make landing into something that EITHER fills our hearts all the way up to complete, because THIS is so complete OR it rips our hearts open into the deepest yearning for another person to be in our lives and to be a part of the future we want to create. So no matter what, our hearts are wide open and feeling and we also are keeping it real and wanting to share who we are without having to bend and mold and conform into others’ projected images of who we must be.

We are getting done with that, starting about now, because it’s hard to fake it all the time. But fakers most of us are in some way or in some situations. And that can feel like a super big drag at this time. Know that you are encouraged to rebel and to say it like it is and to do what they don’t want from you. There is a mafia-like controlling situation in the air this week that deals with trying to shut the other down, quiet those that go against, to silence the objector. But that doesn’t mean we must follow! In fact we must speak and say and BE what we know is the way to be and to get comfortable getting shocked reactions from others that are mafia like in trying to get us back into old form and be who they want us to be – falling in line.

With that in mind, remember that you really will have to physically LEAN INTO what your heart desires. This means you need to be bolder or more assertive than normal. Words needs to be spoken that make it abundantly clear what you are feeling. You can also expect to be like, whoa did I just say that?? and yes you did – thank goodness. Now let’s move this along. We liberate ourselves and others at this time and what we do is we MOVE THIS ALONG TOGETHER. When we come together at this time we ignite a remembrance of how we DO need life to be. And we learn it through pain – or pleasure – but we know that we want to start a new garden with our lives and it is clear to us what we want to build again from a new, well thought out plot of land with a total consideration to all that goes into this virgin land. If nothing has been there before, what to dream of planting there now?