Well Hello FRIDAY | 28 December 2018


So RED ALERT WARNING my loves! Here we go. So this one is all about you being tested about how you interpret things or where you take in some sort of expectancy in regards to what you think something means – BUT at this time you will clearly see that you are downright negative or half glass empty with total lack of hope in regards to something that runs through your mind today — and it comes packing a punch. You can be walking along and then something out of the blue presents and then it can feel like you fell into this pit that is coated in oil and you may even suddenly fall into some sort of TOTAL hopelessness as if you really know now that you are not good enough and will never manifest the dreams you long for. That is only what other, special ones get.

So this is kind of humorous in how I feel the energy is flowing because it’s ALL A CON JOB, loves. It’s con to the 1ST degree. And I don’t even remember what I wrote but I was just told that you all need to read Tuesday’s reading again to remember how you are sitting here looking into all your “mistakes”, your wounds, your losses, your regrets and have grown addicted to their tone and therefore you continue to manifest it. So we need to look up and start to grow into our wisdom where we understand that all moves in life play a role in getting us further up the mountain.

All things are not mistakes in that we ARE here to walk them and learn from them in this lifetime – and unique they are to all our lifetime learnings before. This is for US. This is for you to walk, for me to walk, for them to walk. Let’s get over right now thinking that all these things are mistakes when they are you showing up for life school. Get over feeling hurt by what is here, and instead listen to what it is saying with focused intent on what is the answer to make this better. 

Lift your chin. Lift it up to believing something will save the day and that there is some higher meaning to all that contributed to who you are now.  But also don’t forget. You get to rebuild RIGHT NOW and every single day you are given this present moment where you have the choice to recreate, to redesign, to start over and to get this right. It’s always available right now. But looking only to the past and taking that sadness into your future visions has not been working, right? 

So let’s walk into new world handbook material where we start to see like the eagle with the higher vision and not placing so much importance or judgment on all the small details of all those individual parts that do make up the whole. From a higher vision you are not judging yourself when you were 18 and you fell. From a higher vision you are not judging yourself when you were 28 and you collapsed. And the reason is because when you see the higher vision you also see yourself at 38 when you SOAR and 44 when you are on top of the world with all the things you dreamt for at 28 when you thought you wanted to die and give up because it was SO HARD. From the higher eagle vision you trust your path and therefore it all MUST mean something and in fact you have never been a victim in this, but rather are in school, learning some things that are yours to learn. 

So allow the pain to inspire you to want more for the special incarnation chosen just for you. And give it a rest on always thinking the worst is yet to come. Turn that frown upside down.

Turn that frown upside down.
It’s time to play a new tune in your life.
What would you really like to dance to?

Sending heap loads of HUGS + KISSES your way!
XO Kerryanna

THE MOON IS IN VIRGO and therefore you are going to want to take care of the details and put your life into order. This is when you are very critical about things, but it’s all because they need to be brought back into a healed state.

LATER THE MOON MOVES INTO LIBRA and you are going to want to try to bring beauty and balance to what is going on around you. You may be sort of indecisive and will be thinking about making decisions. Your thoughts are with OTHERS and in trying to do what is right. 


TODAY VIBES AT TWO and therefore you are being asked to try to come together and bridge two perspectives. Things are coming at you in opposition but it is on YOU to go soft and not allow them to ripple your flow. Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

TODAY ASLO VIBES AT FOUR and this is putting you on notice that TESTS are written into this day. We learn a lesson on the four and it is similar to Saturn in that it lets us know that things can feel challenging, but this is something you are to rise above. 

TODAY ASLO VIBES AT SIX and this is the number of LOVE. Be compassionate today and do not allow your ego to get the best of you. Your soft heart saves the day today. 

moon phase of the day

BRING IT FORWARD. When the Moon goes Full you have 7 days to bring the light to what you are working on or need to say. This is when you move things forward and when people WILL see you. Think of the light of the Moon — DO when we are in the light.