Well Hello SATURDAY | 29 December 2018


And here we go into the right side of the moon mapping wheel and therefore today you will be pretty tired and out of it – so don’t think anything is unusual about this. Today just has many yawns throughout and the feeling that things are waterlogging us as we sort of float along the day.

Where we want you is to be armed today with the faith in your heart to know that if you do listen only to what your intuition or feelings are telling you then you can have a massively productive day where you bounce or flow from thing to thing, but where you are somehow processing things as you stay busy with your hands and with seeing yourself complete things.

But remember, we are sort of tired right now, so how does this translate when crossing energies on the same day? What this means is that we are really getting into the groove of the new world ways we are to flow in life around THIS VERY DAY. So there is something unusual to it in that even your energy levels are speaking and you can be dog tired and think you need to rest, but then if you just put your focus into something new, into flowing into a new interest, then you will be super ignited with energy and passion to stick with this and learn more about it or go deeper into its meaning or completion. 

So your fatigue is actually “fatigue” – it is illusive in its interpretation but it really is saying STOP what you are doing and change something. Then when you do, your energy and passion turns back on and you don’t remember being tired. I was out with my friend last night and was suddenly so hungry so we stopped to get a taco, but then after one bite I was like disgustingly full. Like, oh my gosh I can’t even swallow this. Chewing the first bite filled me up. And then after that I used the word ‘weird’ like 50 times, which was so weird. And I also was sooo tired like I couldn’t even hold my head up or enjoy the conversation – like, can we just rest here? But then we got home and were up for 5 more hours laughing hysterically over everything and having enormous breakthroughs about all facets of life, love, and what it’s all about.   — So yeah. That is the vibe of today. —

But, honestly I remember walking in the joint to eat and suddenly being zapped by the energy but totally filled up by the smell of the café. Little did I know I should have just left after the smell because actually that was all my belly really needed at that moment. Even upon getting home I didn’t eat. I had that one bite for dinner and nothing more.

So this new flow asks you to just listen to your feelings and go on that. LIKE FOR REAL. If we don’t, we can be slowed and depressed and halted and eaten alive by something ultra dramatico – and weird. We CAN go nowhere, but we also can learn to just go in a new way so that even if we think we aren’t going anywhere, if we ARE moving on the provocation of our heart/gut/feelings then we’ll end up where we need to be and we feel so much better than we did when we were in that stuck position thinking we didn’t know what was going on. So MOVE even though you are tired, but wait until you hear the call of what to do or when to follow the cookie crumbs.

Now today someone or something you witness outside of you will give off a vibe that hits you to the core and sends you convinced that you are the ultimate loser and actually do not have authentic gifts that really will be valued. You will dip into a mud pit and think you are a total loser. And I am telling you this because it IS a mud pit you CAN get out of the moment your first toe touches in – OR, you can jump all the way up to your nose and just hang out there in the darky muddy pit.

On this day, you don’t have to jump in and learn something. You just need to be like how you are when you turn off the water faucet – when the doubtful thing I’m talking about rushes in, HALT IT, turn it off, talk it down and then MOVE into something new that can shift you out of that energy and into getting things done and therefore feeling like you HAVE accomplished a lot.

This flow today is quite unique!

I can’t tell you what to do.

But your heart and gut

Have a lot to say.


That will guide the way.

Sending heap loads of HUGS + KISSES your way!
XO Kerryanna

THE MOON IS IN LIBRA and you are going to want to try to bring beauty and balance to what is going on around you. You may be sort of indecisive and will be thinking about making decisions. Your thoughts are with OTHERS and in trying to do what is right.


TODAY VIBES AT TWO and therefore you are being asked to try to come together and bridge two perspectives. Things are coming at you in opposition but it is on YOU to go soft and not allow them to ripple your flow. Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

TODAY ASLO VIBES AT FIVE and this means you somehow are facing your past AND future today — possibly at a crossroads — and will need to find strength to continue towards the future way.

TODAY ASLO VIBES AT SEVEN and this means conflict is around from  disagreements or misunderstandings between people. You may also feel that you are not being understood and people don’t really see you. Work to come together so that all sides can be blended. 

moon phase of the day

PULL BACK TO PROCESS. Seven days after the Full Moon we go into the right side of the Moon Mapping Wheel and therefore we go INWARD for two weeks. This is when people become more self focused and they won’t see you the way you need them to. Use this time to think over the moves from the last two weeks and process what you feel was a good more or a bad move — and then allow that to inspire new movement that starts in two weeks. This is the time to think things over.