Well Hello SATURDAY | 5 January 2019


So this Eclipse tells part of the story (the remaining parts will be coming over the next month) of how your next 6 months will be focused. It’s also a collective glimpse showcasing how we move forward as a group towards evolution and change. And this one is BIG. But it’s also VERY heavy in its weight and we will be tested as to how we use this to actually catapult our lives — or bury them further and not move at all.

So we will see people moving or slowing down and it’s really about the load that they are releasing in regards to old karma, old stories, old past life things, old wounded behaviors, mistakes, let downs, regrets, and all that chains our spirit to the ground and keeps us from soaring into other lands of possibilities. The messages of our fathers or of the patriarchy in control are causing fragments in our system as we flip sides with the energies. What this means is that things are PALPABLE when they are wrong for us OR right for us. This means thoughts held incorrectly and feelings lashed out at others but held within will have a new tone to them that may make you nauseous or even sick! Things that are wrong also can feel sticky and as if there is something here but you can’t really put words to it. This means for our next 6 months we begin to use our innate GPS and to interpret when a curb or person on bike is near – and this is just beginning for us so it will develop and grow stronger throughout this year. But it’s about us really getting that our hearts DO speak and our inner smoke alarms DO voice for a good reason. And we had BEST listen or we will experience loss. 

In gaining this extra layer of navigation skills we also will see that we can rebuild our lives and TODAY and 5 days around this day on either side is when you finally stand back up, brush the dirt off your face, pick rocks out of your skin, and start picking up one piece at a time to finally start making things better. We FULLY stop a path that we were on that was sort of self-defeating where we wonder how others could find value in US. This is important because we give mixed signals and also short change our potential when we go small inside and wonder if maybe we have messed things up too much or we are not good enough for others or there is something wrong with us and we will not be able to figure our climb up the mountain. 

But TRUST ME. That is all the old world speaking still in your mind and planting seeds of doubt so that you DO shut down and stay home and do nothing but stick yourself in mud. There IS enough to go around. There ARE enough opportunities. There is PLENTY of money for ALL OF US. There IS someone who IS here to love YOU and you BOTH are doing inner work to become better so that you can finally come together. It is ALL coming together but only from you agreeing to put one foot in front of the other and to live life as if a camera is on you and you are being judged for every thought or move. We must go clean inside because our dirty selves are dirtying up our path and it doesn’t have to be this way. We were FOOLED into creating our futures that way. But the love within each and every one of you is what rules and it is the core of it all. All your wrong moves were the results of wounds not addressed and talked about. So NO MORE beating yourself up. That was so 2018. None of what you feel less than over was your fault in the ways you were programmed to believe and take it on.

Timing changes now and this one is fortunate because it will have us wanting to RACE towards our dreams and not let go like we did all the times before. This is why I said we WILL pound the pavement in pursuit of our dreams this year – but in the sense that we will be out and about and OPEN to them FINDING US. We can’t manifest much hidden away at home sitting behind a screen that feeds out unhealthy addictions. And the timing change can have you feeling old or like you are getting old too quickly or time is passing too quickly. But trust that this moves you to NOT missing out on what is still yet in front of you. Just because so much time has passed doesn’t mean any of that plays a part in the magic that is only 68 days away. When our bounty arrives it will be ALL we can see. So see for it before it arrives.



I just woke from a dream.

And now I can see that

All is not lost.

The past held me fooled

Into thinking I was just a tool

But now I know that together

And with hearts wide open

We heal this, we correct the wrongs

We build again and we rise stronger

Because of it all.

I am not out for the count

I am just about to bounce back up

and show you what I am really made of —

Stardust + Love.

Not hatred, fear, and anger.

That was so 2018. 


Sending you heap loads of GOOD LUCK TODAY!
XO Kerryanna

THE MOON IS SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CAPRICORN and therefore you will be thinking about making a plan and getting your career into a better position. You may feel a little down but it will build into determination.


ONE: Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.

EIGHT: Hold the Galactic Vision!  Be positive and keep your eyes on the horizon. What you are putting out there is coming RIGHT BACK your way!

NINESomething is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.

moon phase of the day

PULL BACK TO PROCESS. Seven days after the Full Moon we go into the right side of the Moon Mapping Wheel and therefore we go INWARD for two weeks. This is when people become more self focused and they won’t see you the way you need them to. Use this time to think over the moves from the last two weeks and process what you feel was a good more or a bad move — and then allow that to inspire new movement that starts in two weeks. This is the time to think things over.