Well Hello SUNDAY| 6 January 2019



So we got this new moon solar eclipse energy coursing through the scene and today even though it may feel like the job is too big and there is so much yet to be completed – still notice that you are growing determined inside to not give up and to just accept that things will be step by step for the time being.

But. It can feel low today where you AGAIN reach another level of done or you may even find yourself in something really sticky and consuming and it may pull you into a dark cave of your own undoing. Its important to hear that we said YOUR OWN – this is because the demons running inside of you or the fears running amuck are from your past and taunting you so that YOU choose to transform them and let them go and start in a new way in how you talk to yourself and judge the process of the climb up the mountain.

There is A LOT of room to feel depressed or let down about how things have gone and from there your inside voice may really start battering you. This also means things are coming at us that trigger old thoughts and when we sit in them for a bit it CAN get us feeling down about how wrong we got it or how we wished we would have moved or we wished we would have made the change that we knew we should have made so long ago. We feel older today and we see how opportunities were missed in our youth when they would have been easier. We feel older and let down that maybe we won’t still have the opportunities in the future like we thought we hoped we would. It’s like we stand limbo in this spot and kind of don’t know where to go because now we see so clearly into all that has not led to what we had hoped for. But no matter what, no matter how you want to psychoanalyze yourself or see the past from this point only, you must not fall into the automatic groove of downward spiraling upon yourself. That WILL present, but today you are to see the trickster of those thoughts trying to lead you away from the improvements that WILL get you feeling more comfortable on your journey.

The point is, don’t fall for the heavy somber energy trying to get you to see that you ARE in fact quite the loser and destined to not get the good life that you dream for. It is like low fog or too many cloudy days when our eyes need to see more blue. You can fall into a pit today and its really dark and sad. For some of you who are really sensitive it may feel like the breaking point of all the collective sadness, of all the moves of injustice, of all the violations of those with manipulative intentions. And many of you also will be super tired from this energy because its so heavy its like going up 4 flights of stairs with 4 bags of groceries. So be gentle if simple tasks seem ultra-depleting. 

Now on the other side of this day comes the strength to not back down and to look into the darkness before us and to commit to one day and one step at a time. Something about the next six months is very much about releasing the clutches of addictions – and everyone who has walked the path of recovery knows, its one day at a time – and the first days are torture. So accept that A LOT is changing about us, but truly this is about releasing bad habits that keep us from believing in and going for a life that could be MUCH different than it is right now.  So the question is, are you worth it? Do you think you really deserve the good life? Then transform the lies within that tell you its not possible because for 100% of us we CAN change and we CAN do this over and we CAN rebuild again with better materials than the cheap products or short cut processes that others told us were the ways to build our lives.

There is a new way to do this and YOU know best for you. But for most of us we won’t really face this until we feel lost and alone and in lack in regards to aspects of our life yet to reach completion. Once we bottom out, we fill back up. So trust this process and steer your thoughts to UP because you are NOT a horrible person or too far gone or too damaged to be healed. You just misinterpret the struggles.


Your purpose is GREAT.

Timing plays a part, though.

So relax and continue the climb.

Nothing wrong to see here.

Sending you heap loads of GOOD LUCK TODAY!
XO Kerryanna

THE MOON IS IN A SOLAR ECLIPSE IN CAPRICORN and therefore you will be thinking about making a plan and getting your career into a better position. You may feel a little down but it will build into determination.


ONE: Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.

NINE: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.

moon phase of the day

PLANT THE SEEDS. Two weeks after the Full Moon we enter the New Moon which is called Plant the Seeds. We are still in the dark, so this is not an outward focused time, but rather when we are MOVED FROM WITHIN, and will engage these thoughts in about a week. This is the time to start new goals and to commit to new plans.