Well Hello THURSDAY | 27 December 2018


Okay babies. Just know that today something will come in and it can have you feeling unstable and suddenly questioning yourself. But, do know that we are going to see this for the illusion it is and you will not be taken downstream and off your path, IF you follow the guidance below.  

Come prepared first thing this morning by doing meditation and tuning into the voice inside of you. Today we will be led as to what we are to do, but we must follow in order to stay out of the tsunami flooding that is on its way. Be prepared to see that you have overextended yourself and you may have to go back on something you said you would show up for. You may just have too much on your plate, but that voice in the morning, through quiet meditation, will let you know exactly what you need to say no to.

And this is totally existential and you may have NO CONCRETE REASON to say no – but the message will come that you do need to, and you know your body had warnings or hesitancy anyway. So trust into the darkness but be led fully by your intuition and go towards any calls from deep within where you feel you must go against something or make a change in regards to a path already in motion and on plan. This is sort of unusual to see this so strongly in the energy but today we go against the grain based on something from your gut and you HAVE to believe that this is the thing to do because it is – and THIS will save you from some tsunami that has already been triggered by an earthquake far out in the ocean – that is 100% on the way. You have the warning to move inland NOW. You have to begin this day getting grounded and solid and firm that YOU know best in how it will go down for YOU.

Okay. Another part of this I LOVE. Many of you are going to want to stay home today and organize things and get into all that clutter that is actually stressing you out and keeping you in that stuck feeling. You may turn yourself on and you don’t turn off until the job is DONE. There is a superhero aspect to this energy where we really start to turn things around now and just dive into it. Like, no more hiding, the light is on the dark and we have the energy finally to start cleaning shop and seeing the changes we have longed to be holding in our arms and feeling as an actual reality.

And truly with this day, you don’t have to be in any of the hot mess drama if you just keep your body busy and go on like a string, from one thing to the next. You will be able to accomplish weeks of backed up material on a day like today – IF the tsunami doesn’t knock you off your feet. But one strong tree of grounded energy through the top of your head down to beneath your feet will keep you safe and where you need to be. 

Hold this steel-like energy with consciousness in your body as if it is an anchor keeping your boat held firm to the crust of earth and not moving so much with what flows around you. This is a day to be the witness and to provide guidance when asked — but otherwise to keep with your things and focus on check, check, check of the list finally being gobbled down by YOU.

First thing today —
Listen for the message of your inner voice.
What did it say?!  
Follow this with trust.

Sending heap loads of SUPPORT your way!
XO Kerryanna

THE MOON IS IN VIRGO and therefore you are going to want to take care of the details and put your life into order. This is when you are very critical about things, but it’s all because they need to be brought back into a healed state.


TODAY VIBES AT TWO and therefore you are being asked to try to come together and bridge two perspectives. Things are coming at you in opposition but it is on YOU to go soft and not allow them to ripple your flow. Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

TODAY ASLO VIBES AT THREE and this means there will be lots to talk about as things are coming together and much is being communicated. Three energy tends to bring things wonderful OR pretty rough. 

TODAY ASLO VIBES AT FIVE and this means you somehow are facing your past AND future today — possibly at a crossroads — and will need to find strength to continue towards the future way. 

moon phase of the day

BRING IT FORWARD. When the Moon goes Full you have 7 days to bring the light to what you are working on or need to say. This is when you move things forward and when people WILL see you. Think of the light of the Moon — DO when we are in the light.