Well Hello WEDNESDAY | 26 December 2018


Something about yesterday ignited a new steam forward on our path — be thankful for that! ALL OF YOU will have a new passion to get things into order and to stop looking at the sum of the mess and having it deplete and diminish your energy to the point of stagnation. 

When we get ourselves into deep and “tangled” situations – which is actually often in life – we first sort of fall into shame and blame and regret, and that keeps us from seeing our way out of fixing our situation. My current house has dark blue toilets where you only see dark when you look into them — and basically, it’s where you never have to see your shit! And with this energy if we don’t want to see it, we will have to FEEL it. But the feeling of the shit has led to us feeling lonely, sad, and needing OH SO MUCH MORE THAN THIS. It’s like climbing out of addictions or situations where we escaped for too long and now it is just like, DUDE – what do I do? What CAN I do? And then there is the fact that looking at the problem DOES tend to send you wanting to escape and not face this again – to continue not facing it.  

So my family owned a bar and I would sit there at 28 and drink water and write and get research on humans – I’m always collecting research on you all, so you know! But I saw how things started, how they went and how they ended. I saw the unbearables of life being worn like a cloak upon entering Vanzo’s – while the middle of it was LIFE IS GREAT — laughter roaring across the rooms. Then, the end of it was attached to something that brought pleasure in order to keep this good feeling going. That’s when people go home with each other or out to the cars.

But then — they wake the next day, FEEL the shit, and then it is all about getting through the day to get back into things that help you escape and feel better. Which is not a bad thing that we long to escape into something – we just need to better focus our arrow into WHAT brings the escape that actually transforms things along in a better way. Like, hiking or being out in nature or diving into your art or diving into your writing or getting your body moving so that IT is not stagnant — therefore things kind of HAVE to move. Exercise is ALWAYS a huge catalyst in changing people’s lives when they feel stuck and unable to get out of what they find themselves having to look at now.   

And what I can tell you is that WE ALL are in something right now. EVERYONE has a complex thing that they are picking apart in order to set straight and get moving again. So we all have to face our shit right now and it is only for our good because this will get us choosing for all that LOVE we have been talking about recently that is on the way to every one of you. 

And now we get down to business and with that we must accept that getting ourselves out of something painful, damaging, out of balance, in conflict and tangled up is not easy. Everyone in recovery for anything knows that. I think about recovering from losing my baby girl Moon Bear and how getting through those first days, and really the first year, was just the most unbearable thing I’ve ever walked. But still I had to move forward. I could not kill myself, even though I wanted to be dead from the pain I was feeling. But in walking full strength feelings through life, as I do being a Pisces, I discovered that feeling THIS BAD ultimately transmuted into me wanting to live the best life I could.  

As the days and weeks passed I wanted more love in my life, more time with friends, more time for hikes, more time for stillness, more free time and days off. Losing the most important thing to me brought me into NOW living the best life I ever have. That pain opened me to seeing my shit and seeing that I was NOT living correctly in being all work and small sliver for play, friends, my babies and romantic love. Work 80% of my life and all the other things had to share me with that. So losing the most important thing to me got me to wake up and get down to business in creating the better life I have now.

BUT KEEPING IT REAL, the journey to getting HERE, was the most painful I have walked. But we only have the very last moment; we are only RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, and being that all things ARE moving forward and will continue to, put your focus on discipline and NOT wavering from your goals in bringing corrections to your life. The time for change is now.

See one detail at a time.
Do one thing at a time.
Don’t over think it.

And then do something about it.
Start creating your better world today.  

Sending heap loads of MAGIC your way!
XO Kerryanna

THE MOON IS IN LEO and therefore you may be sensitive of your reputation as ultimately you REALLY desire to be seen right now. This Moon also says that you can feel real colorful and creative at this time.

AND LATER THE MOON MOVES INTO VIRGO and therefore you are going to want to take care of the details and put your life into order. This is when you are very critical about things, but it’s all because they need to be brought back into a healed state. 


TODAY VIBES AT TWO and therefore you are being asked to try to come together and bridge two perspectives. Things are coming at you in opposition but it is on YOU to go soft and not allow them to ripple your flow. Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

TODAY ASLO VIBES AT FOUR and this is putting you on notice that TESTS are written into this day. We learn a lesson on the four and it is similar to Saturn in that it lets us know that things can feel challenging, but this is something you are to rise above. 

TODAY ASLO VIBES AT TWENTY-TWO and this is a MASTER NUMBER day. On the 22 we are in a gateway energy where you will either move UP or DOWN and it all depends on HOW YOU RESPOND today. You can take the low road or the high road — but no matter each one carries 10 times the weight TODAY. Take great care on a 22 day because it carries the MOST rewards — if you do it right. 

moon phase of the day

BRING IT FORWARD. When the Moon goes Full you have 7 days to bring the light to what you are working on or need to say. This is when you move things forward and when people WILL see you. Think of the light of the Moon — DO when we are in the light.