In these times we are restructuring the world, and our own lives, through our consciousness and with the use of our energy.

We do have to take a look, pause for the moment and hear the tale of what has been going on in all the dark and hidden corners that we have no idea about.  We have to hear out the story.  And what has been the case for pretty much all the stories being told is that they are heartbreaking, incomprehensible and horrendous. So we want to sometimes turn away because it is just that hard to see.  It pains us to see and hear what is happening in places we don’t know of, and how dark and mean it can sometimes be sends us into a tailspin of fear and sadness.

Our hearts are opening. and have been for some time, and will continue to, but in larger numbers now in history because of that thing I told you about with this work that is being done on our brains and with our dna.  So our compassionate hearts are opening and remembering how to feel again.

Because when you FEEL, you could NEVER do those things that are being done, with all the exploitation.

But what is our winning piece in this new earth energy world is that OUR ENERGY can do EVERYTHING.  So if we send out that dream, like the flutter of that butterfly that changes the world on other parts, and because enough of us threw this dream out, through our WISHES and intentions, into the pool of possible manifestations, then we will see our wishes come to light.  We actually do not need to worry about the hows, as energy focused in the proper arena may manifest in ways that are not even imaginable to our minds, but they get the job done.

OUR DREAM of the healing of all forms of exploitation, and combined with others like you who are dreaming of change and dreaming of a world of fairness and honor and respect on mama earth, have made this HUGE and monumental shift in history happen.

Enough of us wanted this healed and brought into right action, so it was!  And we will hear about many more of these success stories all over the world where people are standing up and saying NO MORE, this must come to a stop.  For the first time in 100 years, the Whales of the Southern Ocean are FREE from the fear of hunting and death by the human hands.  Someone up in power agreed that something must stop and that these beauties are important to the whole ocean eco system.

Astrologically, with the Cardinal Grand Cross, or T-Square operating for most of the time, of the past year, we are in the BEST time to bring all things back into right action and back into the love.  This alignment of Pluto and Uranus is for the purpose of bringing transformation and liberation to this planet.  It is all right on schedule and nothing even close to something we need to fear.

For us to change what is wrong, we must face it and not bury it. It is the same with what is happening in the core of who we are too!  We are shedding our skins to the TRUTH of who we are, and what we stand for and even what sort of life we find valuable to live.  We are standing up for ourselves and saying no more in all areas of our lives. Jobs are falling away, friends are falling away, thought processes are falling away, patterns are falling way, old world ways are spiraling down the toilet bowl and thank goodness for that!    Since Uranus is in this mix, everything can happen very quickly and out of the blue, but it will always be for the best in the long run.  You can trust that inside of you.  Just because something has been in action for a while now, does not mean it is the correct thing.

As we awaken stronger to our TRUTH, to honoring what feeds us and supports us and makes us feel GOOD, we then will find ourselves in a more powerful position to create more change in areas that may be completely across the globe.  Distance will not matter with the power of our loving intentions.

We really just need to send our energy to the things that are the most horrendous to look at.    We really just need to SEE that it is brought into right action and that the people or something awakens around it to put it to a stop.  And then from there we need to proclaim, and so it is!   We have SO MUCH power and it’s really time we start using it to heal what is out of balance.  I suggest that everyone who partakes in the monthly new moon affirmations, take equal time to focus on the healing of the animals, the mammals, the water, the air, the earth, the peoples, the hearts, the minds of the depletion age.

This Whale Hunt being cancelled for the first time in a century is epic and this is similar to MLK fighting for the rights of all races.  At first it may have seemed impossible and like not many had his back, but look at where we are with that one.  We can do this with everything out there!  And your power is in your gift to visualize and feel in your heart what it will feel like to have all things brought into right action.  I know you have time for this!

Believe in your power to create change through your loving intentions as this is one of the gifts of the New Earth energies!  This is a tool we were born with, yet we are only now fully awakening to its power.