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High Vibe Style.

Guidance and wisdom for the bringers of the New Earth ways.

Brings Healing and Insight.

I am feeling so blessed and honored to have found my way to KV and this beautiful treasure. The information in this book resonated so deeply in my soul, and brought me much healing and insight. It confirmed many things that I had felt for years, but never quite knew how to express. It also shone a light on deep wounds, and I was finally able to face these dark spots and release them with gratitude for the lessons they taught me. After reading my birthbook, I feel ready to step into my own power and share my gifts with this world, and that is truly a blessing.  ~ Sophie

Mommy's Medicine Book..... awww.

  I use my book ALL the time. My kids refer to it as “Mommy’s medicine book” I just told my husband the other day that for Mother’s Day I want to have the kids books made. I can’t think of a better Mama gift. ~ Kelly Hancock

I see you! And I see love.

KV is undoubtedly able to tap into the universal truth. As I read this book, I was constantly astounded by what she knew of me. She pointed out at least a few things that really hit to the core of things for me, and I realized nothing was hidden. This is not a bad thing…KV touches on things only from a loving perspective. As she said in this book, she sees me, and this is a comforting feeling that there is at least one person here who knows what I bring here and what my path can be. I think it is this unspoken understanding between two souls that can allow me to continue in a certain direction if I choose. There is no judgment here….only love and acceptance.~ Laurie N.

Some Birth Chart Book love

  Your chart books are amazing tools of self discovery, guidance, validation, and growth! I have re-read mine so many times and every time I get one more AHA moment. You have a gift and that is undeniable!!! ~ Janice Lee

something new, every time...

I wish I could laminate mine so that it will forever look brand new, because every time I pick out a paragraph to read, it lifts my spirits, it feels like the first time and it is so personal, so on target and I know it came from pure love. It is by far the best money I have ever spent and will cherish it forever!! ~ D. Cox-Williams

ECLIPSE in LEO READINGS your next 6 months forecast

READINGS!!! Are you ready? What an EPIC ECLIPSE!! This Eclipse was here to open our hearts and get us to really shift into a new life focus and new path, with PASSION.   AND I am spoiling you for this reading because I wanted to share with you an issue of THE... read more
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