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is live!!

This is from my greeting for this week:

I am loving this SO MUCH! This is absolutely my dream offering to bring to you all! And from this point on, EVERYTHING CHANGES. It will never be like it WAS, ever again. And what you will read in THE AWESOME readings this week (4 July to 10 July) is that all that hard work we did the past few weeks has now transformed a group of humans into the Rainbow People. I have never heard this before and it only came out in THIS WEEK’S readings, but I am stoked to be one along with many of YOU. And for real, you are either here now or you will be soon, so keep it going! Do the work. Become better. Get your vibe HIGH. When you do, you get to become the people who energetically wear rainbow Mohawks. Badass, but with LOVE. So there is a shift, shift, SHIFT this week,and it will be a reward for how you handled the past weeks’ energies. Some will SOAR to ridiculous heights this week because they followed the guidance in these readings! And I want you to remember to hold on and still GO SLOW. You are not at the point of being active just yet, as you are planning, dreaming, constructing and working to make better. There still are LAZY days, my loves, and you really need to not beat yourself up over them as you push yourself to do so much. This is a healing time because many of you have experienced TRUE HEALINGS. You ARE NOT THE SAME, and this is a time to be gentle with the newness of you as you allow it to integrate into your future steps. You are allowing the mold to set. Give it some time. You will know when it is time to bust ass — suddenly your feet won’t stop and you will be all over the place accomplishing so much. So wait for it. Wait for it. We, the Rainbow People of the Aquarius Nation tribe, are gonna CHANGE everything. You and me, my loves.



  • Podcast and Video teachings and inner circle messages with KV
  • The Moon Energy readings sent a week at a time (full month option coming soon!)
  • Galactic Vision Teachings (high vibration handbook)
  • Fun and interactive ways to move into alignment with the Moon AND your Astrological Birth Chart.
  • Retrograde readings! If it goes retrograde, you will get the reading on what it means for YOU!


From subscribing to the


  • You will feel safer and more ON PURPOSE in life.
  • You will see changes coming quickly with how you respond to things.
  • You will start to see new and exciting things manifest in your life.
  • You will feel more confident with who you are and with using your voice.
  • You will upgrade and raise your vibration and be a more powerful force in creating change in the world.

So this is a weekly newsletter sent via email, right? And we purchase a month at a time?

YES. So you get 4 issues a month that are sent every Sunday night/Monday Morning depending on if you are Northern or Southern Hemisphere. If you are in America you will usually get an email from us late Sunday night and if you are in Australia you will usually get an email from us early in your Monday. We like to call this the Sunday newsletter though because it is the perfect preparation time for delving into next weeks energies that you get to read about when your Moon Energy Guide arrives!

Can I share the pages from this guide on social network or are we supposed to keep them private?

You absolutely can share a page here and there! We want to see those Mandalas and would also love to see your Compass all put together with your houses in it! Share what you did with creating a binder too! But if something hit you and you want to share it, PLEASE DO! Please just give it a #moonvibeguide and/or #moonvibetribe so we can come see what you are sharing and maybe we will share them on our pages!

Can we cancel the subscription or pay only a month at a time to try it out?

YES. You can cancel and have access to do that at the bottom of all our order emails that we send to you! Its very easy to cancel! And yes, you also can just order one month by THEN canceling from the link sent to the email we will send you. BUT you will want to download and save all 4 issues you receive because when the subscription date ends the weekly email links from your receipt will no longer be able to be accessed. When you cancel, we stop the subscription but you still get all the Moon Energy Guide issues that came during the month that you ordered.

Can we change the email you use for where you send the Sunday newsletter?

Absolutely! Reach out to us with your ORDER number and the new email address and we can easily make that change!

How do we get a hold of you to send messages, questions or comments on the articles shared in the Moon Energy Guide?

For now send all correspondence to:

What payments do you accept?

PAYPAL (access through Moon Energy Guide page) or STRIPE for credit cards

Do I need to have any experience or know how to join in on the Moon Energy Guide journey?

Nope. Just show up. I will teach you all that you need to know. And all the astrology things I teach are EASY to learn!  I love to work with people who know very little about what I do as I can explain it in a way that you really GET.

You ask us to print things up... do we really have to?

No. But for many of you, you will enjoy having the moon compass, readings, and journal entries in one big binder so that you can have them together and look back on for reference. There is SO MUCH you are compiling when you do the Moon Energy Guide and the story of YOUR ENERGY and YOUR PATH that is dictated through your birth chart and the passage of the Moon comes to life! So it HELPS to have it printed and put together. BUT. You can just read the newsletter and let that be enough. You do NOT have to fill in the Journal page or do ANY interaction at all. The readings alone are total value and can absolutely be the main purpose you subscribe to the Moon Energy Guide.

I hear you will soon have these in print so that I don't have to put the pieces together!?

YES! We are working on getting the print version out in a few months where you will have the WHOLE MONTH all in one place and packaged beautifully in a magazine!!! We are thinking of doing the cover in that dark blue/black and an enchanting sort of purple!  And we will let you choose which cover you get!  Stay tuned!

I want this so bad but I can't afford $13 a month right now!

That is totally understandable to me! And you have 2 options. We always offer the first month for half off. So if you can afford $6.50 a month you can just sign up and cancel each month and always pay that half off price. We are actually cool with you doing that if you need to because reaching people with this information is what is MOST important. AND if you absolutely cannot afford anything because you are really hurting right now, then reach out to us!  We will absolutely work something out to get you in here because THEN a few months down the road from doing what we will teach you to do, you WILL be in a better position in life and then can afford to pay the small amount we are asking.

Brings Healing and Insight.

I am feeling so blessed and honored to have found my way to KV and this beautiful treasure. The information in this book resonated so deeply in my soul, and brought me much healing and insight. It confirmed many things that I had felt for years, but never quite knew how to express. It also shone a light on deep wounds, and I was finally able to face these dark spots and release them with gratitude for the lessons they taught me. After reading my birthbook, I feel ready to step into my own power and share my gifts with this world, and that is truly a blessing.  ~ Sophie

Mommy's Medicine Book..... awww.

  I use my book ALL the time. My kids refer to it as “Mommy’s medicine book” I just told my husband the other day that for Mother’s Day I want to have the kids books made. I can’t think of a better Mama gift. ~ Kelly Hancock

I see you! And I see love.

KV is undoubtedly able to tap into the universal truth. As I read this book, I was constantly astounded by what she knew of me. She pointed out at least a few things that really hit to the core of things for me, and I realized nothing was hidden. This is not a bad thing…KV touches on things only from a loving perspective. As she said in this book, she sees me, and this is a comforting feeling that there is at least one person here who knows what I bring here and what my path can be. I think it is this unspoken understanding between two souls that can allow me to continue in a certain direction if I choose. There is no judgment here….only love and acceptance.~ Laurie N.

Some Birth Chart Book love

  Your chart books are amazing tools of self discovery, guidance, validation, and growth! I have re-read mine so many times and every time I get one more AHA moment. You have a gift and that is undeniable!!! ~ Janice Lee

something new, every time...

I wish I could laminate mine so that it will forever look brand new, because every time I pick out a paragraph to read, it lifts my spirits, it feels like the first time and it is so personal, so on target and I know it came from pure love. It is by far the best money I have ever spent and will cherish it forever!! ~ D. Cox-Williams
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