Here. We go deep. We connect. We bring you what you need to be comfortable at this point in history when we walk the new way of living.

This time is not easy as things have to collapse to bring in the new — but the new is coming and that is where our focus needs to be as WE walk as the pioneers of this brand new energy. We all are the builders of the new age — the Age of Aquarius.

i am kv

Hi! I’m Kerryanna Vanzo, your cosmic guide and founder of Aquarius Nation.

In 1999 I channeled the Birth Chart Book information, of which I knew nothing about, and 20 years later, here we are where I am starting a movement. From there to here I have written books, have had a membership offering for 3 years, channeled in new ways where I had no clue this was possible, moved to Colorado, lost everyone who meant the most to me, some dying 5 days apart to one month apart. It was like 13 people and animals, boom, boom, boom. I lost THE most precious thing to me the last day of 2015 and it crumbled everything, taking over 3 years to rebuild.

So it has not been the easiest journey, but from this present perspective its been amazing. And I am STRONG now, like a strong I didn’t know we could be. So now I get to serve in sharing the journey so that it is easier on you than it was on me.

Welcome my loves. I am here to support you, along with some treasured and long held friends, who also will offer some of their authority to complete a beautiful space and experience —COMING SOON. So honored you found your way to us