Moon in Aquarius & Pisces ~ THURSDAY July 6

Okay LOVES. There is some kind of big test today that needs you to remember that you said in your past that IF this same sort of thing happened again, you would let it go and vibe higher in how you expressed. This time is your opportunity to do it better and to not keep spiraling into old-world ways that get you losing steam and hope for your dreams. It may be that you are too saturated in others and what is going on that has emotions at an all time high and something feeling unsteady.

Think of today as the test where you put on your raincoat of protection and DO NOT TAKE ON THE IDEAS, OPINIONS, and ENERGIES OF OTHERS.

Do not be the bearer of all the burdens that others are seeing and thinking. Do not overload your system and just allow their watery ways to come in and flood your living room floor. Get up and do something about it. Do something that chooses for your emotional health and that deals with nature, meditation, quiet times, rest, soaks, and things that fill you up energetically. You need energy healing WHERE you are taking on others and losing yourself.

This time needs you to pull away and see that your body wants to process life in a new way. It wants to handle the pain and confusion where you do let it all go and get to the mountains to hike. It means not staying focused on what is broken and further bringing attention to how let down or upset you are by this.

RATHER our 5D beings want to just keep on moving down the river to which ways we are sent because WE TRUST THE PROCESS and our place in the world. We know night comes for us to rest and those super-energized days come to show us the synchronicity wave. We know people come OUT OF THE BLUE and open our hearts to a new reality. We know the YES in life through seeing so much NO that almost got us not believing.

When we pull back, we observe in a way where we are not finding fault but seeking for clarity on how BETTER to be. It’s not focusing on how wrong we got it, but how grateful we are that we see WHERE we need to be better and to stay with the healing journey. We don’t need you making your fractures bigger; we need you facing them to bridge them into a better expression of you.

See the dirt as you sweep up the room and do what needs to be done. Don’t go low to the vibration of dirt in showing your disgust at it being in your home. Don’t go low on what you don’t like to see! Don’t match that lower density. Appraise with love. You have more power than you know to shift things around you!!! But we need you vibing like a love warrior, my darling. We win through love, not through hate.

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