I was born into a super poor and unstable foundation where fear of how to put food on the table and keep the power on was the daily. We moved about every 2 years and always in the middle of school sessions. My mother hated me the moment I was conceived and she couldn't wake up to what she was doing until I was 11. I wasn’t loved on or touched kindly or valued or encouraged to be something or complimented AT ALL in my childhood. I was ignored – or given mean looks. 

So – I learned to move with my Mars in the last degree of Sagittarius, in the last degree of my 12th house, along with my Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius in the 11th house and I went off and wandered in life. I explored alone out in nature and through the neighborhoods and farms and graveyards. From age 4 on, if you wanted to find me, I was out by myself walking in the woods.

So – I am as flawed as they come and have not been raised to be anything in particular. I grew organically like a weed and am not professional or proper as many may need me to be. I just do my thing.

I also have a Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house and in a mutual reception trine with Uranus in Libra in the 9th house. -- I DO MY THING – and don’t know what else to do. I’m not that good at faking things and I always said I could NEVER be an actress because I would laugh and not be able to pretend and be this other person. I did think I would grow up to be a comedian though! I CAN be on stage – but not by pretending to be another person.

Because I was not protected AT ALL and was SO wounded, I have had to learn through all the wrong moves that people who are wounded make. I still am a work in progress AND it is a miracle I am here today.

But because of my past, where I was treated like trash, and my unique design and codes, I KNOW how every one of you struggles -- and I know your pain. I feel you, my love. I don't judge because I have done it all, too. 

But. I never have been one to give up – from all that Sagittarius in me -- and I DON’T speak to myself like I heard while growing up. I was so destroyed and devalued that I WILL NEVER do that to myself as an adult. And I have stuck by that for decades. I NEVER put myself down. It's something that qualifies me to now teach you the way. Because I am proof that we can change.

I also am called a Record Keeper, of which there currently are 67 awakened, and we don’t have to study to understand things. We just organically know things. I haven’t even read a book to learn anything in 25 years! For this reason, all of my work is unique and NONE OF IT comes from other books or teachers.  Nothing with my work is ever a copy and paste version. It all comes straight from my soul, with Spirit lighting the way.

I was born to stand at the bridge and to help people let go of their past and start again seeing for the amazing beings they ARE down deep. I see you. I feel your struggles. And I know how to keep at the steps that get us talking a new way and manifesting joy after a lifetime of pain.

I accept my position and will serve in getting YOU to the other side where you are loving and valuing your time on Earth.


KV xoxo


about Kerryanna Vanzo


In 1999 I was told by my guides that I would be channeling HIGH VIBRATIONAL ASTROLOGY. Back then we weren’t even using the words high vibe yet. So I cocked my head and wondered what that could mean. I had always had an interest in astrology and grew up in a progressive home where the metaphysical was accepted. I had also gotten a reading in my mid 20’s where one of the most famous astrologers told me I would be a famous astrologer one day. I really didn’t think it would be my future, even though EVERYONE wanted me to do readings for them as so many could tell that I was able to get information without needing to study anything.

Honestly, if you ASK ME A QUESTION, my system is able to retrieve the answer. So I knew I wasn’t like most people, but it took me decades to value myself enough to trust what organically comes through me.

I was also following the guidance from the famous astrologer who told me we need to experience 10 years of astrology before calling ourselves an astrologer and stepping into that leadership role for others. I was always warned by older astrologers that karma rules this ancient medicine and if we step forward too quickly, through ego, without really knowing the walk of the talk, we imprint others with our idea on things, and not the truth of a journey experienced, and it can swing back and harm us. And I am WIDLY patient so I trusted that when it was time and I had walked enough life, the gate would open for me to reach out and now impact others. It was when I was 41` that I finally felt like I was ready to now exhale and give of what I learned along the way. Here we are 10 years later and I am IN LOVE with my career and 100% confident in my abilities.



By design, and as I wished it to be, when coming in as a soul looking for parents to learn from, I was born to the worst example of what a mother could be to a daughter. But I also was born where she was knocked out asleep and I was pulled out by forceps and hours later put into her arms after 9 months of not at all wanting this child. We didn’t have any connection and I didn’t have one to my brother either. They were a pack, and all was good with them, but I was picked on and given the least amounts and was deprived of tender touches and loving faces. I also was shown that I had no value and was to blame for whatever challenges were going on around me. We also grew up in poverty where paying the bills and putting food on the table was a constant fear. It was a zero of a foundation to grow from where there was NO encouragement to be my best or to seek for anything other than a gutter existence.

I never heard words affirming my beauty or gifts or specialness in the world. In fact, I had to discover them all for myself as an adult who was pushed into choosing for all the people and things that would fight my way to the light.

On my healing journey, I now have to work to NOT attract people who have the same energy as my mother, who also want to do their all to destroy me and take everything that I built. What we see as children, we manifest as adults. Especially as I rose in my career, I have magnetized people who also are tested to go dark with their feelings over me. I see that we all play a part in the karma puzzle and those who have it in them to express like my mother are the ones who find me and are tested to also show their shadow selves.

As I heal, I no longer attract and trigger the same mother experience – or at least I can spot them quickly now and draw boundaries before things get closer.

This is something for us all to learn because what we see, WE ARE. And others may be the ones doing harm, but we attract them because we saw it in our past and seek for repetition of experiences known – even if they continue to disgrace our existence. It is ONLY through doing our healing work that we no longer keep seeing our past in the relationships that are magnetized our way. Currently, I feel I attract strong women who are not threatened or envious of me, and who love being in the space of someone who IS here to do big things, where I also WILL inspire them to do the same.

NOW MY FATHER WAS A DIFFERENT STORY!! Smokey Vanzo was PURE MAGIC. I didn't get to grow up with him because my parents got divorced when I was 2. I actually was told a lie of why it happened, which I was told that he didn't love me and he didn't want to be a father to me, but at 29 I found out the truth, from one of his best friends, and it's something too distrurbing to even share here.

But HE LOVED ME MORE THAN LIFE. And at 28, I was living in San Francisco and had a vision that he would die. So I went back to Southern Illinois and got to know my Daddy. What is so beautiful about my Sagittarius pop is that he was a proud protector of women. He had them on all sides and they all loved him dearly. Its probably why he married 4 times! But he was a good dude. He would NEVER violate a woman and NEVER did. He felt that women should be the power holders in relationships. He was not a dominate bully in any way.

My favorite memory when I was back getting to know him was we were leaving the bar and some people started fighting right near the car we were gettting into and he yelled at them, my daughers here! And they stopped fighting. It felt SO GOOD to finally be protected because I was never watched over in my younger years and was exposed to extreme violations because of it.

I had this beautiful pale yellow ducky hair for most of my childhood. How cute is that! There are only a handful of pictures of me, so if you notice I only share about 3, it's because there weren't pictures taken. If you don't want the kid, you arent racing to capture all the cute moments. So I just look back at the few there were, like this one that was taken on a visit to K-mart when the photographer talked my mom into getting photos.



As for astrology, I don’t study from anyone or any book -- and I only have a relationship with Spirit in guiding you through the cosmology of life. You can be 100% sure that I am not just reading all the books and speaking through the authorities who laid the foundation of astrology. I don’t copy and paste, and I never will. You will never hear me taking from another and then passing on that wisdom as if it was my own.

I am a Venus in Aquarius in the 1st house, which is in a mutual reception trine to Uranus in Libra in the 9th house. I also have a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius in the 11th house – at the Venus/Uranus midpoint. To fake things is IMPOSSIBLE for me. I never even liked Halloween because I don’t like pretending to be someone else. Also, Leo rules my 8th house and is my South Node, so I don’t chase attention, and I prefer for life to happen without force and instead with trust in the slow and organic processes. I can only lead through my authenticity, and I will only be on career paths that express my authority.



Back in 2002 I met the first student of Human Design, who became my close friend and was even writing and sharing on my first website back in 2011! Hi’i was one of the most important people who encouraged me to step into the role you now see me owning. As I say, Harry Belafonte and Hi’ilani were the ones who most impacted me on my long journey up the mountain, as they were the only ones who saw me before I saw me.

I met Hi’ilani at a café called First Watch, where I was working in Scottsdale, AZ – about 6 months after meeting Harry Belafonte at Café Eau in the Chase Park Plaza where I was working in St. Louis, MO.

She brought me my HD chart and showed me what it looked like, as she said, I would be able to understand this without needing to study it. I was surprised she said that because I already knew I could do that with the astrology. I just need to look at the symbols and words come into my mind. We became friends and she did feel called to gift me all the course work and tapes of her years of Human Design study. I still have them all, but I only listened to one tape and found out that I cannot handle the tone of Ra Uru Hu, the founder and channeler of the information. But it is in my HD chart that I have sensitive hearing! I see that I am someone who needs to learn to trust that I can channel whatever information I (or we) need to know, so this was more affirmation that I am not here to learn from others. But I do have all the first years of course supplies from 1999!

Interestingly, Fukushima occurred on March 11th, my 40th birthday, and the NEXT DAY, Ra Uru Hu died. Two months later, on May 11th, I finally launched my website and decided to share my gifts with the world.

One of the things that I love to mention about Hi’iliani is that she was a powerful distance healer, and on my 33rd birthday, when I was living in Berkeley, and at the address 3333, she did work on me while she was living in Guam and took away this twitch I had with blinking. I was raised to believe I was hideously ugly by my mother, and it created a twitch where I would blink too much when people were watching me. But I woke up the next morning after Hi’i did a distance healing on me and I never had the eye twitch again! I WISH she was still here because she was one of the greatest gifts to the world. Unfortunately, she died of a heart attack at 51, and was a 4,6 Projector with only the root and spleen defined.