Moon in Pisces & Aries ~ SATURDAY July 8

Now today has HUGE tests to it!!!! This one is a category 5 storm for many!! JUST KNOW. Someone is coming at you with high drama, and they have a force that is stronger than normal in how it is going out into the world. All dark reaches and 3D ways of limitation are LOUD in the people as they are showing up like caged animals who can’t handle another moment of what they are living. Some of you are drowning and are trying to take others down with you. I am seeing an image of things collapsing FROM the pressure of 3D trying to break down ANYONE rising into 5D.

So now you are prepared and hopefully, you have BEA #2 in your system so that you can be shielded from what feels 10 times stronger than what we are used to. I would caution you all to pick your spaces wisely and don’t go into camps that you KNOW will trigger you to go low.

We say that YOU are the one working on yourself so that your triggers are not so sharp and hurtful in their reaction, but we also say that YOU need to honor your space and not put yourself where danger may be. If it's 2 am, you wouldn’t go walking alone in the park. It would be carelessly putting yourself in potential harm's way. To go at 2 pm would NOT be the same reckless move. You know this.

So honor that some spaces are 2 am dangerous areas and you don’t have to PROVE ANYTHING by showing up and doing what you FEEL IN YOUR BODY is a big old NO. You WILL be asked to use your voice and speak in the vibration of your higher self that knows expansiveness is the way to your harmony. Expect your throat to need to say something, and don’t sugarcoat it. Be clear with how things make YOU feel. THAT is the lesson of the day!

You also may also feel like you are being moved into something that feels right but there aren’t any experiences to justify this action. Many of you will be blindly moving into something better and it really does only need you FEELING YOUR WAY. So listen to new senses rising and honor that pits in the stomach or butterflies in the heart ARE singing a story of the way into the future. Where you feel stopped, PLEASE STOP YOURSELF because you WILL have to live out the experience from start to end, EVEN IF it is the “wrong” one.

Today is a starting point and if you do say you want to go, you will have to go through the entire obstacle course. If you feel you DON’T want to go, the lesson will be in you voicing your ideas to naysayers who may try to blow your sandcastle down. Whatever the way strong forces come your way, stand firm with NO because it will save you the pain of a maybe or I guess so. If answers come weak from the throat, they are not the correct decision for you.

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