APRIL 27 | Wednesday

Okay loves! Be aware because things can be getting real confusing and where what is out of balance is showing up magnified – so you can really see this. It is not to punish you. It is to show you that you don’t need to take certain things with you, and they are palpable at this time because this is on the way out.

You also may be having many memories or feelings from your past that are to connect you to wanting to let something go and rise into a better form. What you see in memories is out of your control, but it is geared towards provoking you awake and into better action. It IS to get you seeing that time is limited and that we are the ones in control of what our lives feel like from here on out.

We don’t have to stay in the dumps and in the things that compromise our soul and keep us thinking like we are victims. Its time to be the Goddess who leads and only moves on inspiration, intuition and feelings. Its also about waiting. Because waiting means you value yourself and aren’t just taking what is there. But waiting takes you trusting yourself and having to also trust in some unknown to provide your wishes. It all is a leap of faith.

But if you got the inspiration, intuition and feelings telling you what to do, YOU CANT GET IT WRONG. Replace feelings with the mind and you CAN get it wrong. The mind brings you to decline because it’s ideas and ego expressions from all your memories in the past. The mind DOES grow what was first discovered or planted with inspiration, intuition and feelings – but it is not a part of the soil and the base of the garden you are growing.

DO NOT think you need to do too much today or to accomplish a bunch of mental tasks made. Its about you tuning into your body and allowing a new rhythm to take place. You may notice that you are flipping schedules where you may have loved to work first thing, but now will prefer to work out first thing and do work later in the day. Whatever you discover about your path changing deals with a new way your body would PREFER you go.

The past few months, I have had the hardest time doing work first thing as instead I like to do these other things. But later in the day, I start working and I have so much energy. Which I used to be so tired later in the day and only wanted to rest! I realized too that I always worked at morning cafes so that was a part of my wiring where I had to get up and go. So I am learning a new flow that actually feels really good to me. I now have energy all day long and am getting SO MUCH done.

So, value your flow that speaks to you today and go towards what makes your body feel good. And ----- don’t question it at all!! Its time to trust and go on a new journey.

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