Eclipse Season. What you need to know.

Eclipses come 2 weeks apart with a SOLAR ECLIPSE, which means the Sun and Moon are in the same degree, or LUNAR ECLIPSE, which means the Sun and Moon are in the opposite degrees.

They happen twice a year and are six months apart.


What determines when the eclipse occurs?

When the Sun and Moon are closest to the North and South Nodes, we have an eclipse.  For example, when the North Node is in Taurus and the South Node is in Scorpio, it is when we have the Sun and Moon in the exact or opposite degrees of Taurus and Scorpio that we have an eclipse. We won't have an eclipse in Pisces if the Nodes are in Scorpio and Taurus.

For this reason, some years we have an extra lunar hit, such as a Solar Eclipse, then a Lunar and then another Solar. This happens because the actual hit is close enough to the nodes to still be in the eclipse season. For example, if the nodes are in the late degrees of Taurus/Scorpio and we have a lunar cycle in the early Gemini/Sagittarius then they MAY still be close enough to still be emitting energies.


What is the Eclipse Season Recipe?

Here is how it goes! You get one eclipse, which may be a solar or lunar. Two weeks later, you get the other eclipse, lunar or solar, and THEN, here is the secret ingredient! THE VERY NEXT LUNAR EVENT is what tells the summed up story of what the next 6 months will bring.

So there are 3 descriptions that will complete a story of what is on the way or where you need to put the pedal to the metal in bringing your attention, discipline and focus. 

For example, if the

Ingredient #1 = Solar Eclipse is  2 degrees Scorpio

(2 weeks later)

Ingredient #2 = Lunar Eclipse is 16 degrees Taurus

(2 weeks later)

Ingredient #3 = THEN the New Moon is 2 degrees Sagittarius


This is the current Eclipse Season Recipe Ingredients by the way!

SO LOOK TO SEE what houses in your birth chart that Scorpio, Taurus and Sagittarius will be located for those actual hits.

With these examples, house 4, 10 and 11 are where my next 6 months will MOST be focused. It will be about my home and establishing a better foundation, with my career, with my desires to make a difference and with me coming together with others to do more than I could do on my own. This next 6 months is to be when I really ground AND expand.

And with the Sagittarius (the 3rd ingredient lunar cycle) in my 11th house (and conjunct my Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Sag) the THEME or summed up aspect of this eclipse will be about me doing 11th house things. It's about me finding solutions and answers and coming outside of the boundaries to discover a better way to make a difference with my idea on things. It's about being unique and from that finding a place in the world. 

And those ARE to be the areas I am most involved in UP UNTIL THE NEXT eclipse season. 

READ Astrology School or JOIN Good Morning Love and you can read about the houses that this eclipse season will be activating for you! I write a page or more on each house description! 


Is the eclipse a negative event? 

NEVER!!! It is not anything to fear and it is just about getting us aware of what next section of life we need to be focusing on. But whatever it takes away, it makes space for something better. So it is never to be looked at with dread or with negative ideas on what will be. It IS the truth of WHERE WE ARE in space with our birth charts and where we NEED to be focusing with full on dedication. 



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