ENERGY UPDATE: hang in there.

MY LOVE. Don't give up. This is where you need to be and it is not going to last as long as you think. -----  After the eclipse, we went through many pluto influence days where our past, death, debt, fear and feeling powerless where the themes. And this combines with the twice a year lunar eclipse that slams us into our past patterns and escape tendencies SO THAT we face how WE NEED TO CHANGE and evolve and get better.

The old makes us sick at this time. But it serves as a blessing piece – inspiring us to get up and fight for and use our throats to move towards what is sustainable and true. If not for this twice a year visit, we would keep digging our graves and staying stuck and doing all the things that need us evolving and upgrading and doing the work to get TRULY vibrating as we need you to be with the 144,000 people needed to shift the energy.

We got 9 more years to wake up, and next year is all about THE CLEANSE and the purification of us facing how we TRULY TRULY vibrate. 2024 is when many of you will be on the other side and riding high vibe style. Some of you are already there. BUT MOST OF US are still needing to face a lot of shit we did, thought, bought into, and messed up on the journey of our lives on Earth. Things will get so heavy in order to show you what really is there. But now it's on you to go New Earth Vibe and see for solutions or see how THE PROVOCATION IS NEEDED IN ORDER TO GET US TO STAND UP AND MOVE TOWARDS THE DREAM. We need what triggers us to be what gets us going for more value in life. We are where we need to be and what we see is what is required to really get us working on what we individually vibrate, instead of focusing so much on how others are so sound asleep and programmed to distract YOU AND ME.

Things will shift soon. Be aware of your vibration and do your all to not stay angered by and anchored in what you DON’T like. You are getting what you vibrate. So steer clear of the manure. You don’t HAVE TO step into it and take it with you throughout your day.

It is time to bring more ease into your life.

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