WEDNESDAY 25 January

Today continues with what you left off with yesterday. But things will start to settle, and you will see why you were feeling what you just were. You will hit into some bottoming out and it is to fill you with energy in knowing, YOU DO GOT THIS and there is NOTHING to worry about. We are in a space where others can confuse us and push us into the gutter where we won’t be able to do anything.

This is what has happened the past few years where SO MANY are loud about their fears and frustrations, and they keep sucking everyone and everything in with them. I bet 100% of you say life would be okay if not for the people who slam into you with their drama and judgements and crabby attitudes. If not for THEM, all of us would be just fine doing our thing! But. We do share space with so many other humans and this is why I tell you that you CO-create with the Great Mystery and that being a law of attraction manifestor does not mean you can control what everyone else will do. All you can control is your reaction to life.

Today wants you seeing that you can walk away and leave things that don’t feel good in your body. You do not have to stay and take the waves smashing into you as if others have every right to be abusive to you. People get mad and then they get mean. Your job is to NOT be one of these people and to NOT bomb other people’s lives because you have problems with them. We all need more accountability is how we treat others ESPECIALLY when they are not giving us what we expect from them. THAT is when you are to rain down love and just let that be enough.

The control and the war is hurting us all. And you will ONLY BE HAPPY in life if you are not stabbing others because you are so mad at them for not being what YOU think they need to be. As I always say, what you do comes back to you and what others do comes back to them, but NOWHERE do we need to cross boundaries and be the ultimate judge on what others need to be doing. We never know the whole story of why people are the way they are, and nobody knows our story either. So try to walk with a little compassion and clemency in your tone. If you want others to accept and love you, you have to be that same thing first and do your all to not be bitter pill that no one wants to swallow. When you change on the inside, others around you will change too.




MOON DEGREES: 23 Pisces to 6 Aries (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:   1  5  6  



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