What is my rising sign?

I just found this article I wrote back in 2014 to help you discover your rising sign if you don't know -- or even if you just want to figure out what someone else's is. I thought this might help some of you! 


Aries: ruled by Mars:  people see you as very energetic and forthright and go get ‘um about things.  You are a great empowering agent as you say things like WE CAN DO IT.  You don’t think anything can stop you and you may be a little more focused on yourself as this is the baby and the baby wants its needs met, now.  They do love sex first thing in the morning.

Taurus: ruled by Venus:  very sensual and loves to touch things. These guys are slow moving and very stubborn.  They tend to have beautiful eyes that are kind of cow like and they tend to hold words in so as to not make a stink. They need creature comforts and security is VERY important to them. 

Gemini: ruled by Mercury:  these are the talkers and communicators. They flit from one thing to another as they are interested in EVERY THING. They also are great conversationalists and tend to so something in their life that relates to sharing a message.

Cancer: ruled by the Moon:  these guys are very moody and emotional.  They also are very concerned with YOU and knowing that you are taken care of. They want to feed you and to make you feel at home. 

Leo: ruled by the Sun:  these ones are very show offy and bright smiling lights.  They want to be seen and will always be entertaining or doing something to get others attention. They will also be very creative.

Virgo: ruled by Mercury and Chiron:  these ones notice all the small details and they can be kind of critical of others, because they just notice every thing. They tend to do something in the nursing or service to others arena and they are great employees that get things the first time they are taught them.  They don’t say that they notice every thing, but they do.

Libra: ruled by Venus:  these ones tend to have a hard time making a decision as they go back and forth feeling out the pros and cons. They tend to want to be there for you and have a hard time being single. They always buy gifts for friends, just because they see something the other would be interested in.  Very unselfish.

Scorpio: ruled by Pluto:  these guys are VERY intense and you feel it the moment you look at them. They are very private and they act like they do not want you to figure them out, but when you do, they actually love it.  They tend to have much sexual energy and can be sort of brooding.

Sagittarius: ruled by Jupiter:  these are the positive ones who tend to see the bright side of things. They love to talk about philosophical things and with asking questions of the universe. They can be so high, and then plunge into so low as this is the sign of bi-polar. 

Capricorn: ruled by Saturn:  these ones are very serious and success driven.  They tend to not get into so much trouble because they feel very responsible for things.  They are always more mature when they are younger and they appear younger when they get older.

Aquarius: ruled by Uranus:  these ones are DIFFERENT. They are not like the rest and they tend to be rather unpredictable.  They also tend to have many friends as this is important to them and also they need to be friends first with lovers.

Pisces: ruled by Neptune:  these ones are very dreamy and hard to figure out. They tend to be spiritual minded and moody and sort of elusive.  They can also be very day dreamy and living in a sort of land that is fairy tale like. 

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