Moon in aspect to CHIRON

This is one of THE most sensitive transits for most people because with this transit the Moon comes in and shines its light clearly on that which wounds us the most! At this time YOUR WOUND will come to the surface! Pay attention. THIS is your greatest wound you are here to heal in this lifetime. This is the first transit that opened me to discovering Moon Mapping because I noticed this distinct switch of energy where all of a sudden I would doubt my gifts and my creativity and would think that everyone was better than me or that we already had enough people doing what I was doing in the world. And minutes before this transit would hit, there would be NONE of those thoughts in my mind! Moon coming into contact with my Natal Chiron is what perked my ears to wanting to know more about how these transits affect us, and actually this transit was the catalyst for me writing this book! And for most people, what you may notice at this time is that you will SUDDENLY feel a very strong insecurity in regards to your gifts! What may trigger this is a casual comment from someone else, a post on Facebook, hearing of someone else’s success or whatever. It tends to come from something very simple but its affects are HUGE. You may quickly fall into thinking you are a loser and have nothing to offer the world. But now you know! And now you can be prepared before this transit hits! 

What is going to happen is that now every time you notice this dip in energy, and this dip in self-confidence, and when you connect it to one of the transits, you will then be able to let it go! A miracle like that is one of the greatest gifts of Moon Mapping. You will see that you are right on schedule with this energy and BOOM, just like that, you will rest your worrying mind by saying “THAT is why I am feeling this way at this moment, and I know that it is not correct because I AM valuable and I DO have a lot to offer.” And because you are working with this energy by healing that wound or that insecurity, you will then notice that the provocation from this transit no longer comes your way! I can’t remember the last time I felt this transit, but I did for about a year of Moon Mapping. And by NOT building it up through confusion or buying into it, you will reprogram your mind to assist in the healing of your wounds!



Chiron is the wounded healer and one of the most powerful planets affecting us now in history. With this symbol we see the completed form of the circle at the bottom reaching all the way up to the sky while taking into consideration the highs and lows of life (as represented by the legs of the K). But we see they are off to the right and are influencing the symbol, but the strength is with grounding our truth, our purity, our true essence, and then anchoring it UP to the sky with our connection to spirit and to the divine.

This is also about balancing ourselves even though we have experienced things that make us feel wounded or deficient. This sign is showing that we must come to the higher perspective of why things have occurred in our lives. We must surrender into the truth of how these things DO make us stronger and more powerful beings. We must surrender into the truth that healing our wounds is what evolves us into Living Gods.

Chiron is the planet that describes our woundedness with a direct hit of awareness. This symbol shows how we are to go fully into our wounds in order to discover our strength in overcoming such a wound so that we may THEN go out and teach others how to heal themselves, too. This symbol shows how we carry our wound with us, but it is to become something that makes us more powerful. This is one that really activates around the early 50s and that is why the most powerful healers are out in the world at that time in their life. We truly cannot be healers until we have fully healed ourselves. This symbol represents our wound, but it also represents our healed state that we then take out to the world by sharing what we discovered along the way during our healing journey. Imagine your wound when you gaze at this symbol… and imagine finding the strength to be empowered by it.



Use this symbol when you are in the gate opening of your wounds. When you feel insecure or unworthy or like you have no reason to even be here, tune in to this symbol! Use this symbol with something like Neptune to work with your guides and to help bring through wisdom in regards to why you are walking this path of yours.



I am empowered by what I have experienced in life.
My wounds were not a mistake.
Healing my wounds is part of my soul’s purpose.
I am asking for guidance into how to rise above my wounds.
I am asking for support and to see the higher purpose of my wounds.
I am asking to be filled with power when I think about what I have overcome in life.

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