Moon in aspect to SOUTH NODE

This transit tends to sap your energy hardcore! This one tends to SUCK things out of you, like energy or life force. I also encourage you to take it slow and not put too many pressures on yourself with this transit. Get used to the placement of your South Node and make time to relax when you reach that house each month. Also, this transit will always bring something to our awareness that needs to be transformed and EVOLVED. Just take note of what this brings up in you and know that with each transit turn another bit of the story will be revealed. This one takes time, but each month some new piece will come to your awareness of this puzzle.

One fascinating fact about your South Node is that often when someone has a planet that makes contact with your South Node, they become very troublesome for you! This means there is a past life connection and you are living out the resolution in this lifetime! When this provocation comes up from them, and you see that their Sun, or whatever, touches your South Node, KNOW that what you are mistrustful or provoked by what THEY DO, it is something you are clearing out of your own system! So this is time to be humble, with eyes wide open into the truth.



This is your past and also your efforts from past life incarnations. This symbol represents things that you know so well, and also your personality characteristics that are expressed so naturally. This symbol is the exact opposite of your North Node, and in the chart they will always be 180° apart from each other. With this symbol we see how we may be delving too fully into our past and into those things that are familiar.

We know this so well, so it is natural to follow this path. But in this lifetime we are to aspire to greater things, which is represented by the North Node. With this symbol you see the completed form of the circle is up in the air and not grounded into the Earth, as the bulk of the energy is with living in our past. When drawing this one, think of what you are doing in life that is so natural and automatic in you, but that does not really lead to growth or happiness in life. There may be a feeling of stuckness and non-movement. Imagine this symbol is sort of dead weight as it cannot sail up to the sky but rather keeps us locked into old ways and patterns. With this symbol, we are to take these past life gifts and take them up a notch.



Use this symbol when you are focused on needing to CHANGE A PATTERN that feels so much like a big part of who you are. You will know when to use this symbol because it will be with something you do that you KNOW needs to change and evolve, but you just continue to move through this loop and continue the pattern. This can also be a personality characteristic that works against you, in that you keep doing it but WISH you could change.

But also, this symbol is a gateway to your ultimate GIFTS, so you will want to use it when you ponder over things like WHAT ARE MY GIFTS? WHAT COMES SO NATURALLY FOR ME? You can also work with the South Node and North Node symbols at the same time while asking for guidance on what gifts you incarnated with and how you can use them in this lifetime. So much of our destiny is shown through these 2 symbols!



I am tuning into the power of my past life efforts.
I am learning from the South Node but shifting into the North Node.
I am letting go of my personality characteristics that are working against me.

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