DAILY READING for Friday 11 June


Good morning my love! Something important is going on with the energy right now and what you need to do is to focus on BEING THE HEALING of what you think about that is scarcity based and where you fear you will not be supported. This time is ushering in a new wind that shifts things today where you will see how quickly things manifest and how you had better start cleaning up your mental space PRONTO. Things are coming in to match your value system and that feel like home. Many of you will have a clear space to kick the goal, but many of you will also have obstacles put in your place that are to get you to stand up and use your voice and declare how you need things to be. People are feeling sensitive and with strong boundaries. Don’t take things personally, but do what you can to be supportive of us ALL deserving to start over and find something that really fits. We don’t have to compromise our space anymore.


11 June 2021


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