DAILY READING for Tuesday 1 June


Oh loves! Something is going to get a hold of your heart and really get you thinking about how this can expand your life or if it really fits into the dream of your future. You deserve to live a life that goes up and out – and not down and back. Your mind gets confused by other people’s energy and it gets you thinking down and back will keep you safe. But really, you need to take a leap of faith into something that FEELS DIFFERENT. You CAN be in supportive waters that empower you to dream for and manifest a fairytale. Feel what you need and go for it. Assert where your heart screams that THIS IS HOME. Expect to feel drawn and extra passionate about making the changes that will get you to your peoples and to the community that empowers your ultimate dreams. Change brings a better balance to things. Be okay as the rippling begins. Let it fall away if it doesn’t naturally want to stay.


 1 June 2021


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