DAILY READING for Tuesday 8 June

Good morning love dumplings! First off. Something is in a new planning space, and you need to keep moving forward without thinking you need to know the outcome. You may be moving or making changes with your foundation, and you are to know that you don’t need to know it all. You just need to plant it all with love. Sit with the mystery of how you want to rebuild and know that there is another side you will eventually get to. But you don’t need to know anything in order to start now and keep with it. This energy wants you upgrading and beautifying your space where you use your voice and follow a new tune that feels like it is valuable. You can see what is real from what took time to grow. Some things are solid – you are growing things that are solid. So be with this and watch your plants sprout from seed. You really are growing a new baby. Be here for this. Plant good vibes to be.


8 June 2021

MOON PLANNER: Black Moon. Pluto. Jupiter.

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