FEB 10 | Thursday

This day is going to have a big wave to it where there is a variety of situations going on. You are to be finding a stronger voice in staying hopeful about life and seeing that what you buy is what you are going to get. There is no way you can keep acting hurtful and expecting others to be kind and gracious with you. You can’t get mad at the struggle and think that it will lighten up on you.

Timing is going to be in a rapid twilight zone space where you are to see for solutions that you never could have even seen were there. It's about surprise events that get you into a certain space which then will be to open you to surrendering, to trusting a bigger plan, to trusting a higher power, to letting go and believing that you can take some leap of faith and it WILL be something beyond your dreams.

All the abilities you are growing in dreaming bigger can only happen from self-love. If you hate yourself, you can't really believe that you will have something greater. We can't be at empty and get filled up by something unless we first dream it into reality. The challenges of 2022 so far have been about you coming out of your comfort zone and growing more resilient in figuring your way through tight spaces. YES, we don’t want to be in the struggle that we are, but we have to admit that these challenging situations are getting us to choose wiser and to make our own space something that is kept cleaner.

Shit talk is just that; it's shit. Who even wants to sit in a pool of what they deliver?! They just want OTHERS to sit in it – not realizing talking those ways puts the turds in their OWN pool. But – on this journey you are not the judge, and you are not the say on what anyone else should be doing. So, if they want to put the poo poo in their own pools, they will learn in their own ways how gross it is to shit talk.

BUT YOU – special Rainbow Tribe -- are sovereign in being able to choose what stays and what goes, and it's time to talk as if you are divine and walk as if you get to decide. A new story wants you seeing for the best view that feels like coming home to the real you. Change with the mystery and see for something beyond the matrix reality.


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I really felt this awakening magic ✨ all is well removed myself from lower energies .
No guilt no shame just spiritual growth 💞

Maria February 10, 2022

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