FEB 15 | Tuesday

We are heading into a Full Moon in Leo tomorrow morning and today is going to fill you with SO MUCH to think about. It is a wild day where many are REALLY acting out as they feel DONE with the challenges of life. Be aware that we are close to awakenings when we get pulled out of our comfort zone in order to make room for a new position in the world.

Most of us don’t want to change and we don’t want to have to take risks of the heart that we don’t really know are solid and sure. BUT – this energy is asking us all to think again about where we were heading and what we need in life to feel happy and as if there is a reason for it all. MANY are so engulfed in anger and actions that are as low vibe as they come, and IT IS putting them in hell so that they can wake up and choose again. So many people want to believe the Bible, but how many actually walk it? How many actually act like Christ did and love their neighbor and extend hands to those in need? Maybe 1%? How many people call themselves Christians, yet they ARE the nasty talkers on social, dividing others and acting as if they are superior. Is that really what Christ did?

This energy wants you seeing that you can talk all you want, but if you don’t walk it, you are most likely hating others as a way to not hate yourself and your own life. You deflect in order to NOT face that YOU TOO were done wrong and often feel broken, and now are mad as hell that you don’t have what you thought you would have by this time in your life. Accept that you deserve better and treat others the way you want to be treated. How is this so hard to understand? Why do we still think we can hurt people, yet expect to be smothered in love and blessings by the Great Mystery?

See today that it's time to be the love and there is no other option for you. It's time to move into a new space where you seek for joy and do things creative that help you process your anger and transmute it into something that moves you to be a better person. You are so close to finding home in the world where you WILL shine. But first, you got to leave your ego at the door and stop demanding that you have this other life without actually putting in the work to manifest it.

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