friday 10 september

Oh hello F R I D A Y!

This is the kind of energy that will change you forever. Something comes in that gets you looking into another direction that was being hidden because it carried power. This makes me think of when people are jealous of others, they always try to discredit the person or try to make them look bad in the eyes of others – but really they chirp so loudly over a certain someone because they are jealous of something that someone is or has done.

Think about someone who struggles with being gay and who becomes the bully who attacks another kid who is clearly embodying their fluid sexuality. We see this natural playbook way that people hate what they are and have not made peace with or dived into the healing journey in regard. When others have success, we want to tear them down and find ways to think that they are a fraud. But really, we chirp when we want things that we don’t have now. We chirp when we see others happy and in love and, unfortunately, then want to find ways to prove they are NOT what they seem. 

This energy needs you facing how you are at a bias to other people at this time because YOU need to do something about what you see in another. There is a deep well in front of all of you where you need to take a dive and get ready to find some old pattern that deals with your dance with others and where you have NOT had your needs met. Therefore, you are salivating at the window watching others eat, and mad that you don’t get what they get. If this situation happens now, it’s hella important that you heal this thing and stop chasing after your wounds where you attack or do dark things because you didn’t get or you want to get. 

It's time to see that life is representing what you vibrate inside. And this means, if you see others having success, there is something YOU NEED TO DO and commit to and assert towards in getting what they are showing you. It's all to tease you like a magazine with things you want to eventually buy. Don’t look at the pictures and hate how happy they are and how great they look in their dandy duds. Instead, start operating in a new way where you see this like shopping and say, OHH!! I want that! I want love! I want a partner who values me and who has been doing the work in order to find me! I want the position up the mountain after I have walked all the other positions in order to fully embody truth when I get to the top. Oh! I want! 

We need you speaking in ways where you seek for what is blossoming and abundant around you and NOT keep hating on them because they have what you think you deserve. Where there is self love, there is patience around the climb because there is nothing to prove. Where there is NOT self love, there are heap loads to prove and to need and to validate. One is unstable and unsustainable. The other, with actual self love, is the dream. 

Imagine if all the beautiful things you see are messages from the Great Mystery cluing you into what is also on the way in your future. Level up your opinions of self and dive deeply to see another view of your destiny. There is something here to set straight or reposition.


10 September 2021
MOON PHASE: Plant the seeds
MOON DEGREES: 1 to 14 Scorpio
CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #11 See why it had to be. #12 Self Love.

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