Friday 28 October

We continue today with some sort of massive shift that gets us looking in a new direction and with a new way of seeing what is the potential. This is a great time to change your tune and start heading towards something that feels like it will manifest you a better life. You may be leaping into a new idea or a new way to share the truth that you long to bring. This is a great day to face what wounded you in your past, and to rise into a higher role of teaching what you THOUGHT broke you and was something that damaged your future dreams.

You are to see that a roadblock in the past was there because NOW is when you are to step higher and leave the position of where you were growing claustrophobic and in need of a change. Timing is everything and when the gate opens you will truly know that it is time to go. We also are making connections and understandings around seeing that we thought something was a negative when now we see we needed the provocation in order to get us looking for a new solution.

Somehow, we connect today, and it inspires us to travel in a new way. So keep your eyes on the horizon and know that today something will be made clear and it will fill you with a new energy that is about wanting to live more and make the most of what is showing up as an opportunity. Different strokes for different folks but they all things have a place in the tapestry of life. Love that we are not all the same, and love in your body that we don’t need to be.

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