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Now is when you birth a new story about how you need life to be for you. It is when you are to see clearly that there is something more you want to do that deals with coming out of the shadows and starting over in how you approach the mountain climb that is to support you. You may be thrown off balance in order to discover new ways to support or ground yourself. There IS the indication that what occurs changes you because it makes you feel like you don’t have a home in the world and there is something you need to be doing that you are not doing. You also may REALLY feel the suffering in the world and will feel sad as you may feel like you haven’t done enough with your time. You also may feel like you are older now and you don’t have the potential you used to. This energy is creating quite a squeeze and there are many feelings that can have you not really feeling like yourself. BUT just know, this is growing a new mountain in you where you WILL reach for more BECAUSE of the pain of today. And there are things that you hold as fears that are keeping you from really doing what your body is telling you to do. It's keeping you in this model of how you think things need to be done because others in front of you have preached the ways you are SUPPOSED to be doing the journey. Actually, paths are dividing in order to get you listening to your body and trusting the cycles that need you inhaling before you start exhaling. You need these spaces that feel like you are crossing a bridge and are tempted to race back to how it was BECAUSE the future is unknown and what you are walking into is NOT what you have seen before. It is OKAY to feel moody and crabby and lazy or lost or in limbo. Understand that your feelings are growing stronger so that you can discover a unique path to follow that IS going to value you. If you just chase what others are doing or what you think you should do through the lens of the status quo, you WILL see money run dry or situations that just do not work out as you hoped. See this as inspiration and true guidance letting you know which path will be best for you. Where it is cold and brittle, you need something more. But this is not to be seen as a glass ceiling that you can't get around. You are in so much control, but you are learning a new flow that is SLOW and PATIENT with valuing yourself as you assert ways to be supported for your creative gifts. You must excavate and discover what is powerful about you. And truthfully, something is transforming because there is an upgraded role for you to walk that will give you new colors to talk about and share with the world. So grow this with love and make your body a louder voice in your decisions. Resistance does NOT mean you need to plow on through. It means you need to look around and open to a new view.


This is when you are to embody patience as you shift gears into a new role where you are teaching or going to school or signing up to fully engage in some project that is a dream. Now is when you are to see that where you were is not going to support the reality of who you really are. New parts of you are rising with a voice that is going to grow so much louder in wanting to speak up about what you feel --and to start over in how you come off and deliver your goods. There is so much that is to change, and it is about movement from many old ideas into new ones that now feel like they are your thing. Be patient as you wait for others to see you in this new way or to feel like you are truly being supported for the ideas you bring. Patience is here because you are learning new ways to see where you are going and to not be so negative in thinking there is some limited way for things to be. It's time to grow a new crop from your mind that is softer and nurturing with the process up the mountain. This also means you may be beating yourself up and super aware of if your mind is your best friend or an enemy. And for the record, what you hear in your mind is supposed to sound like a best friend. The old world programmed you to beat yourself up and to say things that you would never say out loud to another. They got you thinking the inside stuff doesn’t matter and that only the show is what is measured out in the long run. This time is to get you waking up to ways you have been following along in how you have allowed your mind to run. This is like staying focused on the old world ideas for a career and how you get there and how it's done. It's time for you to let all that go and just be in this moment, with your feelings, in your body, tuning into life in a new way. There are NEW mountains for you to climb and they will require emotional leaps of faith into things that do not have a guarantee and most likely are NOT what others would think of as a safe bet. But this is for you, and it will allow you to express yourself in real ways where you are rebuilding the avenue you want to grow into. This can be about finding new friends or scenes that get you looking at an old dream in a new way. Expect MANY things that inspire you and are what will be the flashlight that gets you seeing in the dark and seeing that something up there feels like home to you. You also may feel bored and sad and with thoughts that you missed some boat or are getting old, or something negative. Just know, this is the dark before the sun rises. You are inches away from seeing into your new role and seeing that you ARE powerful when speaking from your truth -- and now it's time to think about broadcasting yourself in ways that express your authority and the desire you have to offer solutions.


Now is when you learn to raise the voice of your value where you break through what is trying to keep you from feeling what you KNOW is true. This is when you are to find new parts of yourself that get you really loving on the ideas of home and what sort of things you want to support you so that you feel solid and valued in life. There are new senses rising and they will help you create many epic works of art, but this is really about getting you loving on the ways that you are and allowing your system to be rewritten where you now trust blindly, and with heart and emotion leading the way. You are transforming into a new sort of being who listens to their feelings first and their mind LAST. This can make you feel lost in journeys that you wish were here right now but that in reality are a ball of yarn and something that will take you working hard for. This is to train your brain to stop going into fears and what if’s and old world ways that you stay hidden and in the cave, allowing life to pass you by because it's too multi-faceted to go for. This time is to show you how capable and strong you are and that you just got work to do to see what you wish to see manifest. This time is all about slowing into the mystery and trusting the handfuls and pitfalls and flat tires that are all a part of the timing that aligns you with grace. You are all about learning a new flow that needs a slow and steady approach that will build things with integrity and full of trust in the Universe. When you allow yourself to just let it all go and trust that things will work out, you say that you value yourself and you love yourself enough to take a break or a time out or space to NOT hustle and bustle or negatively be in the rat race. When you choose for you, you vote for you and the Universe hears this and brings blessings. When you shoot yourself down, the Universe also hears this and brings you more things that feel like they shoot you down. It's time for you to awaken to the ways you are limited in how you handle challenges and want to dominate or have your way or be the best or whatever it is that speaks of old world strivings in a way where your mind talks negative with what needs to be something you whole heartedly move into. This time is getting you to unravel the ways you have connected into others where now it doesn’t make you feel held in all the right ways. You are to be drawing boundaries and are asked to show yourself in a higher level as you rebuild what now you need from people connected into you. The light will shine at the perfect time and what comes will be great ideas that empower you to believe in your creative gifts in a whole new way. Allow and trust and go slow as you grow this new crop of your dreams. Patience and compassion get you everything.


Okay love. This time is to be very emotional on you where things are changing within the dynamics of what holds you and allows you to fully be what you now want to be. Things are coming as backed up situations that need you embodying patience as you reach for dreams that are long from reality but strong in that you KNOW you have to now make space for these mysterious feeling things. There is going to be a risk of the heart that will be made in the coming week that deals with a change in life that positions you in a way where others will see you different. You are in the old that got you thinking one side of your nature is all that you need to express but new things are rising because you are getting older, and cycles never keep us in the same places. When our emotions rise to new levels, we need a world to match that. And you are in a long period of learning to find who you really are behind the control of what got you to be a certain way in order to fit into the world and do what is custom and acceptable. This time can make you feel others have kept you in this anchored space that now you need to step up and move into something that brings more joy into your life. But all of this takes you drawing huge boundaries in talking about what you feel and how you need to start over something and start walking the bridge into a new life that is on your mind. The risk and the leap is not secure and sure at all – for good reason. The moves you are making now are all about you standing up for yourself and making your own needs a priority. It's about you stopping in your tracks because your body is screaming no – even though you promised yes and really planned on following through. But when things change with our bodies, we have to listen because this deals with self-love and honoring that we choose and change and assert out of the blue IF EVER something suddenly warns us in our body or gets us noticing certain things. You are not here to follow along and relate and deal in the ways of the old world. And this time is showing you that a new level of life is available and needs you now showing up and rewiring your system so that you believe in the unlimited and in trusting that solutions are like tsunamis that suddenly rush in. They create a whole other world, and they change what was there thinking it was so solid and true. They also force us all to adapt – and that is what your moves are doing on the world around you right now. You are feeling a strong call to go into a new way of life, and it requires that all the old be rewritten and put into positions of rebuild and supportive care. There is a way to do it with love and to see all supported and valued in the season of change. Lead with loving vibes on your mind.


This week is going to have a sweet shift to it where it goes from very internal and then very sensitive, but then it will be all about full on energy going towards the tasks that you now will see have a higher purpose in completion. Until your gas tank gets filled up, you sit at empty and at the contemplation of things. This time rising is when you get up and get going in a better way that will come FROM all that you are facing that you were putting off or looking at with too negative of expectations, like worrying that something would be bad news or not what you can count on. This time is to test how well you can stick with a project that has many layers and steps where nothing is automatic or clear, but where you feel called to reach for some idea out in the future about how your life CAN be lived. Even if sacrifices will be required and strong voices in standing up to what has gotten you to fall in line and keep with tradition or not let others down for fear of making waves. You are learning to speak with a new voice that has grown true value for self, who now dreams for other ways to use your creative gifts and do things that rebuild how the world was created without support -- and how YOU have been created without the support that really shows you how to trust the timing journey and allow your feelings to be what guides the way. There are changes happening all around you and they require you stay mutable as you decide which way to go. But know that this time wants you tuning into your body more and allowing a healing to take place where you allow the voice to rise in hearing what the pain or warning or sensation could really mean. Things feel heavy and it means no, but you may try to make it work or try to carry on. Signs are coming to wake you up and get you looking with more positivity into the vast opportunities that match up to the internal vibration you hold. This time is checking out mental health concerns or ways you are being cruel in your mind and aren’t really talking them down or working to snap them back into position. Where you allow yourself to be your worst enemy, you need to start lightening up and talk like a sweet friend to yourself. You do deserve to see love on the outside and to feel it in your insides. This time is getting you to feel critical and limited TO TEST if you are really ready to step into a new role in life where you don’t batter yourself because the world isn’t yet providing what you wish to see. It's not that you are bad, or you have made wrong moves, you are just still traveling the journey. Ease up on the pressure you are applying to yourself. Try a new way to talk about how awesome you really are for how far you have come and how amazing you will one day be.


This is all about you writing a new story around getting your creative works out into the world and seeing that you ARE supported by others who will be showing up synchronistically to bring you hope for a new day. You got a lot healing with your heart and with addictions that are keeping you not really vibing something that will open the gates to the space you are wanting to move into. Pain in the heart is a journey of the unknown and it requires that you take risks and trust that things will one day get better or will transform into something that gives you more life. We need insecure moments where we don’t trust our feelings or feel comfortable with them because they open the portal to waking us up to vaulted memories and patterns of love or abandonment that are keeping us going for the wounded state – because we are still wounded and needing it to be the teacher that gets us choosing for another way. We date the abuser if we have been abused. We do what we see – but we don’t make the connection that we are doing it UNTIL certain moments in life when we get taken into depressive states that congest the imbalance and get us REALLY confused about our place in the world. But they are blessings because it is in going to the depth that you discover a totally new love for life around creativity or something new that comes in and gives you another view. You are a hitchhiker, and you don’t really know when you will get picked up and by whom – BUT, in this case, if you dream of the sweetest ride and with the best peoples by your side, going to the most beautiful lands that you can imagine, then you WILL BE sitting atop a new mountain in 2022 that sings of the dreams you plant today. The discomfort in your life, with emotions over things maybe not felt before, is what is birthing you to step out of your way and stop doing your life and your art from the perspective of the old-world mountain climb. Things are to return and loop around so as to bring you to wiser states of timing so that NOW things DO make sense or NOW that person is NOT going to be what you dreamed. You are in and out and up and down and you need to just be like the kid who KNOWS this is all going to work out and manifest a more beautiful life from the transformation that is occurring with your heart right now. Childhood memories may be painful but do not push them away!! They are getting you to see the story FINALLY and to see that what you saw is not where you are going, and you need to see it again to plant it firmly into the far off vision you now hope you can attain. A dream is in your mind, with tangles still all around you, so be patient as you grow again, but follow your heart and rebuild better.


What a powerful time for you. Just know, you may feel super unstable and more unsure than you have felt before. But know that you are discovering a whole other way that life can be that now needs you finding yourself again and starting over from what has been the programmed and grooved way for you to be -- AS PER others coming with stronger forces and getting you to show up and believe life was this certain thing. You have been living with too much scarcity and an abiding soul in keeping with it because you feel it's good enough and it's a mountain that has been climbed before. But now it's time for you to create a new foundation that will support you -- FROM SEEING in reality how much the world needs a new foundation to support it and new things on the ground level to be what ALLOWS the outer to take manifestation. You need to be sensitive to the way the world looks to you and to feel the pain as it gets you to write a new story of support that you would LIKE to see. You are becoming a solutions person, and this means you are going to suddenly get it and will connect into things that open doors and bring opportunities that are in the future but bring excitement this week. You may be connecting with friends more or will be in tune with your body in different ways so that you reach out and think about how much support they bring into your life. If there is no support now, it may be a similar story of your childhood that needs you seeing you ARE supported and with powerful relationships and connections that affirm you and help you feel grounded to express your heart freely. This time wants you writing stories that are about the Phoenix and rising stronger after the challenge or the birth canal situation. You may feel super confused about which way to go, but that feeling becomes action in a matter of days. You are in a space of seeing how far you wish you could go – but it takes you stepping out of the lines and not seeing foundations for what you used to see them as. There is new energy that can hold you. You also are to embody patience as you wait for others to help you make decisions. There are ways you still feel others impact you and keep you in emotional states that have you looking in depressed or limited ways. But from the pain of something recent you are going to learn a new way to go into the cave space and into your shadow behaviors and work your way out of what binds you in patterns that now feel like they hold you back. You are in a big cycle of accepting the change of aging and growing different. Be louder and stronger in how you face challenges in seeing THEY are the keys to your better feeling days. Each boulder in the way gets you closer to joy and into what grows when we love ourselves and stop living for the status quo. You do have permission to start over.


This time is going to feel intense and where your mind may be full of regret or sadness or fears about something you had planned to be doing with your future that now doesn’t seem to feel like home. Change is coming this week that is to reposition you and get you with a more grounded foundation THAT COMES from how you are feeling sensitive with how you want to get your work out there far and wide. This time is when you are to step into a higher role in how you communicate as you are to see yourself moving into a new way that others will think of you. You may still look the same, but you are working on finding a place in the world with your creative gifts that is NOT what you would have thought you would be doing, and where you now are patient with how things come together and speaking with more love in understanding that you are the first force that creates what others will be. This time is to provide you with many insights that get you seeing into your past and realizing you are ready to rebirth, start over and come at us from this wiser and older perspective on things. EXPECT to see into your past and be shocked that you did what you did when only now can you see that it was not a good move. All that you do will come back to you, so 100% of the time, it never pays to be hurtful or to wish limitation or pain upon others – EVEN IF you feel they are bringing it your way first. This energy is to get you seeing that you are here to be an influencer who holds a vibration and who walks the talk in what we see them living. So, it is when you wake up and start seeking for higher levels where you are offering support or are empowering others to see other views in life. AND this new reach is to be what unlocks the viewings of your soul that will get you seeing that you need to show us a side of you that ISNT in the fight or with desires to dominate and control things. This time wants you seeing that you want to do more with your reach, and you ARE valuable and with creative gifts that ARE going to make a difference. But you got to be what we see and clear the way of debris, so that love is what grows the trees and not animosity. You are waking up to your impact and to wanting to correct how you thought cutting things down was the way to get to the top. You are to show a new level of support to the world that is REAL and that comes because now you are ready to deal and heal. Surprises come when you lay down your arms, and in some way, this will be what strengthens your throat to see clearly into an abundant reality. A new cycle is about to enter so allow the old to go out with love. You DO get a fresh start rising soon!


This energy is all about putting you into a better position that you didn’t know how to create but that will come from walking emotional situations with others where your system is now being forced to grow stronger and show up with more faith that you WILL figure out how to get through the debt or ways that others are keeping you in this pattern that now you are ready to grow out of. This is when you are to draw boundaries around what feels good to you so that you can start over with some way that you have been processing heavy material and it keeping you thinking you don’t have a voice or aren’t gifted enough or worthy of support in partnerships and with things that empower you to want to grow. The flow of others and trying to take it all on yourself can have you feeling really limited and as if there is no room to grow or you need to fear that you won't be supported and held stable in the future. ACTUALLY. This week you are being asked to completely transform and step into a higher reputation in how you hold value for yourself and trust the journey of the farmer who doesn’t know how things will go, but who DOES do everything they can to support the growth of their babies. You are to grow stronger in how you face opposition and NOT let it break you down to the point your words are hurtful and brittle -- and NOT empowering. This energy is getting you to wake up to loving on who you are through the lens of the Phoenix who supports the challenges you have overcome and the ways you have chosen for your satisfaction over falling in line and following others who hold fears and glass half empty views of it all. You are to be growing a crop that speaks of you stepping into shoes that really showcase your authority and what are your natural gifts. All of life right now is testing you with scarcity to see if you will write new stories about how we NEED the polarity in order to get us really honoring the ways we speak, and if we really do hold self-love so that we expect things to be lush and comfortable and nurturing in all the best ways. This time is to get you going for the lush and realizing it will be in using your voice and standing stronger in ways that you would otherwise just give in and allow others to move you to the side. New creative solutions and ways to live out your purpose are coming as ideas this week and they WILL ground you into a new plan with how you live your day to day. This is to be an excellent time where you get out of the way and stop following because you have grown used to it. Come out of the lines and you will find yourself aligned and feeling on purpose. Grow this with patience and a mind that loves every minute of the process. Go low and your seeds don’t grow. Be conscious of this fact.


This is when you are to fully accept that it's time to step into a higher role where you are offering more support FROM what you naturally love to do. This time will bring others coming at you to provoke you into realizing something you were not ready to yet see. Accept that an emotional wave will surround what moves you into a better position, and this may cause discomfort as it gets you to transform into showing yourself with more authority. What you really know best and do like no one else is where you are to be stepping more truthfully – where you can't hold back because it's your passion and comes naturally. You are to be finding a new side of your voice where there will be no question that this is where you need to be. BUT. You are still taking off layers of the old world ways that got you faking it in regard to where you think you need to be. This means fitting yourself into the world and coming up with a solution you think they need – when we need you walking some experience that opens your mind to what YOU need to wake up to that you aren’t doing and that is a better suited position for you. What comes to wake you up will be things that deal with your childhood and how you are hiding your light because of what imprinted you. When those layers get peeled back you find new parts of your heart that will want to do different things. And you WILL feel stuck until you see into a new path that is to light you up again and get you seeing that you are not too old and too much time has not come to pass. Actually, you are to be shown that all things are connecting perfectly, EVEN when they take you into lower times where you doubt your purpose or that others will ever see you for how you want to be seen. The only way for you to find this rise comes from being in the mystery and having no clue what is going on. You need the empty where you suddenly don’t feel like you can live in the ways you used to. This is the crossing of the guards and the time when one thing is left as a new thing unfolds. It is to be smothered in synchronicity and sparks of inspiration that WILL COME after you really surrender and just let it all go, KNOWING that your energy levels and feelings in your body ARE guiding you safely. And there is nothing more for you to do. If you feel off, you have to stop. And you have to trust that you will feel on again soon. THAT is the test of this energy! Change positions and be okay with the silence and sadness that may fall in-between. They are great signs that your value is ACTUALLY on the rise and will materialize from a move you make that positions you leading the way in a new way.


This is to be when you find yourself in new ways FROM feeling pulled back or not where you wish you could be. It is to create many mysterious situations where you wish something could happen but it's not showing up so you may be doubting that you can trust the process of growing something naturally. You are to feel in limbo and it 100% is a test to see if you go low vibe in the mystery or if you hold high vibes and allow something to unfold without needing to push it and manipulate it THROUGH your old world ideas on where you think your position should be. This time is when you are to face how you hold to seeing that you are a victim and will NOT get what you need BECAUSE you haven’t seen it before. This is when you are to go into fears of your past and ways that you keep things hidden because you don’t want to face what needs you seeing with more compassion and less judgment. When we grow thick skins, we tune out the heart of the matter and stay in mental spaces where we weigh and balance and categorize things. But ALL of that most likely was built in corrupt ways and programmed into you so that you would buy into some mainstream model and walk what you have been told. This time is to get you SUPER emotional about life and the decisions you have made, which now will keep coming at you and getting you to squeeze out even more tears about how you now think you have done things wrong. This time is to rock you a bit – but really for the purpose of getting you to surrender to a new way and a new path and something that needs you finding yourself again and coming out of the shadows with things that you were pushing away, or just weren’t ready to own about yourself. In 2022 and beyond, authenticity becomes what we seek for because all of us are growing more psychic and in tune to the REAL energies behind manipulative motives or fronts of what we want others to see. There is a better life that is about to sprout for you, but what you are facing now is what won’t work for you in the future. So, you have to step into the healing journey in a huge way in seeing that all things that cross your path are SUPPOSED TO and the tests come in how you handle things where you surrender and allow this to just be -- or where you try to plow on through and get to the top of the mountain and make money and fame your motivating factors in what you do. With surrender comes finding your truth, where you will only want to express what is authentic about you, because it empowers you from the inside, whereas fame and money empower you on the outside -- so they are fleeting like a drug feeling you chase that keeps you escaping from what is your reality true. Silence. Pause. Wait for a clear next move.


Now you are to step into the light of your heart and bring clarity to what you would ULTIMATELY like to experience in life. This is about letting go of the ways you have felt small or as if you don’t have a place in the world. When with competition, do you often choose to bow out and not even compete? There are ways you hide your light because you don’t believe in yourself or love the person that so many adore. This time is to bring you a surprise that gets you totally turned on again with life and with what is the potential. There will be a pause that deals with you needing to find home again with old parts of yourself that you haven’t allowed to be, and that will express as strong emotions feeling times in the past when you didn’t feel seen. Your emotions are to move mountains and you will have to just wait and see -- because this energy will flip a pattern when you least expect it to. This will bring labor pains that also need you taking a risk of the heart where you trust what you are doing even if it's nothing and where you don’t see a way to your dreams. Confusion is a wonderful place for you to start, and it will be in connecting into your natural ways that you will synchronistically align with the insight into changes with your creative gifts and projects that now will need to be repositioned into something that is to sustain you. This is about waiting until the inspiration arrives and not chasing after old world ways in thinking stuck is forever or that this situation DOESNT mean SOMETHING. You are learning to go with the flow but as a child that FOR SURE is going to have all your wishes granted. Now it's about waking up your own self love and getting you seeing that you ARE extremely special and that the world needs your creative idea on things. Speak louder, step into your higher voice and see that the upgrades and solutions will arrive to give you a home in the world with what you most love to do. Be patient with your dreams but shoot far and wide in seeing where you want to grow. This is when you start to backtrack into what you created before and from a new perspective of believing that there is a way and that you just need to follow your heart and your feelings. You are TO go outside the lines and to do things your way. It's time to lead in your stronger form and step into a more powerful role reaching farther and wider than dreamed of before. You will broadcast what is most authentic and knowing about you. It's time to step higher and see for the better view. Expect things to return and love to grow because of what is like a volcano at this time. Something in you is ready for change and your front light is flickering to warn others that a new you is about to give rise and show up different in our eyes. When you get sparked by the inspiration you are going to feel passionate and excited to wake up in the morning. Just wait for it. This is a big change. And it will get you dancing and feeling new.


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