JAN 31 | monday

O h  M O O N ! We LOVE when you go new in Aquarius as you awaken us to realizing we have no control over what comes our way, but we DO have control over how we process it and interpret what it means in our life. We can see for dead ends – or we can see for trust in a higher power orchestrating the timing of things and you NEEDING to first go down the dead end before you find the best path for you.

We are now to see that we don’t have to beat ourselves up for feeling like we are getting it so wrong in the confines of the old world ways. Many of you are seeing that old systems won't work in the new energies as the FEELING isn’t there – or rather, the limited feeling is too much there. Many of you will feel cold and detached and as if you don’t have compassion or connection like you used to. We now go into a period where people really get vocal and scattered in how much they don’t like the world they are in and that the pressure is too much to bear.

But. If we all just let go and trust in a higher plan, we WILL be shown the way and the solutions and upgrades will come. This energy just wants you seeing another possibility on how things can come together, and it needs you vibing like a higher person who trusts that getting angry and lashing at others is NOT going to make anything better.

We are now in a time when things quickly come back to us as if our actions are like the boomerang. This means it can get ugly out in the world where so many are malfunctioning – so remember that you are the Aquarius Nation and here to bring in the Age of Aquarius vibrations. You just got to show others that there is another way and you got to walk it before you talk it. So, you have to be brave, but also steering your brain into faith in something that you haven’t yet seen. This is all about trusting that answers will show and allowing yourself to not be so in control of how you think things need to appear in order to move us along into Higher Consciousness/Christ Consciousness. Don’t be the judge; be a part of what you want to see.

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