JULY 7 | Thursday

Okay my loves. We are moving through this tight squeeze and the day will be similar to yesterday but where it feels stronger and there is something that has reached the surface that is NOT what we thought could be happening.

You may feel like things are knocking you down and out and that you can’t even take a step forward. Many of you may feel like you are in quicksand because of what you are receiving and hearing about and how it feels too much to handle. There are forces showing their power and doing things that are to plant us fully into fear and into thinking we are being destroyed.

But just remember! In all ways, we will see the old world trying to fear the new world into being created. So -- we are being challenged to not BECOME the low vibrations coming our way EVEN IF they are in power and ARE controlling us. Just like how I recently taught my class the experience of manifesting a home with only 3 weeks notice and during our states largest wildfire where 16,000 people were displaced and looking for homes. Add in the pandemic, when the amazing small mountain towns got bought up by people with too much money, MOST of which were only part time residents. So we are seeing all the houses go up for sale AND most of the rentals no longer housing the locals that make Taos (or all the small mountain towns) what it is.

So, the odds were against me, but I told my class I WOULD find a home and that I WOULD be supported. I actually found 7 homes during those 3 weeks and all word of mouth. The one I decided upon has its challenges, but it's making me happier than a dream! The actual space and the view I got is so perfect for me!! My body loves the flow of what I manifested. So – I did NOT manifest a space on a friend’s couch or a basement apartment with no windows. I did not compromise AT ALL – and I’m saving ½ of what I was spending in the old house! I had no idea that was even possible!!

So follow my walk and stay fixated into how you will rise again and how nothing others want to fear you about is going to be true UNLESS you think it will become true. I KNEW I would find a place and that the Great Mystery would not leave me out on the streets. I KNEW this was a test for me to dream and to not have all the answers but to still expect that all things would go in my favor.

I had HOME on my shopping list and 3 weeks to manifest it – so I used each day to plant and dream and visualize and embody what I was hoping to create. I DID NOT sit there every day in private doubt where I held ideas or thoughts around how MAYBE I WOULD be left out?? Maybe THIS TIME would be when the story ends?? Well – keeping it real, I did go there for about 8 hours of the 3 weeks during these 2 particular days -- but otherwise, the sky was the limit, and the sky held my attention as I waited for something to appear. AND – as it has done 100% of the time in my past, AND YOUR PAST, things worked out and what I needed was granted IN RELATION to what I hoped it would be.

My fears painted many situations in my past, but through Earth Walking, now my hopes only lead the way, and my hopes are what I always manifest.

YOU CAN DO THIS TOO. You are built to walk into the miraculous and to make it a reality. But you got to stay of that vibration in order to attain what you dream. That right there is your key.


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