JUNE 6 | Monday

Today is going to feel a bit different and where you finally now are seeing clearly into a path that needs you applying SERIOUS dedication in order to set this straight. Be aware that you may have to pull yourself out of your normal routine and you MAY want to sleep, escape or be lazy. But something about this energy wants you just getting up and doing one thing at a time without focusing too much on how much needs to be corrected. It is to be a day you let go of trying to fix it all and instead find contentment from one project at a time. Others will be coming your way and there is something about how you have changed that will allow another result to take place. Be aware that frustration is not going to grow you the life of your dreams. So do what you can to seek for compassion and non-judgment with whoever shows up on your doorstep today. Work towards bringing balance to things and seeing that there is a way to beautify what seemed cracked and out of order. This is a great day to dedicate to a new eating plan or body moving regimen. If you start today or tomorrow, it will be grounded in as a new habit that is easy to get into.

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