LUNAR ECLIPSE readings PER SIGN 16 May 2022


This powerful lunar eclipse is to get you going deep into the patterns of your life where suddenly discoveries will be made that have you using your voice in stronger ways as you go against what is trying to dominate you into fear. This is when the old world falls away as it grows louder in our consciousness. From what we see, we all will create a New Earth story about how to plan a better world.

We are letting go of the manipulation that keeps us from living our truth. Now we part ways with what we were expected to do, as we open our throat and ask for more. The life that doesn’t value you is falling away. Things are made abundantly clear after feeling stuck and stifled for some time.

Dominating forces are scared of your power, and therefore they try to distract you into fear – so that you don’t use your super power. We are in a portal that allows your dreams to fly sky high and to become your reality. But what you think, is what you get. So do your all to stand strong against what gets you going down into the hatred of things.

We need you vibing love even in the face of adversity. Just because all this other nasty shit is going down, doesn’t mean you need to put your powerful super energy towards hating on how down it is. This time is not like any we may see again, where some of you will part ways with the old and really move into the new earth vibrations of abundance and calm – even if all the chaos still abounds.

Be conscious that you are manifesting whatever is on your mind – and gas your thoughts to something really amazing and positive and Phoenix Rising into a badass state. See the correction. Be the transformation. It’s time to rise higher than what you see that is trying to get you fearful of what can be. You got this baby. Show us how strong you are and DONT back down from getting to where you dream you can be. You are here to defy the odds. Don’t give up.


READ YOUR SUN, MOON & RISING SIGNS for the complete story!



This powerful eclipse is to bring you 6 months of ideas galore about how to sustain yourself through your creative gifts or with something that comes natural to you. It will be an exciting time where you finally focus on doing your all to do something better that in your past you did not believe was an option.

In some way, you have learned to not use your throat and speak up about certain things where now you will be coming alive and wanting to keep it real. This does mean you will be standing up to people or old rigid ways that feel like they cramp your style. You may even shock yourself with how strong you stand up to certain things that now will provoke you to draw lines, be clear with boundaries and NOT keep following along because others conditioned you to believe things can’t be done. You may feel like you are looking at so much that needs to be cleaned up and corrected –and this is where you need to be! Do not run from what tries to scare you into going back to the old ways and forgetting about your ideas for new plans to support you.

You may be moving into a new home or a space where there will be support for you to connect into sharing more of your creativity and planting seeds that will bring more joy into your life. You are in a life changing period and it’s important that over this next 6 months you are expressing more and being vocal about what you love to do and how it can make a difference for others. Consider this time your planning period where you are to slow down and make better decisions based on ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!


This powerful eclipse wants to bring magic your way! It wants to wake you up to your truth so that you take the wheel and lead from what YOU feel is the way to go. Over the next 6 months you will redesign a role and way that you want to come across and be seen.

Something is to come that gets you changing your foundation and moving towards something that supports you in ways that uncover what you are really here to do. This deals with something like getting you up on stage, where you may be hesitant to be, but when you get up there, you discover a natural flow and affinity with leading others that way.

Something is to slide in that holds you in such a way that you open to showing yourself different. This will tend to come out of the blue and when you feel most blocked or stuck in regard to how to approach others or have a career where you feel like you have a home in offering this work. Your role will be changing because you will be transforming from what is going on around you and how it is pressuring you to face things or to stand up and deal with what needs you applying boundaries to what you will or will not allow in your life.

This time is a rare reboot that is asking you to step into your power and to do more with what are your gifts. It is when a chapter begins and shows you that the flow has changed. You will notice that people look different too, or you will feel they are coming around the corner and rising into the Phoenix after walking through the fire. This chapter has a big space where you will teeter between ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!



This powerful eclipse is taking you deep into the mystery and into strong feelings around not knowing what is going on. Get comfortable feeling in the clutches of change, but not knowing how to handle any of it and what to do to get to the far off places you dream of finally touching down into. All you can do is surrender and hope for the best!

You will be spending the next 6 months exploring hidden parts of yourself that now are speaking louder. You will be confronting issues you have around your own self worth and the validity of your gifts or what you are here to offer. The doubts you hold will be examined and processed through experiences that get you to learn how to forgive yourself and forgive others. This time will be taking you deep into old patterns and old conditioning that got you hiding parts of yourself or holding skepticism or negativity in regard to judging certain things.

Do what you can to stay glass half full as you fly through the mysterious spaces because the parts of you that are falling away and leaving are making room for your truth and your feelings to be what guides you in the future. Your throat is about to speak up and declare some new change that needs to take place, but it won’t happen until you really stand up and roar for what you want. And that point comes when the path is truly clear. Think about walking around in fog versus walking around in a sunshiny day. The fog means you need to stop, drop and meditate your way through the situations. Sunny day means run with it and go for it and make this your reality. So don’t run in the fog! Go slow in the fog. Run in the sun... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!



This powerful eclipse is to rebirth you into wanting a whole other plan with how you want to make a difference in the world. You will be thinking about coming together with others and focusing around your art or creative gifts in a new and upgraded way. Many answers will come over the next 6 months that help you align with the best peoples so as to get your heart really opening and sharing the depth of what you want to create.

You will be in a highly fertile time where things coming together create other things – and it really is to get you feeling abundant with what you have around you and how it gets you to feel more poetic or in love with life. You are to see that others help you become your greatest version as opportunities are arriving to help wake you up to your brilliance or mirror that you ARE loved and are seen as special.

This energy can feel like falling in love and feeling high over experiencing something you haven’t felt in a while. For this reason, expect the unexpected where things come in and gas you up with a new sort of energy that helps you feel seen. It may be that you get rewards or affirmation that what you do is valuable and that you DO have a place in the world.

This eclipse season brings news that your next 6 months are going to be about creating far out dreams that others in your past would never reach for. It's when you are to break the rules, come out of your comfort zone, leap into the wild unknown and move into a new area where you get to grow a new crop and start over in designing how you would ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!



This powerful eclipse is going to hit you harder than you think it will! This time ushers in a 6 year theme around bringing changes to your foundation -- and through the provocation of others that ultimately gets you to show your authenticity. This energy is asking that you not make being a star your main motive in life, but rather, discover your depths and face what you would rather keep hidden, so as to TRULY embody an essence that doesn’t need other people to affirm that you are a star. It will be when the superficial is examined and when hidden things float to the surface.

You may even feel like you are unraveling and discovering other sides that you didn’t know where there or didn’t think were important. What rises to the surface is something that needs to be addressed and transformed into something that IS solid and sure. You will be wanting to show yourself in a different way where your role is changing -- along with how you address others.

Something will be testing you to level up, and if there are any diseases in the roots of your dreams, they will be here for you to explore again. Where you have loved to hide things, they now are EVERYTHING. And this destabilizes for the purpose of getting you super grounded into things that will support you to show yourself in a more authentic and personal way. So roll with the motions and see that it is getting you to use your voice in ways where you speak your truth and aren’t just acting through something and fronting what you think others want to see.

This is also when you get to start over and will be thinking about how you really need the outer world to be for you. It's when you ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!



This powerful eclipse is to wake you up to wanting to live again and to go to new levels with your communications and creative offerings. You will be looking to far off places and will want to bring the message of your creative gifts and what you feel you were born to do. You will be thinking about how to get to some new place and what you need to let go of in order to grow higher.

There will be thoughts around your addictions or patterns that are in your day to day and that are not allowing you to grow and vibrate higher into these other potential opportunities. So be open with what pops into your consciousness and with memories in your past when you did not make the best moves or could have used your words in better ways. Things are to take you into memory land so that you can see where things began and how you have fallen in line in certain ways where you are not facing what is the writing on the wall.

Expect to wake up dramatically and to feel like your mind is focused in new directions where you were not planning to find yourself. You also may be coming up with brilliant ideas on how to do your art and to promote or expand in better ways that comes from what you are facing. It seems that the Universe is rewarding you for the vibration of your thoughts and in seeing for the best, even if you did make mistakes that you wouldn’t do again if you got the chance.

Notice that something is changed about you with how you shoot your thoughts to certain interpretations, such as with this means that, and that means this other thing. This energy is to wipe the slate clean on what you intellectualize ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!



This powerful eclipse is going to take you deep into the heart of the matter and into understanding more about your truth. You may feel like you are in an emotional and intense ride where the depth feels too much to take at times, as you feel dominated by what is keeping you in the fear of what next can be. You have seen so many ups and downs that it can have you not feeling at home with yourself or with others or with your dreams or with your past decisions. You can feel pulled and all over the place as you see so much that triggers you to now want to declare boundaries and to grow a new crop from what is no longer serving you or your community.

This is when you are being asked to open your throat and speak more about how things are making you feel and how there are regrets around certain past moves. You may even feel like all the details are showing up and it can have you wanting to run and escape from creating the new plans that need you valuing yourself.

This means you will be drawing boundaries with others where you make it clear that you have changed and now you need these other things that will help you feel special. You are to see that you have been giving yourself away for free when you need to see that what you offer is valuable and essential. But if you don’t believe in yourself, as you look out and think that others are more gifted or more qualified to manifest the better lives, then you stay behind the shadows of others and don’t really speak up and make your needs known.

The next 6 months are all about you ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!



This powerful eclipse is to get you wanting to come alive again in a new role that embodies the ways you have been maturing and transforming into a higher form. You don’t feel like the same person you used to be – and when you look around, you see that others are changing too. This means the foundation is rippling from the movements of all who are now wanting to go towards new lands and to reach for greater heights with what you all are here to offer the world.

Things are shifting and you just need to stay fixed in knowing you will be with what values you, but don’t get too hung up on all things needing to stay the same. With new levels, old aspects of yourself fall away – and they are what attracted you to certain people and things. So letting go is something you need to embrace and to understand that this is creating a vibrational change that will have you looking different to those who used to see you in a certain way. It means you blossom in finding yourself and learning new ways to be patient with others as they find themselves too.

You may feel like your foundation has grown bitter or has things going on that fragment you and leave you feeling like you aren’t being seen as special by certain people. This time is to wake you up to your value so that you don’t accept things that keep you in some old form. You will have to stand up for yourself in order to expect others to be what you need them to be. Get clear with new boundaries but do things where you are wanting others to treat you the way that you are treating them. You are to be more of a humanitarian and one who is seeking for peace, ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!


This powerful eclipse is to bring big shifts to your life where memories from the past will come to inspire you into new patterns and ways of living your day to day. Things that pull you back into feeling regret and shame over how things went down in the past are to be the fuel that gets you into the discipline in creating something that works towards getting your dreams out there far and wide.

You may be feeling suddenly serious about getting things into order and into a better shape so that they are not getting all of your negative appraisal. What gets you going glass half empty, needs to be addressed through letting it go and expecting that the solutions will follow. You are learning a new flow where you aren’t going to be pounding the pavement but will be moving into a new area that brings light to what you want to share -- and creates life in how much you want to go for IT.

Expect to notice that things suddenly shift where you want to step into a new role and get out of the shadows in believing something from the past damaged you too much to welcome in good things. You are doing some sort of surgery/healing work that is to examine where you are seeing that you are limited and are not qualified enough to know success. This does feel like it is about you being your own worst enemy, and the next 6 months you are to find compassion and apply forgiveness in order to grow a new crop that highlights your creative gifts. You ARE going places, and this new space needs you being luxurious in how you promote and showcase where you are wanting to grow.

But there are critical aspects to how you flow that now just need ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!



This powerful eclipse is going to open a portal that gets you seeing into new ways of doing what you love to do. It’s when solutions are to come that deal with finding you a home in the world that gets you more creative and feeling at ease with expressing your gifts. Things are to come to show you that you ARE loved and that something about you is special. It may be that friends reach out or connections are made where people are letting you know about what a difference you are here to make.

Things are coming for you, so you really need to be receptive and clear on what sort of world you want to be manifesting. It's important that you are going beyond where you have seen yourself before and are coming out of the lines in regard to where you thought you would be. This IS when you are to show us some sort of radical change where you aren’t following along and instead are bringing a new tune to how you want life to unfold for you. This is very much about a start over period where you will be letting go of the ways you have followed the masses and looked to others to define your life course.

You will be thinking about what or who stands in your way, and you will need to let go of some of the frustration in thinking things controlled you into the place you now find yourself. You are to actively work on letting go of how you now look back into your past and think that you did things wrong. It’s important that YOU are loving yourself enough to not batter yourself into feeling all the shame and blame about how things have not gone as you planned.

You also may feel extra ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!



This powerful eclipse is going to bring you into contact with new ideas and ways to shift the world that you see. This means you may be moving or transitioning between things as you now will be on the bridge and going into something that feels more valuable. This is when you are to use your voice in different ways where you speak up about needs where you otherwise would just let things go. It means you can feel unstable in what no longer fits, as something about you created a new crop that now has seeds that have started to sprout. This means you will start chirping up about wanting to start over and jump into new plans around things that will bring you stability and help you feel safe.

You are going to be focused around your home and with what holds and supports you. If there are fractures in the foundation, which there are, they come to the light at this time in order for you to SEE a better future for yourself. This is when you are to take the dysfunction in what groomed you to believe certain things, and to apply ideas and thoughts around seeing that you WILL rise again and that NOTHING is going to stop you from climbing the mountain into your dreams. DO KNOW, your dream is changing because of some way that you are valuing yourself and your work more. It can be that suddenly the glass ceiling doesn’t feel so powerful and dominating you into thinking things can’t be done.

From what limits you and gets you into the heart of scarcity feelings is where you are to now see that a new chapter is about to take place and it just needs you allowing the past to not be so controlling of you. You even need to be ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!



This powerful eclipse will usher in changes to your environment that lead to movement in many directions. You will be letting go of some way you were processing your life to the point you have been holding yourself back with fears that you are not qualified enough to step into these higher roles. In some way, you have been your own worst enemy in not really allowing yourself to grow and express what IS your authority.

Shifts will come to let you know the path is changing, and some part of how your mind works needs to upgrade and see yourself and your gifts with more value. You may experience out of the blue insights that show you how wrong you were getting things or even with solutions on how to better design and broadcast your creative and natural gifts.

For the next 6 months, you will travel into new spaces that manifest you better results. So, all things taking you out of your comfort zone and into the wild unknown ARE where you want to shoot for. This is about you taking MANY risks of the heart and leaps of faith that are not guaranteed in the moment you make them.

It means you will have ideas galore on how to expand your life and grow into prosperous lands, BUT the resources will be short or the way there will not be clear. This is all on schedule and it deals with you tuning into your body in new ways where you are learning to trust the mystery and to go into uncharted spaces MERELY because it feels like this is the thing to do.

You are to work harder at meditating or doing things to receive the guidance on how you need to go. You may want to start doing ... CONTD in Moon Vibe Guide! You just read 1/3 of the reading! There is more to support you! Get the guide and know what is on the way!

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