saturday 20 november

Oh my gosh this day! BE READY!!! This is an important gateway that opens for a few hours today where you will flip into a new view in life on a subject that deals with your love nature and how you assert yourself in life because of what was done wrong to you or what was programmed incorrectly into you.

This time is when you finally will come to some understanding or perspective that gets you feeling like your brain is operating in a new way and it is full on going for another side of things. Just like when I first learned about factory farming, I changed completely and have NEVER stepped foot into another McDonalds or fast food place – for about 2 decades now. I know it is delicious and there is no question my mouth would love to have a quarter pounder with cheese. But I now know how that meat is created so cheaply and with so many chemicals to make it taste out of this world.

And what you are going to notice in yourself is that you too LOVE YOURSELF so much that you don’t want to put that sort of pain, injustice, corruption and toxicity into your SACRED VESSEL that will be what gets you to better things in life. To take on things that are toxic, we take on things that are hurting our health. But we only make the switch and change patterns when we really wake up to some side that wasn’t at first revealing. Yes, it feels great to take a pill or snort a line or do something that gets us feeling this other way, but what are the long term affects?

When we don’t value ourselves, we are not fazed by the long term view. It is only now that matters. When we love ourselves, we pause and make decisions slowly as loving ourselves plugs in the programs that get our bodies speaking louder when something doesn’t feel okay. Remember, you are constantly being conned and manipulated like the signs in New York City demanding your attention and programming you with what is the acceptable things. The media plays stories that get you thinking THIS is what women do, THIS is how men are, THIS is what will be loved, THIS is how you get successful. It's one con job after the other by people who aren’t even actually walking the talk!

Like we said yesterday, if you have to alter your way to do your thing, you need to think again. Because with self-love, you operate in a way that doesn’t want to manipulate your message. I remember telling someone, not being serious, but being dramatic with frustration, but I said, I may just need to start taking Adderall so I can get all my jobs done. And she said, DON’T! It will change the vibration of your readings. I didn’t even know about the Adderall epidemic at that time, but her reaction never left me because it was so strong in wanting me to know that even though it would give me speed to get things done, it would alter my gift. AND FROM SELF LOVE, no one would want to front as anything other than our truth when it comes to our creative gifts and what we want to do to bring value to others’ lives. What we want to offer, we don’t want to front or be fraudulent!

But the old world tried to make you think it wasn’t important. Tried to make you THINK that this other way is the best way. As in the quickest way up the mountain is what matters -- to grow the trunk of your tree first and to not worry about the roots being something grounding and important as an essential first step. And also -- trusting that roots grow in the dark and are not something we ever see! It was easy for us to not pay attention and to be conned into trunk focus only.

As we see these trees topple, through hurricanes and tornadoes of correction, just know that the sooner the better because no matter WHAT, just like the sun throwing flares of energy our way -- and the Taos Mountain LETTING YOU KNOW where you are positioned on the 4 tiers of the pyramid that rules here -- there ARE higher forces that control things -- and getting to the finish line with no roots is going to harm your future. Taking things that mask what you need to see now, trying to get you to see this other exaggerated and glorious future, is not going to get past the x-ray vision of Taos Mountain or Father Sun or the Higher Power in this new energy that now dominates life on earth. As of November 1st, your world has changed. As of today, you have a new view to live for and it is not so self-depreciating like the old days. With self love, everything changes. Allow this to be okay! There is a better you that knows a better way.


20 November 2021

TRANSIT BOOK: Moon/Black Moon


MOON PHASE: Bring it forward.

MOON DEGREES: 8 to 19 Gemini


CRYSTAL FRIEND SUGGESTIONS: #12 Self Love. #14 Complete the dream.

#15 Sexual Harmony

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