Hello Moon!! We LOVE when the moon goes new in Aquarius and gets us to really pay attention to what needs to be rebuilt and to what is NOT going to work in our futures. This is when we can really stop in our tracks with new feelings on WHAT is going on around us. It is when we grow fixed and focused in needing to see repairs or to see patterns changing into something healthy and abundant.

Be aware that you may wake up with a heavy heart and a full mind that is looking into your past and feeling regret for what you did or did not do. There is HEAVY in this energy – but it’s the kind of energy that we need to get us really getting up and fighting for a better life. I believe we ARE here to surrender and to co-create with the Great Mystery, but I also know that we HAVE to see better things for ourselves. This is where the FIGHT comes in, and it deals with you needing to go in a stronger direction in how you process the challenges of life. It is to be that you WILL NOT let the demons get you down or get you thinking you are a loser.

We all sit with thoughts that we have done too much damage and that WE are mistakes because of what our past provided for us to experience. But the truth is that you are NEVER too far gone, and it is only people with ingrained judgment and fear, and an inability to look at their own issues, that SEE YOU as something negative. If we see negative in another, it also is inside of us. So anyone seeing this in YOU is actually possessing it in themselves. Therefore, it’s time to move on from giving your life away to not really being who you are because you are stuck in the shame and blame game of what OTHERS project your way.

This time is going to bring a slow burn feel to life where things are hot in certain areas and growing. This is to be where your new inspiration comes alive again. So don’t get down if the heavy is there because it’s showing you something. Just position your mind to KNOWING this is all going to work out and that you will get what you need. Just do not play the old world game of worrying about what wrong could take place and not really giving any energy or space to believing that things will come together beautifully. It's time for us to transform in seeing that there ARE solutions that await us making contact, and that there IS a way. Don’t feel bummed that you have to keep looking for what is not yet there in your life. This is how we need it to be! There will always be many choices and much that is not clear until the moment it is supposed to be.

Expect answers to arrive around this day where you are connecting with others or with a group that feels like it is resonating with where you want to be. This is when we discover that we can do more together and that we aren’t actually alone in it all. You may also be missing friends and will want to reach out to people that you haven’t been there for in the recent past. We can be a bit nostalgic with this New Moon -- and for the purpose of giving our attention to what really matters and NOT to what scatters. Social media tends to make people feel like fakers or that they are not good enough. So don’t keep putting yourself where you feel small; go towards what builds you up to believe in yourself and to see that you ARE here to make a difference with your impact that DOES create change in the world. There are places that hold you and places that scold you. It’s time to see that you deserve things better -- and it will be YOU proclaiming this that draws your new team your way. Speak like the star that you are and go outside of the lines to find what feels divine. This is about going for something DIFFERENT and doing it how you haven’t done it before.




MOON DEGREES: 23 Capricorn to 7 Aquarius (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)





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Energy update!

Be aware that you can feel super emotional this time and needing space. Allow the mystery and be what you need to be.