SATURDAY 25 February

SO! Something happened yesterday that was to trigger some sort of awakening in your system where you see how you said yes to something that now may feel like a no. There is change around us because of how we are changing. When we live through scarcity, we don’t think there is enough to go around, so we leap into things that are only so-so because inside we don’t really trust that we will be provided for.

As an example, when I was moving out of my last SUPER toxic home, where the landlords were spray happy with toxins, although they never sprayed them when they had to live in the home, because they didn’t want to be poisoned by them. But I got hung up on the mindset that there were no homes in Taos, because we are now 75% vacant due to Airbnb exploitations and people buying their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th houses -- so I chose something that was NOT the best option, but it was something I could leap into that would at least support me.

What I DID NOT DO was listen to my body which KNOWS I ALWAYS find a home last minute – and it has always been how it's been. I ALWAYS am on the edge of a cliff and in the last minutes, something appears to support me. I knew this, but because it was winter and I have babies to think about, I got nervous that I would end up homeless. So I invested in this other idea and --- just like always, in the very last hour, I manifested a home in Arroyo Seco, and even better, the El Salto area. It is THE place that lights people up in wanting to find a home in this area. It was the first place I stayed when I first came to Taos and was like, I WANT TO LIVE HERE!!

So as I was packed up to leave the state, and with a whole plan of going off and doing this other thing for a spell, a MUCH better option appeared and it has felt like a dream come true. But because I got scared and invested in this other direction, I lost a lot of money. Because I let go and stopped trusting that I would be taken care of and not left out in the cold, I said yes to what was to be a no because there was an excellent yes that was still on the way and not yet hitting my horizon. And if not for the destabilizing of my last home, I would have been more patient, but it was SUCH a bad experience that I sort of lost trust in my ability to see what is real and what is illusion. Also to be clear, no one wants to move on New Year’s Day and that was another thing that just made it TOO much to handle. 

So be in this energy and honor that we live in a magical universe that ultimately responds to the deepest feelings going on in your body. If you want to look back and research your findings, you will see that how you thought something would go tends to be how it ended up going!!! Like, seriously. ---- I KNEW they would cheat. I KNEW I wouldn’t get the job. I KNEW something was going on under the surface that was deceit. I KNEW I would move to that state. I KNEW we would be best friends. I KNEW that partner would let me down. --- We all have so many things that we KNEW would happen -- and they did. And with that, it’s time for us to KNOW that better things are on the way, to KNOW that we will be held safe, that our perfect partners will one day match to us, that our dream homes will one day be, that our ideal career is on the way. We just need to talk more about how awesome it is going to be and then NOT LET GO until we manifest the dream. If I would have waited 2 days, I wouldn’t have lost all that money. So don’t choose for ANYTHING when you are in fear and thinking there is not enough to go around. If it is for you, it will find you. 

But timing is another issue!! So do plant your seeds, but allow them to grow when they really are ready to be there for you. It’s time for you to have higher standards that wait until it really feels great from beginning to end. Go inside your body and see that you DO deserve the bounty. That is all you need to focus on right now. It can be better, and you have it in you to manifest what loves on you, too.




MOON DEGREES: 12 to 24 Taurus (Look up these degrees in your birth chart to see WHAT HOUSE is being transited by today's moon and then read about that house in Astrology School!)


NUMEROLOGY:    1  6  7 



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